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How To Boost Your Immune System To Help Resist COVID-19

How a highly nutritious diet, mind power practices and adopting positive belief patterns power up your immune system
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‘How To Boost Your Immune System To Help Resist COVID-19’ explores the direct, immediate and cost-effective actions you can take right now to power up your immune system to help build resistance to COVID-19. These actions include abandoning destructive lifestyle behaviours, following a nutritious diet, developing the power of your mind and transforming negative beliefs into empowering ones which, when all are combined, supercharge your immune system to create an incredibly healthy body.
The course is made up of 10 professionally-presented lectures which run for a total of 2 hours and 9 minutes. Each lecture is a mixture of the presenter, together with stunning videos and photographs. Every one of the 10 lectures comes with its own downloadable transcript which you can read at your leisure and refer to in order to help you with both of the multiple-choice quizzes and final practice test. You can take this practice test an unlimited number of times but must score a minimum 60% to receive a certificate of course completion.

You will learn

✓ How to use nutrition and mind power to boost your immune system to build resistance to viruses including COVID-19


• Students would benefit from a reasonable competency in English although understanding is simplified through the transcripts that accompany each module, together with the quizzes and answers to the questions after key sections.

This course is for

• Students for this course will be those who want to know the key nutrients and mind power practices that power up their immune system to help resist viruses, including COVID-19.
Content Creator for Mind-Body Healing Products
I am a stage III Melanoma survivor who, for the past four years, has been living a vibrant cancer-free life by following a mind-body approach to my health by utilising some of the treatments in Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM). I was first diagnosed with a melanoma tumour on the right side of my torso in January 2013 and had it surgically excised two months later. All was well until December 2015 when a lump under my right arm confirmed that the cancer had metastasised to my lymph nodes. After having a large number of them removed in February 2016, I was recommended immunotherapy treatment which I rejected on the basis of some quite awful side effects and a very poor prognosis for survival. This led me to explore a variety of natural mind-body therapies which I use to this day to keep me healthy and cancer-free.
After applying a huge amount of research that I conducted to help me regain my health through a CAM approach, I felt strongly that I had to share my journey with others, so many of whom opt for conventional cancer treatments which do not have the same success that I and millions of other like-minded people experience. Therefore, I spent 6 months researching and writing my e-book, ’15 Things You Should Know To Help Prevent And Heal Cancer Naturally’.
I then decided that I could not deal with cancer only and so expanded my research into the mind-body connection as it related to a number of different physical conditions including heart disease, migraines, psoriasis, allergies and irritable bowel syndrome, as well as a variety of mental disorders including anxiety, panic attacks, bipolar disorder and depression. After another six months of research and course design, I had produced a 24-module video program running over 5 hours entitled ‘Your Mind-Body Journey Towards Wellness’.
Now with the COVID-19 pandemic, I felt compelled to design another video course, this one with over 2 hours of running time titled, ‘Boosting Your Immune System To Resist Viruses incl. COVID-19’. While the virus is certainly a threat to the elderly and those with underlying health conditions, many many people either remain asymptomatic or have very mild symptoms an quickly recover. I believe that what separates the sick from the healthy is a strong and robust immune system.
I am passionate about the mind-body connection, particularly as it relates to health, and if I can give people an opportunity to free themselves from an often unquestioning acceptance  of, and total reliance on, conventional medicine and take them to a place where they explore the potential of mind-body healing, I will consider my purpose fulfilled. 
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 2h 8m
Language: English
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