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How To Increase Your Personal Energy, and Help More People

The guide for those who don't quite get it, or think energy work is a bit too woo woo!
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If you want to know how your personal energy works, how to increase it, attract more positive people and things, help more people, and feel better more often, this course is for you.
Your personal energy is affected by your thoughts and how you set your day up.
You will learn:
•A simple system to feel better easily•How your thoughts affect your energy•How to ground yourself and be safer•How to attract things and people that you need into your life•How your head and heart interact and the affect this has on your energy•How to lighten up•The importance of looking after yourself better•How to feel better around challenging people•How to improve your wellbeing and mood at will

You will learn

✓ Feel better and more energised easily
✓ You will be able to feel your own personal energy
✓ Help more people
✓ Turn frustration, apathy, low moods and negativity into a more positive energy state
✓ Attract more positive people into your life
✓ Understand the cost of keeping low energy people in your life, and feel empowered to release them with love
✓ Have more fun, and enjoy your life more


• There are exercises on this course. If you do them you will get results. If you don’t it is unlikely you will benefit from this.
• The more you engage with the concepts the easier this will be
• The hardest thing to understand is the simplicity of the steps

This course is for

• Those with an open mind
• Anyone who has trained in energy work but does not quite understand it
• Those who have never trained in energy work but have an interest in it
• Anyone who spends prolonged time on their own
• Those who have challenges interacting with certain other people and would like to improve this
• Medical practitioners who would like a complimentary set of skills to work with
The Heart Guy
In 1992 I commenced nurse training, and spent 13 years working as a nurse on 3 different continents. Having studied numerous wellbeing courses, workshops and techniques, including Reiki, NLP, hypnosis and channelling, I left nursing in 2007 and now work independently as a business consultant. 
During this time I also received investment and Co-Founded a funding introduction company. My role was to build relationships with investors and run funding events. It was during my time here that I became aware of how important a pitch is when looking for funding. My business consultancy usually starts here.
With my medical background, working in Cardiac Care Units and the Emergency Room, I developed a deeper understanding about the psychology of disease and wellbeing. From this came the title, ‘The Heart Guy’.
I now spend my time working with teams and training people how to improve their personal energy, mental health and pitching skills. Being no angel myself, this is a course in acceptance and balancing your life in a more harmonious way.
Judgement and guilt are the stumbling blocks of wellbeing: My courses explain how they manifest, what you can do about it and how to feel better about your life.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 23m
Language: English
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