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How to Play – Lazy Lightning / Supplication – Grateful Dead

Grateful Dead Guitar Lesson - full song - all chords and licks!
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This lesson will show you everything you need to know about these two most perplexing songs! Learn all the chords, licks, and song structures. Learn how to play and count in 7/4 time. Broken down into simple sections, with lots of extra tips and valuable insights, including lots of great Jerry Garcia soloing tips. Learn some Bob Weir and Phil Lesh parts, as well.
Carlo Zakers has been teaching and playing Grateful Dead music for over 45 years, and provides the most accurate lessons and transcriptions to be found anywhere.

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✓ How to Play – Lazy Lightning / Supplication – Grateful Dead Guitar Lesson



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• guitar players of any level
the Guitar Wizard
Carlo has been playing in Grateful Dead cover bands since 1987. In that time, he has played well over 200 Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia Band songs live. His goal is to show you the exact notes, scales, and techniques that Jerry Garcia used, so that you can apply his techniques and thought processes to your own playing. Carlo always includes helpful exercises and tips, so that playing these solos and songs becomes totally second nature, allowing you to truly enjoy playing the guitar, and to be able to play along  to any song. Carlo will teach you from the inside out, so that you can soon create your own guitar solos and licks. Carlo specializes in the Grateful Dead, but also teaches other genres … from Southern Rock,  to country, to classic rock. Private online lessons are available, as well … send requests to carlo.zakers@yahoo.com
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 56m
Language: English
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