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How Sports Marketing Changed the Game

The Ultimate Sports Marketing Course with Essential Information & Practical Examples to Become a Better Sports Marketer
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Sports and marketing have long been entwined, and as the years go by, the connection between the two industries grows stronger. Marketing focuses on building solid connections with the consumer and making sure that the product or service offered provides value to consumers. Meanwhile, sports marketing focuses on building a connection with consumers through sports. Usually, a sports marketer is promoting a product or service towards the fans of a sport, athlete or team. Sports marketing relies on building strong connections with fans who take the place of regular consumers. Fans help to make sports marketing unique, and marketers should pay close attention to fans if they want to be successful.
Sports marketing has a long history, ever since the ancient Olympics sports were being used to promote towns and businesses. Now, thanks to the advent of radio, tv and the internet, there are more sports fans than ever. More fans mean more money, not just in the form of athlete wages but also in the amount of money businesses are willing to spend on endorsements. Modern sport has become full of big money sponsorships, and big brands can gain huge exposure due to being associated with a star athlete or major sports team. Red Bull, Procter & Gamble and Heineken are all examples of companies which have gotten it right by achieving a lot of exposure through sports marketing.
In the future, companies will increasingly turn to the internet and social media, in particular, to help promote their brands. Social media has grown massively in recent years, and the future will see more sports teams, organisations and athletes than ever using the platforms to connect with fans. Social media gives marketers the chance to see the direct impact of their campaigns and choose athletes for sponsorships based on their engagement with fans. Sports will continue to spread to new markets, and increasing adoption of female fans can open up new avenues for sports marketers who aren’t afraid to step out of the mould.

What You’ll Learn
•What sports marketing is
•The critical differences between sports marketing and regular marketing
•The importance of fans and the differences between fans and consumers
•What are target audiences and why are they important
•How sports marketing first began
•How radio led to an explosion in sports fan numbers and kickstarted modern sports marketing
•Why companies first started to invest in sports marketing
•How new technologies helped to spread sports to global audiences
•What ambush marketing is and how marketing continues to adapt to new innovations
•How future trends will continue to shape the face of sports and sports marketing
About the Author, Saam Momen:
I have a true passion for teaching! I have proudly taught university courses in Switzerland, USA and Brazil. My career spans over 15 years in the sporting industry with jobs at the London Olympic Bid Committee, UEFA, CSM and TEAM Marketing. I possess a Master Degree in Sports Management and an Executive Education diploma at Harvard Business School on The Business of Entertainment, Media and Sports. I hope that throughout this course you are able to have a wonderful learning experience! Please do not hesitate to reach out should you have any queries.

Why Choose This Course?
This course has been developed to broaden your understanding of sports marketing and the ways it has affected the sports industry over time. If you’re looking to start your career in the industry and would like to increase your knowledge, this is a great place to start. We’re not going to bore you with irrelevant information and out of date figures. We’ve designed this course to be up to date and filled with essential information that will help you to understand sports marketing better.
In modern times, marketing has become interconnected with the sports industry itself as it’s grown and developed. The sports industry is incredibly broad and continues to grow each year, both in terms of overall revenue and in total spending. As the numbers grow, so too does the need for sports marketers to be smarter and better prepared. This course is an excellent step in the right direction for you becoming a better and more rounded sports marketer who can adapt to changes. Even if you don’t plan to work directly in sports marketing, learning the foundations of the subject is a great way to improve your general knowledge of how things work in the industry.
Rather than focus on just theory and explanations, this course will help you to gain a deeper understanding by introducing you to real-world examples. Throughout the presentation, you’ll discover how sports marketing has been used both successfully and unsuccessfully. You’ll be able to examine lots of different examples of sports marketing which mostly come from the past few years, meaning they’re still relevant to today’s industry.
One of the best ways to learn is by looking at relevant case studies. Here you’ll be able to examine each example and learn about why the campaign was chosen, what made it a success and how that success can be replicated. Of course, you’ll also have a chance to learn about why a campaign failed and how to avoid making similar failures. These details can help you to plan or understand future campaigns during your own career. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of how brands can connect with fans and how brands use exposure to their advantage.
Whilst some courses might just focus on one side, we show you the benefits of sports marketing from multiple perspectives. Rather than gain a one-sided view of the industry, here you’ll be presented with a clear picture of how sports marketing affects sports themselves, sports clubs, athletes, the fans and sporting organisations. We’ll show you how sports marketing has changed each area of the industry and show you just how different the sports industry is today, thanks to marketing.
You’ll learn more about how sports marketing first began and what drives it to keep changing and innovating. The industry has come a long way in a short amount of time, and we’ll be exploring just what has caused this rapid shift. Instead of just focusing on the present day, you’ll be able to learn more about sports marketing through the ages and how the changing landscape of technology and consumers have altered sports as we know them.
Finally, you’ll gain a deep insight into how sports marketing will look in the future. We may not be able to predict the future, but by using our knowledge of the industry, we’ll show you future sports marketing trends. If you want to succeed in the sports industry, you’ll have to stay ahead of the pack and innovating is a big part of that. This course can help you to learn and understand what a sports marketer needs to do to adapt and change with future trends.
This course is designed to give you the best possible understanding of the industry, letting you learn from real examples and discover just how sports marketing has evolved and changed over the years. For those looking to start their careers in sports or sports marketing, it represents an excellent way to broaden your knowledge of the subject. Sports marketing is an incredibly diverse and complicated field, so it makes sense to take a course which is serious about the topic.

You will learn

✓ The history of sports marketing
✓ The critical differences between sports marketing and traditional marketing
✓ The importance of fans and the differences between fans and consumers
✓ What are target audiences and why are they important
✓ Why companies first started to invest in sports marketing
✓ How new technologies helped to spread sports to global audiences
✓ How future trends will continue to shape the face of sports and sports marketing
✓ Case studies within the sports marketing world


• There are no prerequirements

This course is for

• Sport management students
• Marketing enthusiasts
• Sports managers
The Learning Platform for Sports Management
The Sports Executive Path platform was founded in 2020 by Saam Momen, an independent sport business professional who has over 17 years of involvement with the world of sports in companies like UEFA, CSM, TEAM Marketing, the London 2012 Olympic Bidding Committee, as well as in dozens of sports-related projects.
The platform was created to help anyone interested in gaining knowledge about sports management and the sports industry. Entering the world of sports is notoriously difficult and challenging, competition is fierce and jobs at the top of the pyramid are scarce. Through the courses, Saam will provide guidance and tips, explain myths and grant access to valuable information for anyone wanting to enter this vast and exciting world.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 2h 30m
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