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How to import from China – The professional guide

Learn how the professionals source their items in China. Screencast with Alibaba sourcing included!
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Table of contents


The first part (The beginners guide to importing from China) shows you the basics of how to source on 35 lectures and 2 hours of video content with straight forward and practical advice. The professional edition adds over 28 new lectures and another 4 hours (!!!) of video content to this and is constantly updated whenever things change. Follow me navigating trough videos & screencasts how I am sourcing on Alibaba and calculate shipping costs!

Most other courses only teach you the very basics but the truth is there is a lot more to running an import business than some of those self proclaimed experts want to admit. In the the professional edition of the guide to importing from China you get access to learn how to run your business like the big guys do from day one.
I guide you trough sourcing & importing with practical examples, screencasts & 10 years of sourcing experience.
Learn from my Experience, Avoid Costly MistakesThe problem most people have with sourcing is that it is a complex topic. There are many things to keep in mind, to consider, to figure out and master. The professional edition of the Import Bible takes the guesswork out of crucial decisions and acts as a reference of what to do whenever a question comes up.
How do you build lasting relationships with suppliers? How do you make sure you get the best prices without encouraging suppliers to cut corners on quality? When is it worth travelling overseas to trade shows or visiting factories?
These are some of the questions that you might already have but certainly will pop up sometime in the future and we want to make sure you are prepared for this.
Thats not everything,
Take the Next Step, Get the Best Prices & Source Directly in China
I have added a bonus chapter that deals exclusively with travelling in China, finding the best factories, visit exhibitions and how you go on about finding the right suppliers.
14 lessons of which 8 also come in video format. 1 hour of video content in this bonus section.
If you are serious about your business you will visit China or other countries you are sourcing from sooner or later. Factory visits are a crucial next steps once you have found reliable suppliers and want to grow your business relationships with them.
In this bonus guide to “Business in China” you learn when it makes sense to think about visiting factories, the benefits of sourcing at tradeshows and how you can do all of this even on a tight budget.
Here are the Chapters:
Re-Orders and what to keep in mind
The Chinese New Year & what it means for your business
Staying in touch
Common Mistakes when importing
Price increases and how to deal with
Advanced negotiation
Shipping & Courier services (Screencast of how I calculate costs)
Quality Control (QC)
Proper Alibaba Supplier identification (screencast video of how I source on Alibaba)
Legal requirements & certifications on products
Anti- dumping rates
Product Liability Insurance
what products do not make sense to import
Making prototypes / mock up samples
Private labels, brands & trading no-name items
Instruction Manuals
Keeping track of your payments / invoices & expenses
Factory standards (ISO, BSCI, SA8000…)
Subcontractors & raw material suppliers
Using proper (internal) supporting documents
Production areas in China
what to expect from a sourcing company
Finding a product in China that you saw on EBay/Amazon
More drop-shipment sites other than Aliexpress
My top picks on products for 2015 and where you can find them
Take your import to the next level, GO TO CHINA
First timers guide to China and what this Part is about
Do’s & don’t in China
Why go to China?
Start your preparation
Competitor research
When is it even worth it?
How to source for suppliers (in unusual ways / beyond Alibaba)
Travel chapter (Visa, Hotels, Language etc.)
Business in China
At the Exhibition & how to prepare
at the factory
after the trip
Summary & 10 ways to save you money

You will learn

✓ Learn what steps you need to take before contacting suppliers.
✓ Discover how to research regulations, materials and popular products.
✓ Understand how to filter out the clutter on Alibaba and other websites and find the best suppliers quickly.
✓ Learn to formulate emails and see the scripts he uses to get the results you are looking for quickly.
✓ Learn the best ways to calculate shipping costs and all other customs and duties to get accurate landing prices for delivery to your warehouse/fulfillment center.
✓ Take sourcing to the next level and discover how to save time with efficient data management.
✓ learn how to use Manuel’s custom designed shopping list to exactly calculate your costs, profit margins and other metrics that help you to make the right decisions quickly. The shopping list makes the sourcing process more efficient and can be used for sourcing any product.


• for some bonus documents you will need Microsoft Office
• All you need is an Internet connection & a laptop/computer.
• Have the right mindset for entrepreneurial adventures!
• ideally you will have a little experience in sourcing or taken my first course (the beginners guide)

This course is for

• anyone with an entrepreneurial mind and interested in the Import/Export Industry
• anyone who wants to import from China & sell your products from anywhere in the World
• FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) sellers
• eBay sellers
• Offline sellers (retail/wholesale) are also the perfect candidates for this course

How much does the How to import from China - The professional guide course cost? Is it worth it?

The course costs $19.99.
The average price is $22.0 of 19 Importation courses. So this course is 41% cheaper than the average Importation course on Udemy.

Does the How to import from China - The professional guide course have a money back guarantee or refund policy?

YES, How to import from China – The professional guide has a 30-day money back guarantee. The 30-day refund policy is designed to allow students to study without risk.

Are there any SCHOLARSHIPS for this course?

At the moment we could not find an available scholarship for How to import from China - The professional guide.

Who is the instructor? Is Manuel Becvar a SCAM or a TRUSTED instructor?

Manuel Becvar has created 7 courses that got 2,242 reviews which are generally positive. Manuel Becvar has taught 15,388 students and received a 4.1 average review out of 2,242 reviews. Depending on the information available, Manuel Becvar is a TRUSTED instructor.
China Expert with over 17 years of experience
My name is Manuel and I was born in Austria in a little town called Melk. For me Asia and its perks always fascinated me since I can remember. I remember watching Bruce Lee & Chinese movies as a kid and was hooked right away. My professional career started in 1998 when I worked for Austria’s biggest DIY retailer (bauMax). I moved to Hong Kong in 2005 when I was offered a position as an intern to work for one of the biggest Sourcing Offices in Hong Kong with a staff over 200 people.

For more than 10 years I worked with the biggest retailers in the world on developing, sourcing and finding new products for them.

These retailers included: Metro, Rewe, OBI, Carrefour, Tesco, WalMart, Amazon, Auchan, Lowes, Sears, Homedepot and many others.

As you can imagine the big retailers expect their products to be more than just conform to standards and regulations when they purchase them in Asia. They need to be at the highest standard and quality. These retailers cannot afford to have a product re-call due to quality problems or defective components. These products need to be top-notch.

In those 10 years I got to know all the standards and product requirements there are and additionally gained a lot of experience and insight working with factories in China.

Not just that. I learned a lot about China, its culture & manufacturing. Where & how to find the best suppliers, how to negotiate and communicate with them, how to arrange business travel for my Customers and a lot more.

In the busiest seasons (April & October), I was accompanying up to 30 Buyers within a month to exhibitions, factories and showrooms to help negotiate, develop products and follow up the Buyer’s requests after they were gone. I got to know all the tips & tricks you need to return home from your trip successfully.

I now have an Import/Export company based in Hong Kong that you can find under my links.

I also speak publicly at large events within Asia, Europe and North America. You can also find my content on podcasts, e-interviews and magazines. I run a blog that discusses everyday business, eCommerce and importing from China. Feel free to head over to my educational site mentioned in my profile. 

I also have several courses here on Udemy discussing import from China, selling on Amazon and other eCommerce channels as well as certification and compliance to national standards and laws. 

Feel free to message me if you have any questions. 

All the best,

Manuel Becvar


CourseMarks Score®







Platform: Udemy
Price: $19.99
Video: 3h 36m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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