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How to Start a SaaS or Mobile App Business

Bring your idea to life in 90 days!
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It’s unreasonable to expect someone to play baseball without knowing the rules yet every day future founders begin brining their ideas to life without a playbook. This course is just the playbook you need and was designed from over 20 years of building, coaching, and consulting with founders, entrepreneurs, and corporate innovation departments. In this course, future founders will get from idea to MVP (minimum viable product) in 90 days or less without wasting valuable time, resources and money…all while taking care of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.
Starting a new SaaS or mobile app business can be an incredibly rewarding and lucrative opportunity. It can also be incredibly challenging and stressful work. If you’ve never done it before the list of “unknown unknowns” is very long and complicated. Without a clear plan and roadmap, new founders often spend hundreds of wasted hours doing research, completing meaningless tasks, and making unnecessary mistakes.

You will learn

✓ How to transform your idea into a minimum viable product.
✓ How to research competition and interview potential customers.
✓ How to set goals for your new business and build a plan to achieve them.
✓ How to define an ideal client profile and customers personas
✓ How to build a foundation for your new business by setting your mantra, mission, vision & values
✓ How to create a go-to-market strategy, budget, revenue projections and and profit & loss statement.
✓ How to decide if you should spend your money, energy and time on this idea or find a new one.
✓ How to build self-care into your life and understand the mental, emotional & physical risks of starting your own business.
✓ How to build a build a team of co-founders & partners.


• Have an idea for a new SaaS or mobile app
• No development or technical experience required

This course is for

• Future & Experienced Founders
• Entrepreneurs & Wantrepreneurs
• Intrapraneuers
• Corporate Innovation Leaders
• High School & College Students
• Coding Bootcamp & Hackathon Participants
A Venn diagram of Marketing, Sales, Product & Self-Care
Gv Freeman is an internationally recognized speaker, author and instructor with over 20 years of experience living in the center of a product, marketing, sales & self-care Venn diagram. He is currently the founder and principal at okapi, an event program management platform built to collect, manage, and analyze event-based activities and data. He is also the founder of the Software Field Manual and the Product Founder’s Journey, an educational non-profit and training course that helps share wisdom and best practices for emerging tech companies and humans that build them. 
Gv embodies the philosophy that work-life balance is bullsh*t and he frequently blurs the line between business and mindfulness by incorporating self-care into his work, life, teaching, and consulting practices. Gv, formerly known as Shane, adopted his new name when it was gifted to him by one of his teachers.  For Gv, who is a dedicated Yogi, accepting the gift of this name (Gv is short for Govind Dass) serves as an ever-present reminder that we can’t go back and make a brand-new start but we can start from now and make a brand-new end. In his spare time, Gv is a spiritual tourist, travels the world, attends as many concerts as possible, and loves spending time with friends and soul family.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 11h 8m
Language: English
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