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How to Compose Music Like A Boss: Go From Zero to Hero

Learn my straight forward approach to compose tons of new music creatively, effortlessly & destroy self-doubt forever!
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Discover the Jealously Guarded Secret Method of Writing New Music!
To help you start making your own original music.
Whether you are ­a Total Newbie in Music (as in zero knowledge) and clueless on how to get started:
You will gain a solid foundation on the WHATs and HOWs to Composing Music. This is a structured course that teaches you about Music Theory, Harmony and Composing Concepts. Simply put it, building your Music Skill from the ground up. Then a step-by-step walk through guide showing you hints, tips, solutions and answers when creating and putting together your first complete composition masterpiece from start to finish.
Learn to compose music for any genre:
•Make Background Music•Loops •Ringtone•Video Game Music •Sound Clips for Apps/ Website/ Blog•Solo Instrument Tracks for Songs or anything in between

There has never been better time to write your own music.
Don’t be put off if you don’t play an instrument.
With advancements of today’s technology, anybody can download free softwares and create music. So there’s no excuses of why you can’t get started. Also include tutorials on how to use the two free softwares to make your music and share to other folks.
Although not an exact how to write a song course which usually includes lyrics writing, the course focuses more on the instrumental side of composing. Songwriters will surely pick up something and benefit from the course that will make them more creative in their songwriting process.
Writing and playing your own original compositions will be the most enjoyable and satisfying experience of your life. But, if you’re content playing other people’s stuff, then keep learning riffs, licks and songs. Eventually, at one point you’ll either give up writing/composing or blame yourself for not learning it right from the start, and having regrets after you’ve wasted hundreds of dollars and precious years of your life, or you’ll be one of the smart ones and cut years off your learning curve.
The choice is yours — Mediocrity or Mastery?
All you need is the dire to write new music and the feeling that it’s something that one day, you could be pretty good at. Well, if you don’t give it a good try, you will die wondering.
On the other side of this page is the collected knowledge of ten years of hard work and private education.
Click the enroll button to invest today and let me save you the trouble and help you get the results.
Once again my name is Tyrone Caballero and I can’t wait to see you inside.
Launch Special: The Early Bird Always Catches The Worm.
Hurry! With the amount of people registering and the additions to the course, the price is going to go up very soon to $299!

P.S. If you are too slow and miss out on the special LOW pricing, please don’t email me asking for it. I won’t make ANY exceptions. It wouldn’t be fair to the people who have already joined at the lower price.

You will learn

✓ Learn to Play Rhythm Like a Rockstar
✓ Learn about different kinds of chords and how to use them in the real world of composing music
✓ How create Awesome Sounding Melodies
✓ Learn how to Create Sophisticated Accompaniments
✓ Exercises to test your progress
✓ Study two complete composition examples showing you the step by step process
✓ Easily navigate your way around the two free music/audio softwares
✓ Destroy Self Doubt Forever!
✓ Become an Unstoppable Music Writing Machine — No more Composer’s Block
✓ Summon your MUSE at anytime and anywhere you like, whenever you feel like creating new music — You do not need to be inspired
✓ Cheat Sheets, tables and diagrams
✓ Learn to develop your own signature sound
✓ You will be more creative and capable of thinking in a completely new way


• Patience and willingness to learn
• PC/Laptop
• Music note book, pencil and eraser

This course is for

• Anyone wanting to become a composer, artist or music producer and don’t know where to start
• Beginner with absolutely zero knowledge of music at all (as in totally zero), but all skill levels are welcome as well
Musician and Entrepreneur
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 4h 53m
Language: English
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