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How to Improve your Personality

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Our personality is our unique way of being. To improve our personality, we need to develop confidence, explore our potential for growth , improve our emotional strength and feel our feelings. We need to invest some time in daily self – growth and mental care. We need to understand these  concepts like  confidence, our potential for growth ,  self awareness etc. from our own lens and then choose to inculcate them , in our life.
This course is like a beacon of Hope, which covers a few relevant concepts of personal development in a very easy and conversational tone. The idea is to approach self improvement with ease, so that improving our personality seems as easy and possible as daily brushing of our teeth.
This course also gives out a note of precaution for those who feel ,  it is ok to live ostrich like, burying their heads , in the face of challenges. We also need to know, what happens when ignore the world of our feelings. Most people shy away from feeling their feelings as they do not know , what to do with their feelings, once they become aware.
To know more about it, please refer to my course on Emotional Intelligence on Udemy.  Emotional intelligence and emotional well-being are important for an individual’s growth and overall development. EI serves as a solid foundation for sound mental health. Sound mental health is not a magic wand that someone can use to transform troubles in life. What tips the scale to develop sound mental is the ability to be feel our feelings and regulate them. What helps is emotional intelligence.

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✓ How to improve your personality?


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• Anyone curious about personal development and learn soft skills
Clinical Psychologist , Author & Strategic Thought Leader
Working in the realm of mental health since 15 years. Conducted numerous workshops on personal development and emotional well-being. Author of 2 books : Musings( a collection of poetry for personal responsibility) , Hope:stories for a healthy mind ,published by Scholastic. Currently, doing doctoral research on Emotional Intelligence , apart from clinical practice and conducting regular  workshops on various topics related to emotional strength building,,mental health ,self development and growth  .
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 54m
Language: English
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