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How to Discover Your Magic and Improve Your Life

The 7 magical steps to success! Use this powerful acronym and change your life forever!
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A ‘real-life’ AUTHENTIC inspirational lecture based on personal experience by a teacher totally different from others! Based on a best-selling book and presented in over 160 countries by the speaker author/himself.
It’s easy if you know how! 
No matter what you current circumstances are, I can help you shift your perceptions and find meaning in life again.
Come and join me on this journey of discovery!
Far more than a mere inspirational course, but a video experience that teaches you practical, easy implementable life skills that will have a positive effect on the rest of your life!
During the last 30 years I have shifted the perceptions of hundreds of thousands of people in over 165+ countries world-wide with my live seminars for most of the world’s top 500 blue chip companies.
I was always a dreamer, and dreamt of seeing the world, becoming famous and living my dreams. Then I discovered 7 magical truths that changed my life. This course is a comprehensive study on how to gain mastery over your own life. Every aspect is clearly described without losing the true sense of heart of the matter.
11 Authentic life-changing video lectures based on real-life experience, enhanced by clever magic tricks that reinforce each message in an entertaining and unique style.

✓ Understand the power of logic in achieving success.
✓ Techniques and skills to help build awareness.
✓ Real, usable & practical techniques to achieve goals.
✓ Creating & maintaining great first impressions.
✓ Embracing change and applying this in our fast changing business world.
✓ Foster & nurture business associations.
✓ The importance of laughter in coping with everyday life.

Far more than a mere inspirational course, but a 11 lecture video experience that teaches you practical, easy implementable life skills that will inspire you for the rest of your life! 
You can complete the course in 90 minutes or savour each section and listen to one section per day, giving yourself a week to fully assimilate the skills you have learnt. 

✓ Full 11 Lecture online e-course with option to download MP4 video files.
✓ Plus 11 downloadable MP3 Audio files to store on a memory stick and listen to in your car.
✓ Plus the Full E-Book version of the Best Selling book – Discover Your Magic.
✓ Discover Your Magic E-Book
✓ Potato Wedges for the Heart E-Book
✓ Become A Better You E-Book

You will learn

✓ AN INSIGHTFUL, PRACTICAL VIDEO COURSE CONTAINING 7 VALUABLE LIFE-CHANGING SECRETS, INCLUDING: ✔ How to maximize your power, presence and awareness. ✔ How to conquering all obstacles and empower your life. ✔ How to clarify, expand and achieve your purpose and vision. ✔ How to impact the world with your intentions. By using the word, “MAGICAL” as an acronym… Motivation, Awareness, Goals, Impressions, Change, Associations & Laughter are covered in a simple, unforgettable and entertaining manner. STUDENTS WILL BE TAUGHT MOTIVATION: The power of logic in achieving success in YOUR family & Business life. AWARENESS: Techniques and skills to help YOU see all opportunities around you. GOALS: Real, usable & practical life skills on how to make YOUR dreams come true. IMPRESSIONS: The importance of first impressions and how YOU can be in control. CHANGE: Learn to become open to change and apply this in YOUR ever changing life. ASSOCIATIONS: Where & how to find opportunities and nurture them for YOU. LAUGHTER: The importance of laughter in coping with YOUR everyday life.


• A desire to find meaning in your life and a willingness to learn.

This course is for

• Age 18 onwards – anyone seeking meaning and direction in life
• Open minded individuals that have common sense and can appreciate real ‘to-the-point’ authentic advice
Memorable Magical Moments
As a Udemy teacher, what do students say about Wolfgang?
Your style effective and different than any other teachers I have ever studied.
Wolfgang is full of tips & tricks, has a cheeky sense of humor as he puts it, but not afraid to tell it like it is! He’s very animated and makes this course engaging, entertaining and fun to watch.

That says it all! If you’re looking for a straight shooter that calls a spade a spade, shares real advice, gets to the point, talks for personal experience and offers value, Wolfgang is your man. Above all, he doesn’t have to prove anything. He has reached his dreams and has a hugely global successful career behind him; this makes what he teaches refreshingly authentic.

In short…
15M+ views on YouTube (inspiringtheworld)
1M+ people have seen him live.
100 000+ Global students participating in his online e-learning courses
1000+ self produced videos on YouTube
180+ TV shows & multiple prime time TV series
165+ Countries have experienced Wolfgang live
35+ Books – multiple & best selling author
TedX Speaker
Known as the German with a South African accent

He is one of less than 800 professional speakers in the world to have been awarded the prestigious CSP designation by the National Speakers Association of America in July 2012.

The son of German WW2 refugees who ended up in South Africa, Wolfgang started with humble beginnings and is a true example of ‘attitude determines your future.’ He started in the entertainment industry as a magician reaching his dreams of becoming one of the world’s top corporate magicians and the greatest magician in the history of the African continent. The next step was to give back and share his unique life philosophy and become an inspirational speaker at meetings & events globally. Couple this with post graduate academic qualifications, hands on experience and a mover & shaker ‘can do’ attitude and you have one of the most passionate communications experts in the world today.

Today he lives in Geneva, Switzerland and continues to inspire students and business delegates live and virtually throughout the world.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 11h 8m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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