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How To Make Soap – Homemade Soap Making for Beginners

How to make your own soap at home using the cold process soapmaking method. A step by step guide for beginners
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Take this course and you will learn how to make beautiful, natural handmade soap from scratch, at home, using the ingredients of your choice.
The course will give you all the information that you need about oils, butters and fragrances, so that you can easily create your own recipes. I share my own recipes for the soaps demonstrated to give you a start. You can use animal fats or make vegan soap.
With the knowledge you get from this course, you won’t have to be limited to following other people’s recipes – you will be able to create your own unique handcrafted soaps.
Soapmaking is like any hobby – you can spend a fortune on it. However, in this course I will show you how to get started by using regular kitchen equipment and inexpensive ingredients that you can get in your local supermarket and health food store.
You will discover how to use household or dollar store items as molds, so that you can get started straight away at little or no cost. I will even show you how to make a wooden mold at a fraction of the cost of buying one.
You will see how to colour your soap with natural and cosmetic colours. The course will also show you a colour swirling technique, as well as how to make shampoo, shaving and an exfoliating soap.
Q) What method of soap making is used in this course?
A) This course covers Cold Process soap making.
Q) Does this course cover Melt and Pour Soap making?
A) No. This course shows you how to make soap from scratch using the Cold Process Method.
Q) Does this course cover Hot Process Soap making?
A) No the method taught in this course is Cold Process, although the basic method for Hot Process soap is discussed.
Q) Is this method of soap making suitable for children to do?
A) Some people allow their children to do soap making, however that is usually using the Melt and Pour method. The lye in Cold Process soap making is caustic and will burn the skin, so I would not recommend children or animals to be around while soap making.
Q) What if I run into problems while making my soap?
A) I have highlighted all the important things that you need to know. However, if you do have any problems I’ll be there in the discussion area, ready to help you

You will learn

✓ Create home made natural soap from scratch, using natural ingredients, which you probably have in your pantry
✓ Make pure and natural soap, free from harmful ingredients, avoiding known irritants
✓ Easily calculate how much soap you need to make to fill your mold, and create your own recipes
✓ Use colours and fragrances to create fabulous looking, amazing smelling soap, that is good enough to give as gifts, or sell
✓ Use inexpensive items to create amazing packaging for your soap.
✓ Build and develop a new creative hobby.


• You must be able to complete basic maths i.e addition, multiplication and percentages
• You will need basic kitchen equipment (that you probably already have).
• Lye/Sodium hydroxide which is generally available in hardware stores as a drain cleaner.
• Basic safety equipment (which you probably already own), or can get from the hardware or dollar store
• Simple ingredients, such as cooking oils and fragrances that are readily available in your grocery and health food stores.

This course is for

• Anyone who wants to learn how to make soap from scratch using the cold process method.
• Anyone who wants to make natural soap for health reasons.
• If you are looking for a new hobby for your own enjoyment.
• To make a selection of soaps which you could use to give as gifts to friends and family.
• If you would like to earn some extra money to fund your new hobby, or if you want to start a new fun business
Crafter, Maker of Soap, Hair, Bath and Body, Trainer
I have been making soap, candles and bath products for over 20 years and over the last 15 years, I have taught face to face courses and created a number of online courses.
I started with the Melt and Pour soap method and then went on to make soap from scratch using the Cold Process method. I love to share my expertise with others, which led me to start teaching soap making from my home. Now my course is an online version, which allows me to share my passion with students from all over the world, who want to learn or master soap making.
I have successfully sold my soaps, bath products and candles to friends, co-workers, at craft fairs and online.
The best thing about Cold Process soap making and candle making is that you can make totally natural products that do not contain any harmful chemicals. I can teach you how to make  a simple, plain bar of soap, or how to unleash your creativity using fabulous colouring techniques. I have studied aromatherapy, so am the perfect person to guide students in the use of essential oils.
I have always loved teaching and love the satisfaction of teaching a complete beginner to make something creative and seeing or hearing about their delight in the fabulous results they have achieved. Udemy’s discussion area is perfect for following up with students and sharing in their successes.
Join my courses and let me help you have fun and make amazing soap, bath products and candles.

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Platform: Udemy
Video: 3h 52m
Language: English
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