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How To Make Passive Income Selling eBooks & Courses

I sell thousands of eBooks and video courses on various platforms as well as my website. Learn how you can do this too!
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I make over $5000 a month passive income profits from selling e-books and video courses – and you can too. Passive income is scalable income where, instead of swapping hours for dollars, you build business assets that, once built, return income month after month – and year after year – without you doing any extra work.
My passive income (see the proof in the course) started to take off as the system I’d created started to “feed itself”.
The system is this: build a website with an email list and sell e-books and video courses on the website, on Amazon and on online learning platforms such as Udemy. And then you can increase the numbers on your email list as your audience on these platforms increases.
The system starts with a website. A branded long-term business asset that is created and continually added to and improved upon. I explain in the course how to do this with WordPress.
The second stage of the system is to start collecting email addresses through this website and I’ll explain the best email marketing techniques.
And, thirdly, of course, we’ll be talking about creating and marketing the digital products. This is the real meat of the course where I’ll show you how to decide on the subject matter of your eBooks and video courses, how to create them and market them so that they keep selling after their launch without you having to lift a finger.
Subjects covered in the course include:
•How to make money from video courses on online learning platforms such as Udemy as well as on your site •How to make money from Ebooks on platforms such as Amazon’s Kindle as well as on your site •Technicalities of creating cheap, easy but quality HD video •Technicalities of creating Ebooks for Kindle (ePub, Mobi) as well as PDFs for your own site •What you should create content on •How to find time to create content – both free and paid for •How to set up a blog on WordPress •How to do customer research through Google Analytics and Google Keyword Planner •How to set up an email list, collect email addresses and make money through sales emails This is not a get rich quick formula. But, if you follow my directions, you will make passive income online and you will grow your business brand online.

You will learn

✓ sell video courses on Udemy, other platforms and your own website
✓ sell e-books on Amazon, other platforms and your own website
✓ build a brand and a following
✓ grow an email subscriber base of loyal fans
✓ research, create and market info-products such as e-books and video courses


• computer
• internet
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This course is for

• someone who can communicate a skill or passion!
Bestselling author, entrepreneur, web and graphic designer
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 3h 3m
Language: English
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