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How To Self-Learn Languages Daily | Practical Toolkit

Copy-paste this proven methodology to hack language learning | Easy to follow | #Practical
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Table of contents


Are you searching for new ways to create the best learning environment FOR YOU? (not for your teachers or classmates). Do you want to self-learn languages in the way that fits your needs, schedule, interests and budget?
Maybe you have attended boring language schools and after years of studying grammar and filling in exercises you didn’t learn to speak. Learning in a packed classroom alongside tired classmates during evening courses didn’t bring desired results.
It doesn’t have to be that way, again. You can now learn using the same methods, shortcuts and tools that helped me to get to speak 9 languages! Without attending pricey courses that don’t work or relying on language teachers who cannot teach.
My language learning best practice is now COMPLETELY EXPOSED for anyone to understand how, for example, I managed to self-learn Russian in 24 months. This practical look “under the hood” of language learning teaches you HOW to learn languages fast, using my proven language learning methodology.
I have prepared this course with students for students so get ready for practical, enjoyable and funny ways to learn or improve any language. You are about to uncover, understand and put into practice all best shortcuts that accelerated language learning of 9 languages I speak. If you ask who am I to teach how to learn languages, or you believe some special talent is needed to learn languages, then read this:
This course is designed to teach common people how to learn languages in a sustainable way every day. Language learning has undergone a progressive transformation where learning is now without expensive courses, without boring textbooks without a need to commute to a physical place. There is no time to waste and thus saving precious energy, money and months of going nowhere is KEY TO REDUCING LEARNING TIME from 5-10 years to only 2-3 years.
“I am here to change your life, when it comes to language self-learning.”
Enroll today and focus your language learning around the topics that interest you the most and you want to learn about. Not standard topics you can find in every textbook like animals, a country history, school system or furniture.
I have tested, tried out, modified and applied all possible language learning methods into my daily learning during the last 20 years. I have structured and co-created this course with a senior former english teacher. And now it’s available on Udemy for you to enroll in this course and quickly and easily try out the tools and see which ones you like and work the best for you. This course is a compilation of tools that get you up and speaking in the current digital era based on 20 years of trying out what works for language learning and what doesn’t.
This course promotes the idea that any foreign language is a tool and thus you don’t have to be perfect to take advantage of it. You can achieve long-term goals without perfect grammar or without spending 5-10 years at language schools.
This course is for regular language learners, who don’t have ambitions to learn 7-8 languages, or don’t have time to learn languages 5 hours daily. This is a course that allows you to get the best inspiration from a self-learning polyglot for regular language learners who need to accelerate fluency in a limited amount of time. This course doesn’t encourage you to learn grammar details, instead shows you how to speak and get your message through.

Do lines below sound familiar?
•I need to improve speaking skills in limited time
•I struggle with finding more time to learn languages in everyday life
•I want to find new motivation and inspiration to keep self-learning
•I would like to maintain work-life balance while learning
•I want to follow a methodology to help me organize learning
•I need to increase efficiency of memorizing new vocabulary

The next step for you then is to make language learning one of your favourite activities. If you are curious about polyglot short-cuts to learning languages fast THIS COURSE IS FOR YOU.
The best part? This course is like ALL YOU CAN EAT – a restaurant setting where multiple kinds of dishes are served and guests choose and take the ones that appeal to them the most. If guests like a dish, they can stick to it or try out new dishes. The offer of this course is similar – to encourage language learners to TRY OUT many new and modern techniques that they might like, give them explanation how to use them and inspiration to create a rich learning environment.
The whole course is structured in an easy-to-follow way so anybody can now accelerate his/her language learning by using tools presented in a friendly manner in this course to thrive as an efficient self language learner.
For this purpose LANGUAGE LEARNING COMBOS were prepared. In total, there are 7 COMBOS full of ready-made techniques that you can literally copy-paste into your language learning. It’s exactly these techniques that helped me learn more than 9 languages while having a 9-5 job.
These COMBOS comprise the core value added of this Udemy course. Consider enrolling today, if you want to get full life-time access to practical COMBOS containing know-how of more than 20 years of language learning and teaching. This is the most juicy stuff that enables you to literally watch and copy-paste.

How is this course going to help you speak a foreign language?
1. Adopt a completely new language learning system
The most important is to find out what you really want, the more specific your WHY is, the better.
Get useful inspiration from how polyglots learn. Forget all the previous methods, course-books and language schools that didn’t work for you. Start to understand how to create, organise and build up a new language learning environment. Take the best of the polyglot’s world to increase your learning efficiency to unprecedented levels.
Learn to prepare a tailored learning strategy reflecting your personal needs and your current environment. You receive tips on how to take advantage of your local environment and social bubble to speak the languages.

2. How to go about learning languages?
Change your mentality about language learning from “old” language learning styles to modern ones, efficient and lifestyle-friendly. We show you in detail, advise carefully and explain how to grasp effective language activities to save time, money and allow you to gain confidence of a self-learner.
Watch the first learning COMBO (there are 7 in total!) and start to copy-paste polyglot techniques without a need to commute to a language school or elsewhere. We show you how to deal with both strong and weak points, by setting up a sustainable routine.

3. Find 10+ new digital conversation partners in minutes
Let me show you where and how to source affordable digital conversation partners. Who knows, maybe you find new friends, business partners or even love, too. You get familiarised with language as a tool concept, so you enjoy using your new skills for something greater!
Find out where and how to source the ​best digital conversation partners. Once you find the ones you like, learn insights on how to effectively​ guide conversation partners towards your speaking goals. Get inspiration and best practices from more than hundreds of success cases.

4. Copy-paste powerful learning techniques
Understand how the Internet is a game-changer in your online language learning. Get inspiration from videos on topics like how to “supercharge” a mobile phone with valuable content, when to study grammar or listen to how Michal overcomes periods when he is tired and going forward gets tough​.
We all have only 24 hours per day and there are so many things to do. With us, you are able to still do what you like and on top of that learn a foreign language! When resources are limited, tweaking the effectiveness of the self-learning process is the answer. It looks like you have worked hard – let’s watch a recap lesson. Don’t hesitate to post questions or comments, we reply fast.

5. Bulletproof your effectiveness
The best time-proven tips for sustainable, efficient and straightforward language learning are shared, advised and copy-pasted to your language​ learning. With each week you grow, become more efficient, know what goes well and what not so much. Wondering how?
This course “holds your hand” at every stage of improving language learning habits, so don’t worry about making mistakes, this is all part of the process. Are you still wondering how to memorize new vocabulary? We got you covered!

6. Build digital learning environment
Now we are going deep with students who want to tweak language learning to the ​next level by exploiting the opportunities offered by the Internet in a smart way. You don’t have to search anymore, all the good stuff is accessible through a platform in your account. Since we don’t teach any particular language; instead, we help you to adopt best practices by pointing you towards must-have digital resources.

7. Sustain learning with a long-term strategy
Watch another learning COMBO to discover how to tweak daily activities as listening, reading, or language learning apps. These activities are stress-free and there is nothing stopping you from incorporating them into your daily routine. You learn how to keep going when your motivation is gone.
It is all about you, finding your most optimal way. You should enjoy what you are doing and how you are doing it, therefore testing various methods and tweaking them helps you once you go through the whole course. Enjoy a stable and clear learning path each and every day.

8. Mastering a new language learning habit for lifetime
Here we finish up with the last language learning COMBO with several examples of killing two birds with one stone and memorising new vocabulary in a smart way. Finally, you have become goal-oriented and make your way clear.
At this moment you are a more confident and independent self-learner. Now you know how to act, even in a situation of crisis. Now you are ready to take off and navigate to your goal in a straightforward manner!

WHY to enroll today into this course:
This is not a theory course but a practical and easy-to-follow course designed to help common people. This is not a course for polyglots, this is a course inspired by a polyglot and a language teacher for common language learners struggling to become fluent. It’s shot outdoors, without extensive use of boring white boards, during everyday activities to unleash a habit of everyday learning.
Check the free preview videos and get a taste of this course yourself.
There is not a single best language learning method. But there is one best method that can work for you. Choose ingredients and methods for your own success at language learning. If you are looking for a practical course, now you have found a hands-on course, explaining a straightforward path for anybody to learn languages fast. The point is to get to fluency as fast as possible.

How this course is structured:
Explaining videos – detailed know-how shared in a way that is easy to follow for common language learners
COMBO videos – core added-value for common language self-learners
Polyglot Diary – ebook with 8 chapters detailing how I think of language learning
Blog posts – informal text blog supporting most important video lessons
Assignments – get into action with suggestions on how to apply this methodology into daily learning
Quizzes – check your progress of understanding of how to self-learn with high efficiency

Author’s summary:
“I will BOOST your daily language learning motivation”
Everybody can learn a language regardless of his/her talent, time availability, location, budget or amount of time he/she has been learning before. Each of us has different needs, but also different hidden resources available. Now it is time to find and use them and match them with your goals. I share my language learning methodology to lead you, step by step, on your everyday language learning practice.
It’s easy to pick up and follow – you can literally copy-paste the same techniques that helped me learn 9+ languages without sacrificing my family or professional life or reducing my sports and hobbies time. Week by week, you become a more independent and efficient language learner by following guidance inside this course that is specifically designed for every day learners (not polyglots).

– – – – – – –

Hear what past language learners say about this EXPOSED METHODOLOGY on TrustPIlot:
“Hack your language learning” | 5*/5*
Peter Semancik, Software Salesman, Slovakia
Language habit caught my attention when I was thinking about how can I boost my learning activities while learning foreign languages. My first goal was to focus on my professional Business English in IT at my work, where I am in contact with the customers and partners. In the early beginning, this project surprised me mainly because it is led by professionals with years of experience in teaching languages, having know-how to teach students through e-learning platforms. This project provided me fresh information every week. They were chronologically well structured and every time followed with videos and use cases. At the end of the project, I realized that I have good tools in my pockets that I can utilize while learning any foreign language.

– – –

“I managed to form a new language learning habit” | 5*/5*
Haishen Yu, University Teacher, China
I managed to form a new language learning habit successfully – this was my goal from the beginning. Techniques are demonstrated in very friendly and practical way so you pick them up instantly. Regardless of where you are at learning languages, The Language Habit course got you covered.

– – –

“The best methodology of language learning I know” | 5*/5*
Martina Belisova, HR Director, Slovakia
I recommend this methodology of learning foreign languages. Michal and Matus as tutors are very helpful and they give me many useful practical advises and hints. They are helping me to achieve my learning goals as well. My learning is much more effective, funny and interesting. One of the best thing is that I don’t have to commute to learn.

– – –

“I understood how to use modern and activity-oriented shortcuts” | 5*/5*
Agate Welna, Hotel service, Poland
I understood how to use modern and activity-oriented shortcuts to improve my speaking skills when learning time is limited. Recently, I have been unemployed and when the right job offer appeared, I wanted to start speaking from day #1, instead of spending much time preparing, searching or trying out.

– – –

“I learnt modern and very helpful techniques” | 5*/5*
Yulia Ekk, Procurement agent, Russia
I learnt modern and very helpful techniques, which help me both to develop my speaking skills and acquire new information effectively every day. In the course I understood how to increase my overall commitment to learning languages without disrupting my daily schedule. I was losing so much energy before, ach.


• Hunger for proven language learning techniques, motivation and learning inspiration

You will learn

✓ Adopt a new practical language learning system that accelerates speaking and is enjoyable
✓ How to learn languages by yourself without visiting a language school or boring evening courses
✓ How to enjoy learning languages in limited time e.g.: working full-time, having family, travelling abroad
✓ How to learn yourself using polyglot techniques and without going to an expensive language school
✓ How to create rich foreign language learning environment to thrive inside your living room
✓ How to incorporate language learning into your daily agenda without sacrificing sports or hobbies
✓ How to speak more with vocabulary and actually feel like you spend less time learning
✓ How to achieve long-term personal and professional goals via speaking a new foreign language

This course is for

• learners seeking proven tools, practical methods and techniques they can using immediately
• learners searching for a step-by-step language learning best-practice to follow
• learners pursuing an alternative way to traditional language schools or intense courses
• learners struggling with finding more time to learn while working 9-5
• learners searching for new sources of motivation and inspiration by a person speaking 9+ languages
• learners who literally want to copy-paste the same activities that polyglot use daily
• learners who want to increase commitment to learning without disrupting their daily schedule

How much does the How To Self-Learn Languages Daily | Practical Toolkit course cost? Is it worth it?

The course costs $11.99. And currently there is a 87% discount on the original price of the course, which was $94.99. So you save $83 if you enroll the course now.
The average price is $17.0 of 112 Learning a Foreign Language courses. So this course is 29% cheaper than the average Learning a Foreign Language course on Udemy.

Does the How To Self-Learn Languages Daily | Practical Toolkit course have a money back guarantee or refund policy?

YES, How To Self-Learn Languages Daily | Practical Toolkit has a 30-day money back guarantee. The 30-day refund policy is designed to allow students to study without risk.

Are there any SCHOLARSHIPS for this course?

Currently we could not find a scholarship for the How To Self-Learn Languages Daily | Practical Toolkit course, but there is a $83 discount from the original price ($94.99). So the current price is just $11.99.

Who is the instructor? Is Matus Kopalko a SCAM or a TRUSTED instructor?

Matus Kopalko has created 1 courses that got 0 reviews which are generally positive. Matus Kopalko has taught 1 students and received a average review out of 0 reviews. Depending on the information available, Matus Kopalko is a TRUSTED instructor.
Online Language Marketer
I have a strong business orientation focused on online communications, social media marketing, video marketing, market research, digital commerce, business intelligence and analytics. I join projects where my motivated, hardworking and passionate approach to work can drive the whole team to new levels. Developing international projects are for me, as my enthusiasm and ability to build new things can thrive. I’ve also started a couple of digital learning projects to promote digital learning as a next step in expanding the access to experience, knowledge and know-how online. I run digital marketing in Poď Podnikať academy.


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Platform: Udemy
Price: $11.99
Video: 4h 5m
Language: English
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