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Healthy Business, Healthy Life!

The BIGGEST problem new entrepreneurs face is? Raising finance? Nope! Deciding what business to run?
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No, the biggest problem new entrepreneurs face is learning how to set boundaries.  This is particularly a problem when you work from home.
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Deciding to start your own business is probably one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make, so it’s important to take time to decide what business type is best for you.
Do you want to basically do your old job, but for yourself, or are you looking to get into something new?  Are you looking to do something online, or offline? Do you prefer working with your head or with your hands?  Are you looking to create your own products, provide a service, or are you going to sell other people’s stuff in return for a commission?
You need to think carefully because if you change your mind later it can be VERY expensive to start all over again.
Likewise, you need to decide if this is going to be a full-time venture, a part-time venture, or just a “money hobby” to pass the time. For most people, the best approach is to start your business part-time while you’re still working at your old job, then scale things up to the point where your making more from your business than your job.
So your task for today is both simple and difficult: Decide what sort of business you want.  Don’t rush into it.  Take your time.  Discuss it with your spouse and your family – after all it’s going to have an impact on them too.
Once you’ve made your decision, get started.  Don’t procrastinate!  Start building your healthy business and your healthy life.

You will learn

✓ Healthier lifestyle
✓ Working from home
✓ Developing an entrepreneurs mindset
✓ How to overcome isolation whilst working from home
✓ Health related issues. Saying no
✓ Motivation whilst working from home
✓ Ideal home office
✓ Right and wrong ways of doing it
✓ Offline lessons
✓ How to deal with people who say you don’t have a real job


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I am qualified and fully feel that my life experiences enable me to help other people through my courses.
I have various experiences in life and would like to share with people and hopefully reach out to people in a way I never thought possible.
My courses are simple to understand and it would be good to get some feedback from students who have enrolled on my courses.

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Platform: Udemy
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