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How To Play Guitar: 3 Minutes Daily Lessons

Get over the hump! Using this daily method, you will be playing songs in no time.
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I’ve been teaching guitar lessons for over 20 years, and in that time I’ve developed a quick and simple method for learning the fundamentals of playing the guitar. 
In this class, you will have 50 different lessons, each about 3 minutes. All you have to do is watch one lesson a day, and then spend some time practicing the concept in the lesson. After 50 days you will be able to play the chords to any song, in any key, and you will be comfortable with any chord. 
Topics covered include: 
•Choosing the right guitar
•Differences in electric and acoustic guitars
•Parts of the guitar
•Accessories for the guitar
•String names and numbers
•Using a tuner to tune your guitar
•Tuning your guitar by ear
•Holding the pick
•Strumming the guitar
•Rhythmic strumming
•Finger Picking
•Half-steps and frets
•Octaves and dots on the guitar
•Reading chord block diagrams
•Switching chords
•Barre chords
•All the common open chords
•8 songs for you to practice with!
•And much, much more!
And of course, once you sign up for this class, all my other classes are yours at steep discounts!

Praise for classes by Dr. Jason Allen:
•”Without a doubt the best explanation and east of use that one can get. It leaves you enough room to go explore. The classes go by quickly, so you can be on your way to being proficient. What are you waiting for!” 
•”Amazing – Seriously Loved It! I took all his courses and have to say I’m so happy! Learned loads! Jason is an awesome teacher!”
•”I have never had any formal training in music at all. Trying to learn all the notes and how everything translated was a serious challenge. After going through this class, Dr. J has totally brought down the barriers. The content was very useful and was easy to grasp for me.”
•”I like these courses because you can get up and running quickly without having to spend hours of time wading through TMI (too much information!). Jason hits the high points but shows you what you need to know. Thanks!”
•”I’ve watched many other videos on scales and chords before, however, this one has been the best. I now understand minor scales and chords and even how to analyze songs. It really gave me the confidence to start producing music because I feel like I have some structure and guidelines to follow. AWESOME!” 
•”Clear and Informative – Jason has a clear uncluttered style (with the important dashes of humor) of presentation that is focused on the important key aspects of this course. Recommended for those starting out!”
•”Dr. Allen does it again with his music theory series. This course really opened up everything I learned from the 1st section, and now I understand more about the composition side of things for music. I highly highly recommend this course to anyone!!! Really opened my eyes to many things I wasn’t aware of.”
•”The Best Teacher Ever, who makes you understand the ins & outs of Music Theory by all means without giving what you don’t want to know.”

You will learn

✓ At the end of this course, students will know all the basic chords used on guitar and how to play them comfortably.
✓ Students will learn how to learn any other song they want by learning to read simple chord charts.
✓ Students will learn how to tune, hold, and care for their guitar.


• You should have a guitar to practice with.
• You do not need to know anything else about the guitar. I’ll walk you through everything you need in this course.

This course is for

• Anyone with no skills in guitar at all.
• Anyone with a few skills in guitar that is looking for a routine to get them better at playing.
• Anyone interested in playing songs quickly.
Ph.D / Ableton Certified Trainer
** J. is the #1 best selling music teacher on Udemy. He is the author of the #1 best selling music theory course on Udemy, “Music Theory Comprehensive” (12 parts), and Music Theory for Electronic Musicians (3 parts), which have been purchased by more than 70,000 students in 11 languages in 196 countries.**  
** He is a PhD in music, and a best selling music producer. He brings this authenticity to all of his Udemy courses. **

Jason Allen (better known as J. Anthony Allen) has worn the hats of composer, producer, songwriter, engineer, sound designer, DJ, remix artist, multi-media artist, performer, inventor, and entrepreneur. Allen is a versatile creator whose diverse project experience ranges from works written for the Minnesota Orchestra to pieces developed for film, TV, and radio. An innovator in the field of electronic performance, Allen performs on a set of “glove” controllers, which he has designed, built, and programmed by himself. When he’s not working as a solo artist, Allen is a serial collaborator. His primary collaborative vehicle is the group Ballet Mech, for which Allen is one of three producers. 
J. Anthony Allen teaches at Augsburg University in Minneapolis, MN, where he runs the Music, Media, and Management program. He is also an Ableton Live Certified Trainer,  co-founder, owner and CEO of Slam Academy, a multimedia educational space in downtown Minneapolis, the CTO of Ion Concert Media, and sole owner and producer of music education courses under the umbrella of Punkademic Courses. Recently, Allen founded Hackademica – an innovative net-label for new music. 
J. has a PhD in music composition, 2 Master’s degrees in music composition and electronic music, and a bachelor’s degree in guitar performance. Through his academic travels, Dr. Allen has received numerous awards along the way. 
If you run into him on the street, he prefers to be addressed as J. (as in, Jay.) 
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 2h 2m
Language: English
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