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Human Design: Find Out Who You Really Are (A)

There are thousands of roads. Which one is yours? Find out your Type, Non-Self Theme and practice Living your Design
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Table of contents


Who am I?
Where does my energy go?
How do I interact with people in the best possible way?
How to make my relationships successful?
Are we really all that different? And if we are, what is the difference?
What are my strengths?
What are my weaknesses? Is there anything else I can do about them?
What secrets does my DNA hold?…
This course is the first one in Living Your Design series.
If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions, then you’ve heard about Human Design system that answers these (and many other) questions in the fullest. This phenomenal system of self-knowing and self-understanding arrived in 1987 and transformed lives of so many, mine included.
And here I’d like to point out that it’s a self-knowing, not self-improvement.
Human Design shows us that we already came into this world as perfect beings.
For various reasons we’ve distanced ourselves from our nature.
Living your Design, your true Self helps you to go back to your nature.
This is your Love Story of going back home, to yourself, to self-acceptance, self-love in the most practical way.
Fall in love with yourself again through learning WHO YOU TRULY ARE.
Fall in love with your loved ones all over again through learning WHO THEY REALLY ARE.
The time has come…
Human Design is called a New Astrology, and with deep respect to Astrology, I’ll just add they are very different because Human Design doesn’t have a fatalistic element. It gives you knowledge of the tools you were given in this life time, and there are so many ways you can use those tools – the freedom is yours. If you value your freedom, if you want to find it, Human Design is the way to go!

You will learn

✓ Who you really are
✓ Fascinating information about yourself AND about your loved ones
✓ Human Design basics (Type and Non-Self themes) in a very simple but profound way
✓ Numerous techniques for living your Design (i.e. living what you were meant to live)
✓ How Human Design can actually help you to live the best version of your life
✓ How to make your relationships better – Human Design is about that as well!
✓ How much energy you are given in this lifetime and what to do with what’s given
✓ If you are living the life you were meant to live.


• As long as you know the time, place and date of birth, you are all set.
• And yes, be ready to be surprised

This course is for

• anyone who wants to really know who they are (and fall in love with yourself)
• anyone who is interested in self-healing, meditation, happiness, awareness, hypnotherapy, yoga, regression, psychology, human behavior, coaching, mentoring – you will find this course very useful in your personal life as much as your professional one.
• anyone who wants to improve and have fulfilling relationships – with yourself and others
• if you’ve tried every possible tool and nothing else works
• if you like profound things which are based on esoterical knowledge as much as on the science
• home stay moms
• yoga students and teachers
• coaches, astrologers, psychologists, hypnotherapists, hr specialists, anyone who is working with people
• travelers
• everyone in a relationship
• everyone who has a child/children
• +21
• enterpreneurs
published author, teacher, lifecoach
(перевод на русский ниже)
Amara Marina Marshenkulova is an author, international Human Design and Gene Keys coach and reader, psychologist, a meditation teacher, motivational speaker-introvert. Her book Design Your Cloudless Life: Big Book of Practices and Meditations for This and That came out in 2018 in Russian (soon to be translated into English). Second book came out recently in English and in Russian in the Fairy Tale therapy series – Osho’s Tales. Her third book Human Design: Your Story of Loving Yourself. Code of Uniquness has been published in 2021.
She works with people from all over the world conducting meditation, healing writing sessions, Human Design and Gene Keys workshops and retreats – offline and online.
In the past she used to translate and edit spiritual literature that speaks to her heart from English into Russian and back, but nowadays she does it only with her own work.
She’s also writing medicinal fairy tales in both languages and uses them in her work.
Amara also has a podcast in English (Happiness 101) and a podcast in Russian (Design your Cloudless life with Amara) where she speaks about Human Design, happiness, meditation, awareness and related topics with her listeners and guest speakers.
While in India, she gives consultations in the Osho International Meditation Resort in Pune, the biggest meditation center in the world.
Амара Марина Маршенкулова – международный специалист в системах Дизайна Человека и Генных Ключей, автор книг «Дизайн Безоблачной Жизни», «Дизайн Человека: твоя история любви к себе», «Сказки Ошо», “Воссоединение с внутренним ребенком.” Амара также учитель медитаций, английского языка, мотивационный коуч и спикер-интроверт. Единственная прямая ученица, переводчик и представитель Четана Паркина в русскоязычном пространстве. Амара консультирует, проводит чтения, сессии, семинары онлайн и оффлайн, работает с клиентами со всего мира на английском и на русском языках. Она также проводит консультации в Международном Медитационном Курорте Ошо (Пуна, Индия), пишет исцеляющие сказки на английском и русском языках.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 3h 24m
Language: English
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