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How to work from home as a business consultant…

The only certification that will have you working as a freelance consultant from home...
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Want to earn a steady 6-figure income from home in 2018 and beyond?
Then you need to watch the video above and read every word on this page. That’s because on this page you will discover one of the BIGGEST income opportunities in 2018… An opportunity ordinary folks with a computer are using to earn 6 and 7-figure incomes without having to leave their home.
I’ve been working as a freelance consultant and coach for the last 6 years, and in that time I have built my business to over 7 figures a year. (Watch the video about to see live proof of my income, as well as my student’s earnings)
Fact: There are 4 MAJOR problems that mom-and-pop business owners will be faced with in 2017. These problems, which I reveal in the video above, are literately forcing some businesses to close their doors.
Their problem is YOUR opportunity… 
I’ve spent the last 6 year connecting businesses with these growing problems to the online marketing agencies who can help them solve it. Acting as a ‘middle man’, I’ve earned anywhere from $500, to $5,000 per month for each client that I connected. 
My coaching students have had similar results. You can hear their story in the video above… Many earning over $10,000 a month in recurring income for connecting business owners in their area to marketing agencies.
Now, I’ve put together a MASSIVE training and certification program that gives you everything you need to start your own consulting business from home. 
By the end of this course you will have everything YOU need to start earning 6-figures from home as a freelance consultant, as well as a certificate of completion you can use to gain instant credibility.
You’ll be connecting business owners who are DESPERATE for help, with the agencies that can help them… All the while building a steady stream of recurring income for your time.
Here are just some of the things you will learn inside my Udemy consulting course
•How to earn as much as $5,000 fixing flash-based sites for restaurants. Fact: flash based websites do not work on mobile devices, and MANY restaurant still use flash on their websites. That means when a customer visits their site they are met with an error screen. (A simple google search turns up thousands of business owners with this problem that will hire you to fix it after a single copy/paste email.)•How to find low-hanging-fruit businesses that have broken Google places listing – Google places appears at the top of search results when people are searching on the search engine. Being in the top 3 of Google’s local results can mean a MASSIVE influx of new customers for any business. In this course, you’ll learn how to find the businesses that have not optimized their listing in Google places, and how after a few tweaks they could start appearing at the top of Google’s results. (The owners will happily pay you thousands of dollars a month to keep their listing at the top.)•Why ‘reputation management’ will become the most in DEMAND consulting service in 2017 – Right now many local businesses are STRUGGLING with bad reviews on sites like yelp, google reviews, and trip advisor. You’ll learn about the little-known service that I resell – a service that can push down bad reviews and help them gain good reviews. •How to generate customer leads for any business – The one thing that a biz owner wants more than anything else are new leads and new customers. I’ll show you a fast, free way to generate leads for attorneys, carpet cleaners, contractors, real estate agents, financial planners, and other local business niches. These niches will pay as much as $100/per lead, and with these methods you’ll be generating dozens of leads per week.•Discover the legal resource I use to set up my business, trademarks, and any other legal concerns – Use this cheap resource to guarantee that your business is protected legally. Having your own corporation gives you instant credibility and saves you money come tax time.•How to set up PayPal to start collecting payments immediately – With PayPal you can get started immediately and have your fees collected automatically every month. NEVER worry about collecting clients credit card number, PCI  compliance, getting a merchant account, or having to bill clients every month. Just send the client a payment link, and PayPal does all the work so you can sit back every month as the payments roll in on auto-pilot.•How to build a business for the long term that lasts for years – Earn recurring income for the rest of your life and build a business you can pass onto your children. You’ll be able to quit your job, retire early, and never again have to worry about expensive life events that everyone faces. You’ll have a reliable source of income that you and your family can depend on.•Complete rolodex of outsourcers and white-label services – Spend your time growing your business instead of running it. You’ll learn how to outsource all the daily tasks of your business for cheap so you can have a steady recurring income stream with minimal work, spending your time on the things you love or growing your business into an empire. Now as a customer of my very first Udemy course, I’ve put together a package of software, ebooks, and sales materials that will help get your home business up and running even faster.
Inside this ‘done for you’ consulting package you’re getting:
•BONUS 1: 5-minute Restaurant Website software ($27 value) – Build mobile-friendly websites for restaurants in minutes WITHOUT needing any ‘tech skills’ with this powerful software. Restaurant owners are paying $3,000 or more for sites built using this tool… Sites that are complete with a built-in reservation system (Restaurant owners LOVE this), menu generator, and slide show.•BONUS 2: My patented ‘Local SEO Checklist’ ($27 value) – YOU will be able to leapfrog any website to the first page of Google using this step-by-step checklist. Follow this checklist yourself to earn top dollars as an SEO consultant OR give this checklist to an outsourcer to do all the work for you (outsourcing is the fastest way to grow your business with little work).•BONUS 3: The “Lead Generation Handbook” ($27 value) – Learn to generate leads and customers for any business at NO COST… Leads you can resell for as much as $100 a peice in the right offline business niches. (You’ll be generating DOZENS of leads a week using a simple, yet surprising YouTube hack).•BONUS 4: My best-selling guidebook on reputation management ($27 value) – Learn how to fix bad reviews on sites like Yelp, Yellow Pages, Google Places, and Trip advisor… Biz owners will active seek YOU out once word gets out that you have a solution… (bad reviews are costing businesses customers and money. This is a MAJOR problem and they will pay ANYTHING to fix it).•BONUS 5: Done-for-you sales material including pre-recorded videos ($188 value) – I have compiled all of my best sales materials into a done-for-you package. Everything from copy/paste emails and work proposals to pre-recorded sales videos and landing pages. These materials have been proven to sell MILLIONS of dollars and will go to work selling your services starting right NOW.These bonuses alone would cost you $296 if you bought them individually on my site… Yet you are getting all of them absolutely FREE when you enroll in this Udemy course. 
Just imagine it for a second: After completing this course, you use one of my google hacks to find a list of business who NEED one of these services… You spend just 20 minutes a day emailing these business owners alerting them to the problem and outlining a solution.
It Only Takes A Few Emails a Day to Build a 6 or 7-Figure Consulting Business.
For every 20 emails you send out, you can generally expect 10 to respond back to you.
3 of the replies will be asking to hire you, and out of those 3, 1 will usually come through and send you a payment. The other 7 replies will be grateful for your email, and could be sold with a video or might even be willing to provide you with a referral.
On average, each of the services I sell nets me around $3,000 per month.
Think about it: If sending just 20 carefully crafted emails resulted in a client paying $3,000 per month… 
How many emails would you take the time to send out?
100 emails would net you 5 clients earning $15,000 per month (a 6-figure income)…
1,000 emails would net you 50 clients, earning $150,000 per month (a 7-figure income)…
How fast will you send out that first batch of 20 emails?
The best part is, your job is done once the client signs up. You pay the agency a small portion of your fees and let them do all the hard work.
Just a quick disclaimer: This won’t work for everyone, and most people won’t make any money because they simply don’t take action. I have already done most of the hard work for you in this course and provided you with all the copy and paste materials you need to build a business for yourself.
However… you still need to actually follow the instructions and USE these materials to see the results that so many others have seen. And so if you are the type of person who just likes to browse Udemy courses and not actually follow through on them then this is probably not for you. Likewise if you are looking for some magic button, or a ‘get rich quick’ scheme then this is also not for you, and you should probably just leave this page right now.
And yet, if you are willing to do at least 20 minutes of work each day following proven instructions… and you can see the value in connecting business owners in need with the agencies that can help them… then this consulting formula is not just another home business solution for you… This is the only home business solution for you.
so, let’s make this deal a complete no brainer for you… ok?
See if you were to join my exclusive business coaching program you would have to pay my coaching fee of $2,500. I’m sure you’d agree $2500 is a small price to pay considering you will earn 6-figures a year as a result am I right?
The retail price of this course outside of Udemy is $497… which is a total bargain considering the results previous customers are already seeing with this training.
However, being my first course on Udemy I’ve got an even better deal coming your way. So if you are on this page now, consider yourself lucky, that’s because you’re getting in on this program at less than half what everyone else will pay.
You won’t be paying my consulting fee of $2,500 today… nor will you be paying the retail price of $497, not even half that!
You are receiving the entire consulting training course, the bonus restaurant website software, the done for you sales material in a copy-paste format, digital copies of my best-selling books ‘The Lead Brokers Handbook’ and “the local seo checklist’ all for one easy payment of just $200.
Listen: Don’t decide right now.
Take advantage of my ‘First client in 30 days’ guarantee. Just try this course out for a full 30 days on me…
Watch the training videos and spend 20 minutes a day sending out these copy/paste emails to business owners in your local area. If you don’t land at least one client…
If you are not totally satisfied with the training…
Or even if you don’t like the font I use in my videos, anything at all…
Just send me an email or support ticket with the word refund and I will send you back every penny. No questions asked, no hassles. You can even keep the bonus software and eBooks as a thank you for trying out my first Udemy course.
As long as you have actually watched the videos, and given this course a real shot, I am personally promising that you will be satisfied – a promise backed with an iron-clad 100% money backed guarantee. That’s a powerful promise for just $200 am I right?
Click on the green button, the one that says ‘take this course now’ to get started in this course.
Remember: The sooner you can get started the sooner you will become the ‘goto’ expert in your local area. This high ground will make you the authority for online consulting and businesses will naturally flock you. 
Seeing that first payment land in your PayPal account from a business owner who needs your help is LIFE CHANGING. It’s an experience that can’t be put into words… The pride, and confidence that comes with it… Knowing that YOU have the power to generate income on demand and you will never have to worry about money ever again.
It’s an experience I want YOU to have, and one that I am willing to personally promise you.
Click on the ‘take this course’ button now to lock in your discounted price. Follow the instructions on the next page to get started today on this life-changing course. I will see you inside with some extra surprise bonuses.

You will learn

✓ How to start and run your own consulting business.
✓ How to prospect and approach local or national consulting clients.
✓ Discover what a business needs and how to easily service them.
✓ What fees to charge a business owner for your consulting services.
✓ Earn a steady side income working from home.
✓ Demand outrageous fees as a freelance consultant.


• A computer with reliable internet access…
• An email address…
• 20 minutes a day…
• NO previous experience needed…

This course is for

• Anyone wanting to create an additional stream of income.
• Current consultants who want to take their business to 6 or 7 figures
Success and Business Development Coach
Online entrepreneur and marketing consultant for over 8 years. I have built my business from zero to over seven figures, and helped many others do the same along the way. Whether you are a veteran business owner or a raw rookie, my proven strategies will help you take your business to the next level. And if you’re wondering about the hat in my profile picture, I’m a retired NY firefighter. 
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 3h 4m
Language: English
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