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How To Go Vegan:

Transitioning to a Plant Based Diet
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What’s up Herbivores,

Does going vegan seems too hard? Where do you get your protein? How do vegans drink milk? Where do you get your protein? If you’ve been vegan for any length of time you have heard these questions and more importantly, you may wonder these questions yourself.
Going vegan can be an overwhelming experience, uprooting the way you think about the people, the plant, and your plate! Not knowing what to eat or not having enough variety are the number 1 reason people shy away from a vegan diet. This course is designed to answer questions just like that.
This course makes going vegan SIMPLE by providing 4 weeks of nutrition and culinary lessons with cooking demonstrations. The course helps reduce the feelings of overwhelm by giving you a 1 monthly meal plan and 6 incredible strategies for increasing plants in your diet.
People who complete the course if you feel that additional nutritional guidance is needed please research out to me to apply for 1:1 coaching packages
With this course, you’ll get: 4 Weeks of Evidence-based nutrition lessons & resources, 4-week Vegan meal planner, 4-weeks of Food Demonstrations 4-week, and a 4 Week SMART GOAL Journal

Until Next Time, Keep Grazin,
Simbaa K. Akamaru, CNC

You will learn

✓ Discover exactly what needs to happen for you to make going vegan an easy long term success
✓ Avoid common pitfalls and mistakes that new vegans usually make
✓ Discover how to seamlessly switch to a vegan diet without the need for massive change
✓ Learn how to build varied and satisfying meals that leave you feeling nourished and full of energy
✓ Develop a crystal clear WHY, virtually guaranteeing your success from the start
✓ Learn the benefits of a vegan lifestyle and how you can enjoy them for yourself
✓ Learn all the vegan myths and misconceptions
✓ Identify potential difficulties and prepare strategies to deal with each one


• You should have a desire to go vegan, as the course focuses on building your strategy
• A proactive mindset would help you learn as I prompt you to take action throughout the course. By the end of it, you’ll be ready to Go Vegan
• No prior vegan knowledge or experience is required

This course is for

• You would like to Go Vegan for ethical, environmental, or health reasons
• You know the benefits of going vegan and want a blueprint to make it happen
• You’re a busy professional who wants a simple plan that’s quick to implement
• You’re a Flexitarian or Vegetarian and now want to Go Vegan
• You want to embrace a healthier and more compassionate way of living
• You’ve watched ‘Earthlings’ or ‘Land of Hope and Glory’ and want to Go Vegan immediately
• You’ve watched ‘What The Health’ and now want to Go Vegan for your health
• You’ve watched ‘Cowspiracy’ and want to go vegan for the environment
Vegan Nutrition Coach
What’s up Herbivores, My name is Simbaa K. Akamaru and I am your vegan nutrition coach. I am a certified nutrition coach, and I want to be for you who I needed when I first went vegan. I have a lot of free resources available to you, including my course How to go Vegan: 9 Simple Steps, recipe book, and portion control meal plan. I believe that nutrition is more than just calories and macros because it’s also good to sleep hygiene and stress management, and so I will have weekly meditation videos on youtube for you. I want to be as useful to you as I can so please leave comments with what you liked and what you want to see more of.Until next time, as always, keep grazingSimbaa K. Akamaru, CNC
Platform: Udemy
Video: 3h 47m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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