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How to do marketing through wechat(Middle Class)

How to make good use of WeChat marketing and sell good performance
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Platform: Udemy
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Language: English
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Hello everyone, my name is William.Let me briefly introduce myself first.I am the founder& general manager of Waterstyle Co. Ltd., an online marketing company,also a online lecturer teaching marketing. Recently I have been focusing on teaching WeChat marketing,teaching trainees how to make new friends through WeChat, sell products, and finalize a deal.Up to now, nearly one billion people across the world are using WeChat,of which China users account for 600 million.As we all know,  China has already become rich and strong with a increasing purchasing power.If you want to sell products and services to China,you have to master how to use WeChatas a marketing weapon! Some people may mistakenly believe that there are not many WeChat users in Taiwan.However, the statistical survey shows there are over six million WeChat users in Taiwan currently.If you doubt it,  just download WeChat and check the “People Nearby” feature. You  will find that many of  the “people around you” are using WeChat. These people may be your potential customers or potential offline partners. It will be a tremendous waste of resources if you do not use WeChat to market to them.   If you haven’t master WeChat marketing, while your peers and competitors have mastered it. It just likes that  you hand these potential customers to your competitors in person.   I’m n the first person starting professional WeChat marketing teaching in Taiwan. My trainees are from all over the world besides Taiwan, including the mainland, Hong Kong, Malaysia, the United States, France, and Australia. Moreover, I am also the WeChat marketing teacher most recommended by the bosses and lecturers in online marketing industry. Here please check who have recommended my courses.               
My courses are useful and interesting. 

I notice that some people do not know WeChat,
do not understand WeChat, 
and even have no idea how to do the most basic installation of applications.
They will definitely hesitate without moving forward for a course which needs a investment of 10,000 yuan
to learn a thing that they are even completely have no clue of what it is.
I think this is a pity because  they are missing WeChat, which is such a good platform.
It means they will also miss the opportunity to make money through WeChat 
and experience some very special life experiences.
This course is not expensive, and very  useful.
It is suitable for those trainees who have already finished the Basic Wechat Course.
Now, let’s take a look at the contents of this course.

I.   How to optimize your account
     – How to install a second WeChat APP ( Android phones only) on the same phone.
II.  How to increase the success rate of adding more friends
III. How to let people actively add you as a friend
IV. How to use WeChat marketing in the following twelve industries:
        1. Finance and Insurance (including investment consultants)
        2. Pyramid selling and direct selling industries
        3. Intermediary industry
        4. Beauty industry
        5. Interior design industry (housing renovation)
        6. Online shooting practitioners
        7. Food and beverage industry
        8. Tuition industry
        9. Tourism (Including guesthouse industry)
     10. Political figures
     11. Nightclubs
     12. Other industries
V.  Wechat Marketing Trend Analysis and Sharing
VI. WeChat Account
        1. Introduction and analysis of WeChat accounts
        2. How to WeChat accounts
        3. Some basicWeChat accounts marketing skills 
VII. Other practically and easily operative skills for WeChat

– Owners of small-and-medium-sized enterprises and shops
– Business staff (insurance / pyramid selling and direct selling industries / house agents) 
– Those people  who want to enter the mainland market
– Those  people who want to find a boyfriend/girlfriend/wonderful wife/good husband
– Those  people who are keen to learn new trends and new skills

I  knew Mr  William on Facebook for the first time.I added him as a Facebook friend for  a long time and has never really paid much attention to  him.I only regarded him as a website trickster  because he often poses many articles advocating WeChat marketing.(You can work at home instead of in an office. You can rely on the Internet to make……in a month.)Are these phrases familiar to you ?I thought he must be a pyramid seller or a fraud.However, once when I read a  tip about how to develop businesses through WeChatin his article. I tried it to relief the boredom of waiting for a customer.I cannot believe it. It really worked. I successfully  received a 4500 -yuan order that day.I was so excited  that I expressed my gratitude to him and made an appointment with him! After a face-to-face meeting, he gave me more advice and useful tips. Wow! Wow! I then realized that I met a WeChat marketing master  (just like Feng Qingyang, a great master character in Jin Yong’s swordsman fictions)!I have been following him till now! I attended all of his courses.I nearly  lost a considerable wealth due to my ignorance. Or it will be a great loss. Since I used  WeChat on July 23, 2013,I have received a total of 23 orders  through WeChat and the total sales amount has reached 172,200,000 yuan. I am so happy!   I also welcome all of you to add me as a friend and communicate with me together.     


You will learn

✓ 1. How to optimize your account
✓ 2. Add a friend’s success rate to improve the way
✓ 3. How to make people want to take the initiative to add you as a friend
✓ 4. How do 12 industries use WeChat for marketing?
✓ 5. Understand the trend of WeChat marketing
✓ 6. Learn the basic operation of the WeChat public account
✓ 7. Learn other practical and easy to use WeChat operation skills


• a smart phone
• a laptop

This course is for

• SME boss, shopper to do business
• Business personnel (insurance / direct sales / housing agency)
• People who want to enter the mainland market
• People who are keen to learn new trends and new skills
Platform: Udemy
Video: 4h 59m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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