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How to Think Smarter

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•The “How to Think Smarter” course takes you inside the source of your native smarts – your amazing mind! The course is perfect for both beginners and more advanced students of how to:
*Understand how your thoughts direct your behavior.
*Select the best questions to ask when facing a decision
*Solve personal and business problems faster and easier.The course avoids the use of complicated terminology, although you will encounter the scientific names of a few areas of your brain. BUT no special education is required to fully understand and benefit from “How to Think Smarter.”.
The “How to Think Smarter” course includes information on how to understand and use your native mind power to the maximum. Materials include three short video lectures, several video exercises, PDF versions of the exercises are also included.
This FREE course is structured for ease of use on any computer or portable device.
WHY take this course? Your human mind is an awesome asset. Increase your understanding of its potential, and you will increase your native intelligence. This course even includes 5 simple ways you can increase your mind power – and some of them will totally amaze you.

You will learn

✓ Use a powerful way to solve personal or business problems fast!
✓ Apply a method leading to easier goal achievement.
✓ Ask better questions to instantly get better answers
✓ Understand how to best activate your FULL mental potential.
✓ Instantly wake up your TRUE native mind power


• No prior knowledge is required.

This course is for

• This course has been created for both beginners and advanced students of human behavior
• It has been designed by a neuroscientist to reach directly into your mind and activate new thought patterns.
Success Mind Power Expert at Udemy
Dr. Jill Ammon-Wexler is a doctor of neuro-psychology, 45-year pioneer brain/mind power expert, and internationally published author and speaker. Her emphasis is on helping people achieve what they most desire in their lives and businesses. Dr. Jill is a “life adventurer” with a passion for finding, and then pushing beyond, her personal limits. She has pursued higher states of consciousness since her late teen years, first climbed a mountain alone at age 16, and then had to find her way down the mountain in a wild snow storm. Over the years she was chased by a white shark, and went eye-to-eye with a wild mountain lion (on purpose). During her university years she studied with amazing leaders like Fritz Perls, Virginia Satir, Soygal Rinpoche and Alan Watts. She also walked on fire, did sweat lodges, studied with shamanic elders, and become the holder of a coyote talking stick. After receiving her Masters degree in psychology, she shaved her head and spent 6 months in a monastic Buddhist retreat. She then completed her PhD in psychology, became a clinical hypnotherapist and certified clinical biofeedback provider, and began her professional career as a pioneer mind power trainer and personal transformation coach. Over the years Dr. Jill has provided mind power training to organizations and individuals from around the world. She served as a consultant to President Jimmie Carter’s Special Commission on Women in Business.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 40m
Language: English
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