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HowExpert Guide to Tea

101 Tips to Learn about, Make, Drink, and Enjoy Tea for Everyday Tea Drinkers
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HowExpert Guide to Tea explores the best practices you can find worldwide when it comes to making teas of all kinds. Tea is the second-most consumed beverage globally, and this book seeks to explore all the ways people enjoy it and how you can make yourself the very best cup of tea. Learn the difference between the different types of tea and what makes their flavors distinct and delicious. Learn how to blend your own tea and how to brew it once you’re ready. Examine the process of adding different flavors to your tea once it has been brewed, and even go through the process of making tea yourself.
The driving philosophy behind this book is that you should drink the tea you enjoy, whether that is a tea that is brewed over the course of an hour’s preparation and consideration or a bag tossed into a bucket of hot water. You will learn from this book the many methods of making tea so you can replicate, customize, and totally ignore them in favor of processes that produce something more to your liking.

About the Expert
Jessica Kanzler lives in the United States with her wife and cats. She has been drinking tea ever since coffee betrayed her in college, and she has never once looked back. Jessica’s love for tea has driven her to obsess about the stuff to the point that passion has become a full-time infatuation. Jessica’s favorite tea is Earl Grey, followed closely by Jasmine. She prefers her tea hot, her cups deep, and her company generally silent and about 40 feet away. Beyond her obsession with tea, Jessica also writes freelance with a specialty in technology and pop culture, and she is also a director for a literacy-focused nonprofit.

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Platform: Udemy
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