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How to Write a Great Script with Scrivener 3

(You Can Write a Screenplay Easier and Faster Than You Think)
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Dreaming about writing a screenplay?
Have you ever watched a movie and thought, “I could do better than that!” 
Maybe you’ve got a vision, some inspiration, and a handful of great ideas, but you just don’t know how to get started?
Or maybe, you bought a special screenwriting word processor but found it too complicated and intimidating. Yet you know it could help you write a great screenplay if you only knew how to structure your idea into a compelling and intriguing story.
Or, maybe you’ve already written a novel and want to convert it into a screenplay to see your story up on the big screen?
Either way, you’re here because you want to make something BRILLIANT and LIFE CHANGING.
Then congratulations!! I wrote “How to Write a Great Script with Scrivener 3” just for you.
What does all this mean for you?

•You can write a screenplay!•You can start a new career!•You can achieve your dream!So why should you take MY course?
I’m Wallace Wang, author of dozens of books including “Microsoft Office For Dummies,” “Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Computing,” and co-author of “Breaking Into Acting for Dummies.” I’ve spent a lifetime demystifying computers and other complicated topics to make them easy to understand for the average person. 
In addition, I’ve also written “The 15-Minute Movie Method,” Writing Scenes for Screenplays,” and “How to Write a Great Script with Final Draft.” All of these books distill the knowledge I’ve accumulated from studying movies from classics such as “Casablanca” and “It’s a Wonderful Life” to modern day blockbusters such as “WALL-E,” “Pulp Fiction,” and “Die Hard.” Just look at some of these quotes about my screenwriting books: 
***** Amazing book! Broke stuff down in such a clear way with lots and lots of examples. Worth having in your reference library as a writer.  J. Carrie
***** I absolutely love this book. He drills the concepts in with a repetitive style that at first I thought would be annoying but instead it has been the best way to come away with a working knowledge of the material. He uses lots of examples from movies I’ve actually seen. Literally transformed the way I’m writing now. S. Johnson
But enough about me! What about YOU?
My guess is you’re looking for a change in your life. Start a new career? Chase a long cherished dream? Change the world with your ideas?… Am I right?
Yes, this course is absolutely for YOU. Whatever stage you’re at.
Beginner? No problem. We start with the basics. Already a writer? Good. This is the perfect refresh of your skills.  
You’ll not only learn how to use Scrivener 3, but you’ll also understand why you want to use certain features as well. In addition, you’ll learn how to turn a great idea into a structured story, and then use Scrivener 3 to help you organize your ideas and write them down as a polished, perfectly formatted screenplay. 
By using popular movie examples along with short videos that focus on one feature at a time, you’ll learn at your own pace whenever it’s convenient for you. Best of all, it won’t even feel like work because you’ll get to watch all your favorite movies to help reinforce each lesson. How awesome is that?
Imagine how you’ll feel after seeing your ideas turn into a fully structured story. Then you’ll know exactly which features of Scrivener 3 to turn your story into a great screenplay!
Help when YOU need it
Need help? You got it. I’m here to answer your questions. Just hop on email or the Udemy forums and we’ll get back to you. Simple. Got a suggestion for making a lesson better? I want your feedback. This course is for everyone who wants to dream big and that includes you.
“OK, I’m sold  – what do I need to get started?”
•Your ambition, this course and a Macintosh computer•A copy of Scrivener 3 or later•A desire to learn, belief in yourself, and a dream of writing and completing a screenplayDon’t forget, there’s always a 30-day money back guarantee if you’re not completely happy.
Who is the target audience?
•Anyone wanting to write a screenplay•People who already own a copy of Scrivener 3 and want to take advantage of all its features•Anyone who wants to tell a great storyYou really have nothing to lose!
Remember, you can achieve any dream, but you absolutely must take that first step. Click that Buy Now button… and let’s begin your adventure today!

You will learn

✓ Turn an idea into a story outline
✓ Learn the basics to using Scrivener 3
✓ Organize a story using Scrivener 3
✓ Write and edit a screenplay using Scrivener 3


• A copy of Scrivener 3 on a current Macintosh running macOS
• You should be able to use a Macintosh at a basic level

This course is for

• Aspiring screenwriters who want to learn how to organize and write a screenplay
• Screenwriters who want to know how to use Scrivener 3 as a story planning tool
Author, Screenwriter, Stand-up comedian, Programmer
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 5h 43m
Language: English
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