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How the gesture of stroke impacts the portrait drawing

Ten ways of building the stroke
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This course will show you in practical and very useful exercises different ways of building a portrait drawing. The varieties of the strokes that give the expression of the model. The fundamental knowledge of the characteristics of the light will open you the door to the 3-dimensional creation. No matter the texture you use through this principle you will be able to make it look 3-dimensional. You will learn about the different kinds of pencils and how to use them. Why is important to adopt the right habit during drawing. How to transfer the reference photo and the materials used. The characteristics of the light and how it embraces the form. How to create and grade the shading. The three building elements and the 10 varieties of them in portrait drawing. How to apply the principle of light on them. Why the reference photo is good or bad.

You will learn

✓ You will learn 3 very important things that a practitioner in art must have for a strong and unshakable foundation. First, I will show you the 3 significant building elements that give the endless variations and combinations of creating a drawing or a painting. Second, you will learn the principle of light and how to apply it to make your portrait looking 3demenssional. All the hues you need to create for shading, how to grade them. Third, how to move your hand creating different stroke textures. I´ve prepared 10 examples of building the portrait from the same reference photo with a pencil. In these 10 examples, I will show you 10 textures using different kind of strokes and how to evoke this strokes into 3-dimensional appearance. Beginning with the classical way to the complicated geometric forms.


• In this course, I´m going to walk you hand in hand through the entire process. No matter if you are a beginner or advanced. The stages that I go through are accessible and as easy as possible to implement.

This course is for

• For all practitioner in art that want to gain an unshakable foundation in drawing.
Academical fine art painter and teacher in art
*1975 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Lives and works in Vienna, Austria
1989-1994 High school of fine arts “Tz.Lavrenov”, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
1995-1996 University of industrial and applied arts, Linz, Austria
1997-2002 Academy of fine arts, Vienna, Austria, Prof. Franz Graf
2010-2011 Teacher in fine arts, National academy of fine arts, Sofia, Bulgaria
I live in Vienna, Austria and have my beautiful studio on the top of the roof very close to the center.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 35m
Language: English
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