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GUIs are Easy with AutoHotkey

Creating a Graphical User Interfaces tested by billions of people is easy with AutoHotkey
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Creating an easy to use GUI is one of the best things you can do to “level-up” your user experience.   If you’re running  a windows computer, AutoHotkey is a great choice for easily making simple powerful GUIs.
Some people create GUIs in Python with  tkinter or kivy however our course shows you how much easier they can be created using AutoHotkey!  
We step you through the general process of designing a GUI using a mockup, then show you how simple you can create a Graphical User Interface with just a few lines of code.  AutoHotkey allows you to leverage Microsoft’s built-in GUIs thus you can take advantage of proven code that works in minutes.  Desktop Applications are programs that typically have a GUI.  Don’t spend hours learning some obscure code, AutoHotkey is amazingly simple to pick-up! Lear now easy it is to create  a User Interface today!
•Create Mockups so your GUI is well thought-through
•Easily build GUIs in just a few lines of code
•Leverage the proven Microsoft Controls (without having to be a programmer)
•Learn how to create GUIs by an amazing instructor with 10+ years of GUI experience
•This is the simplest way to make GUIs or your money back!
•Other than AutoHotkey there are NO LIBRARIES to install / download!  Your Windows computer has everything you need!
•Courses are in clear, easy to follow, sections which help you learn snippets at a time
•UI / UX design doesn’t have to be complicated

You may find it hard to believe that GUIs are easy but don’t just take our word for it, read the reviews of this course.   Or better yet buy it and, if you’re not happy for ANY reason, simply ask for a refund.

You will learn

✓ How to easily create Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs)
✓ Insights on how to quickly design and build an interface for users to interact with
✓ Leverage the most proven GUIs built (EVER!)
✓ Easily make GUIs by using AutoHotkey to “wrap” the MS Windows controls
✓ The simplest way to build Graphical User Interfaces on a Windows PC (leveraging Window’s built-in GUIs)
✓ How to design GUIs without the need for libraries


• Entry-level knowledge of AutoHotkey would be helpful (but not required)
• A windows computer

This course is for

• People wanting to make GUIs for their projects.
• Beginning programmers that want a Graphical User Interface for their Windows programs
• People wanting a User Interface for their scripts
• Students looking for something simpler than Kivy or tkinter in Python
• People needing to create clean GUIs to interact with users and save information
• Programmers wanting to display information in lists, views, trees,etc. and collect information from users
• People considering using Tkinter or Kivy with Python for GUIs
AutoHotkey expert / Robotics Process Automation Guru
I’ve been using AutoHotkey for over 10 years.  I’ve given ~60 webinars on AutoHotkey and have a weekly podcast discussing Robotics Process Automation with AutoHotkey.
I also have over 850+ videos on YouTube teaching people how to automate the mundane with AutoHotkey.
I’m not a programmer by trade so I don’t explain things in a way that is ridiculously complicated.
I love helping people automate their daily tasks!  AutoHotkey is a “game changer” and will save you an amazing amount of time.  Start learning to work Smarter, not Harder today!

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Platform: Udemy
Video: 3h 14m
Language: English
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