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Healing Through Face – Facial Multireflex Dien Chan Course

A comprehensive introduction course on natural healing through face to improve overall health, immunity, wellness & skin
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The face is the window of the soul;
It is the most prominent part of the body that everyone will first notice.
When one feels tired, energetic, sick, stress, in pain, happy, angry, aging, etc..
All those emotions ,pain & internal body conditions are reflected to the face firstly & mostly.
In Dien Chan Facial Multireflex, we focus on a healthy body by stimulating various points and correspondences on the face.

Dien Chan or Facial Multireflex is a healing method which focuses on the face that originated from Vietnam.

If you are interested – passionate in natural healing, energy healing and concern about your body & skin health & wellness  – this course is for you.
A basic introduction to you about facial multireflexology or healing through face with simple and straight forward  visual explanations that make you easy to understand and easy to apply on your practice.

What will you learn in this course:
– The background of Dien Chan or Facial Multireflex
– Their famous facial massage for health to improve overall health condition, boost energy, eyes health, digestion, reproductive symptoms,  smoothen & brighten the skin, circulation on the facial skin, slower the aging process.
– The facial lymphatic massage to boost and maintain your immune system to fight diseases or mental health
– Protocols and tips of natural solutions for common health issues
– Learn to know some of the tools of facial multireflex and techniques to apply them.

Grab this course and find out the secrets of wellness & health through the face.

You will learn

✓ Facial Reflexology Therapy
✓ Facial Massage to improve health, aging, immunity and alertness
✓ Facial Lymphatic Massage 8-Zone for immune system
✓ Facial reflexology tools & accessories of dien chan and techniques to use them on the skin
✓ Facial maps for certain wellness conditions and how to use & apply the maps
✓ Facial points for certain wellness conditions
✓ Background of Facial Multirelfex or Dien Chan


• The great thing is that absolutely no pre-requirements are needed before taking the course, other than an internet connection
• This course is for anyone with an interest in facial wellness that want to be able to either help themselves or others through face healing.
• Open heart

This course is for

• Wellness enthusiast learner who wants to improve own health externally & internally
• Parents that concern about family’s members health, including themselves
• Everyone who interested in prevention of diseases
• Aestheticians that interested to expand their knowledge in providing wellness services to their clients
Teacher Instructor
Leonora Lo is a certified yoga instructor, facial multireflexologist / dienchanist and a healing therapy practitioner specializing in therapy acureflex ball, sound, essential oil therapies and other self care healing methodologies.
Being an enthusiastic learner & a mother herself, she began to develop a keen interest in yoga & self-therapies to improve  physical & mental health for herself and her family members. Upon discovering the numerous benefits of these therapies, she began to share her knowledge with others in her classes and workshops.She is also very enthusiastic in self-care and sharing many online tutorials on do-it-yourself self-care tips.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 45m
Language: English
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