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How to make a 3D floor plan interior design in SketchUp Free

Learn to create a professional interior 3D floor plan design presentation and learn how to draw in SketchUp
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How to create a professional 3D floor plan – Quickstart Sketch Up course

This course is especially designed for interior designers and home stylists. You don’t need any experience with SketchUp.
In this series I teach you step by step how to become a professional interior designer.
In this course I show you how to make a 3D floorplan in SketchUp.
A 3D floorplan is a great way to impress your clients, friends and family with your idea’s.
It tells you way more than a sketch or 2D floorplan. You can place furniture, styling objects and colors and textures. But at the same time you are making a realistic and makable design with the right dimensions.
When you’re not familiar with sketchup, this is a great place to start because I tell you everything you need to know to get started. I tried to be clear and focused on the right topics so you exactly learn what you need to learn.
SketchUp has many tools and functionalities. But in this course I only tell you the tools you need to know and understand so it becomes a tool you can use the rest of your life.
I use SketchUp in pretty much all my designs and made over a 1000 3D models so far.
SketchUp is a great tool because it works fast and intuitive. It’s like making a digital sketch but than realistic and precise.
I’ve received many questions from people who ask me how I can draw this fast and efficient.
In this course I’m gonna share a bunch of my secrets, tips & tricks about my workflow and way of working to create a professional 3D floorplan with the right look and feel.
I’m sure this course is gonna inspire you and help you to get started right away.

Every class comes with a class project. When you follow all the steps You end up with a professional 3D floor plan.
Lesson 1 – Setup SketchUp
•Create a free Sketch Up account
•Setup the right settings
•Save your project
Lesson 2 – Import & Scale
•Import a picture of a floor plan
•Practice using the shortcuts
•Scale your model to a 1 on 1 scale
Lesson 3 – Drawing outer walls
•Draw the outer walls
•Practice using the Line, Offset, Rectangle and Push/Pull tool
Lesson 4 – Drawing inner walls
•Draw the inner walls with cut-outs for windows and doors
•Practice using the Line, Rectangle, Push/Pull, Move and Scale tool
Lesson 5 – Doors & windows
•Draw the windows and doors
•Practice making groups and components
Lesson 6 – Tags & scenes
•Categorize the groups by using tags
•Create optimal viewpoints with scenes
Lesson 7 – Furnishing
•Download interior and styling items from the 3D warehouse
•Position the items and make a beautiful design
Lesson 8 – Colors, textures & materials
•Practice using the paint bucket and eyedropper tool
•Make your own textures by downloading or importing images
•Color all the walls, floors and furniture
•Harmonize your model by changing certain colors
Lesson 9 – 2D floorplans & sections
•Create dimensions and put them under a separate tag
•Make a 2D floorplan scene and choose a nice style
Lesson 10 – Presentation

You will learn

✓ How you can draw a 3D floor plan in SketchUp
✓ How to become an interior designer
✓ How to furnish a room with 3D furniture
✓ How to add colors and create materials in sketchup
✓ How to present a design to your client


• No skills required, you only need a computer wit internet access.

This course is for

• interior designers, home decor stylists, architects
Architectural Designer & Maker
Hi my name is Auke, I am a Dutch architectural designer and engineer with over 7 years experience in designing Nomadic architecture such as Tiny Houses, cabins and hide-outs. I love the combination of durable, smart, efficient and of course stylish designs. Always looking for new ways of transforming good idea’s into action to create a better world.
Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 46m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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