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HARP&SOUL | Learn the Secrets of the Harmonica

It is a unique and complete harmonica method, which uses tablatures and dynamic diagrams that accelerate your learning.
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If you want to learn and know the secrets of the harmonica from scratch, this is your course! Do it step by step and on your own time.
If you already have knowledge of the instrument, but want to perfect your technique and explore new possibilities, this course will help you do that, and do it at your own rhythm.
HARP&SOUL is a new, comprehensive course given by the recognized harmonica player, Marcos Coll musician and experienced harmonica virtuoso. Marcos has played with legendary musicians like Mick Taylor, Buddy Miles and Tom Jones. He has performed throughout the world with music greats such as Buddy Guy, Chuck Berry, John Mayall, Johnny Winter, Solomon Burke, The Fabulous Thunderbirds or The Animals, among others.
HARP&SOUL is a Masterclass created by Marcos Coll and covers a wide range of the instrument, from the beginning, the various types of existing harmonicas, the basic skills to advanced techniques such as the “overblow”. You will not find a course like this!
In HARP&SOUL you will learn the most important aspects of the practice and theory of the harmonica. From the start, you’ll begin, without realizing it, to play your first songs through a unique method, both entertaining and educational. Marcos will help you get a good sound, good tone, good vibrato.
You’ll discover how to do bending and how to perform different tricks and learn several techniques like: the thrills, the Wha Wha and many others.
You will begin to do octaves and learn to do the train and the triads (chords). You will learn and practice the 3 main positions that the harmonica has. Also you will be introduced to music theory and to the structure of the 12 bar blues. You will perform blues exercises and begin to play famous songs of different musical styles such as: funk, rock, Latino, and of course the blues. Marcos will show you the great classic blues songs, and through their spirit you will be taught and guided to be able to interpret and incorporate them as part of your repertoire. You’ll discover how to maintain, repair and tune the harmonica. You will learn techniques and the use of amplification and pedal effects to get more sounds and styles with the harmonica. The course also includes an entertaining account of the most legendary harmonica players and their most important contributions, which are part of the legend of this small but great instrument. The course concludes with many tips and recommendations from Marcos’s career as a professional musician, with over 20 years of experience, to help you enter the fascinating world of music. At the end an Extra is included with the advanced technique of Overblow.
58 video lessons with synchronized dynamic diagrams. Also, scores with animated harmonica tablature to facilitate your learning (New):
•47 Video Lessons of Complete HARP&SOUL Course •+ 2 Free Videos on the great legendary harmonica players in the history of the instrument. •+ 2 Extra Gift Video lessons with advanced technique overblows. •+ 7 Free Video Lessons of The Introduction to the Harmonica with the different types and different sounds to help you select what’s right for you, depending on the style of music you prefer to play. 20 PDFs:
•6 of Music Theory of the Harmonica •4 Explanatory diagrams, •9 Scores with harmonica tablature •1 text for additional information with interesting links. 23 MP3 files for teaching support, so that you can listen and practice anywhere.
Over 3 hours of content. !!!

You will learn

✓ More than 58 classes and over 3 hours of content!
✓ Amenities of the basic theoretical and practical elements for you to be able to play the harmonica.
✓ If you already know the instrument, you will perfect your technique and get a good sound.
✓ You will get an introduction to the origin of the harmonica and the most representative types of them, including: diatonic, chromatic and tremolo, and also their various uses and sounds.
✓ You will start with the harmonica and its hand position.
✓ You will learn the techniques of Tongue Blocking and Lip Pursing.
✓ You will play your first songs, the classics “Oh Susana” and the “Boogie Woogie”.
✓ You will be taught to get a good tone and a good vibrato
✓ You will learn the art of Bending.
✓ You will begin to do Octaves.
✓ You will practice the techniques of “Thrills”, “Wha Wha” and other tricks.
✓ You will play the “Train” and learn the triads.
✓ You will learn Harmonica music theory.
✓ You will learn the first three positions and scales.
✓ You will study the “Blues Structure ” and do simple Blues exercises.
✓ You will play the famous “swing”, The Huclebuck, a little bit of “funk” with the famous riff, “Funky Blues”, and some Latin music, with the classic “Chitlins con Carne”.
✓ You will learn legendary Blues songs like: “Juke” by Little Walter, “Honest I Do” by Jimmy Reed, “Easy” by Walter Horton and “All My Love In Vain” by Sonny Boy Williamson.
✓ You will see a complete section on different ways to amplify the harmónica, different microphones and amplifiers. The various techniques of amplification and harmonica processing. The “Chicago” sound.
✓ You will learn the uses of pedal effects to get different crazy sounds.
✓ You will learn how to maintain and repair the harmonica. The DIY tuning tools and techniques.
✓ You will learn about the legendary harmónica players who marked the path of this great instrument, “From Mississippi to Chicago”. and “From Chicago to … ”
✓ You will be given the latest tips and advice on playing the harmonica. The use of “backing tracks”. Preparing for the “Jam Sessions”, and many anecdotes, tips and instructions that will be of great use.
✓ Finally an extra with the advanced technique of “Overblow”.


• No musical training is necessary.
• Only one 10-hole diatonic harmonica in (C). We recommend using the one Marcos Coll uses, which is a Hohner.
• And eager to learn and have fun. !!!

This course is for

• Course for those starting from scratch and want to discover the harmonica.
• Also suitable for people of average or higher than average knowledge of the harmonica who want to work professionally with this great little instrument.
• Those interested in playing the harmonica as a hobby or be part of a musical group.
Harmonica Player

Marcos Coll was born in Madrid in 1976, but soon moved to Santiago DC. He started playing the harmonica at the age of 13, influenced by his musician uncle and by the legendary Spanish harp player legend, Ñaco Goñi… After playing with different amateur bands, like Red Bues Band, he formed his first pro band called Bluerags. In 1999 he moved back to Madrid to join the most famous Spanish blues band at that time ,“Tonky Blues Band”. With this band, at the age of 21, he had the opportunity of touring and recording with rock and blues legends like Mick Taylor (Rolling stones ) or Buddy Miles (Jimmy Hendrix Band of Gipsys) and even did a blues gig with Tom Jones !!!! After those years of great experiences, along with his soul brother Adrian Costa, he was ready to form his own band, ‘Los Reyes del Ko’, which soon became one of the top blues references in Spain and Europe, earning several awards and recognition, and even appearing in the High School music books in Galicia. They have shared venues all over the world with all time greats as Buddy Guy, Chuck Berry, John Mayall, Johnny Winter, Solomon Burke, the Animals or the Fabulous Thunderbirds.
As a studio musician he has recorded with famous Spanish bands like Siniestro Total, etc. as well as music for TV or silent movies. Without being a prolific composer, some of his songs are part of tv series or movies, like the blockbuster movie in Mexico, “Suave Patria”.He also has worked as a harmonica teacher in music schools in Spain, and these days does workshops and masterclasses all over the world in Spanish, English or German.
As a endorser of the famous instrument brand ” Hohner”, he conducted a masterclass and was part of the jury in the most prestigious harmonica festival, the World Harmonica Festival 2009 and 2013 in Trossingen.
Nowadays, besides playing as Marcos Coll Blues Jarana, with Rico McClarrin, Chris Rannemberg or Guitar Crusher, his main project is his new Mexican latino music band Los Mighty Calacas , who arepresenting their debut c.d. that includes guest musicans like Charlie Musselwhite etc., doing a tour all over the world.
Besides its discography with Los Reyes del Ko, Los Mighty Calacas and also colaborations, his double cd album Marcos Coll ,”Under the wings” ,should be highlighted. It is a mixture of old classic blues with more modern funk, latin or hip hop, where he reviews a 20 year career and includes recordings with legends like Buddy Miles, Mick Taylor, Aron Burton, etc….
These days, besides working with Los Mighty Calacas, he is presenting his album in Europe, America and Africa…..
Marcos Coll nace en Madrid en el 1976, trasladándose a Santiago D.C en la infancia. Con 13 años empieza a tocar la armónica gracias a su tío también músico e influenciado por el legendario armonicista español Ñaco Goñi …. Después de formar varias bandas amateurs como Red Blues Band en el 95 forma su primera banda profesional llamada Blue Rags. En 1999 regresa a Madrid para pasar a formar parte de la banda de blues más antigua y conocida del país, la Tonky Blues Band. Con esta banda a los 21 años tuvo la oportunidad de girar y grabar con leyendas del blues y el rock como Mick Taylor (guitarrista de Rolling Stones) o Buddy Miles (baterista de Jimmy Hendrix Band of Gipsys) e incluso hizo un concierto de blues con Tom Jones !!! Después de todas esas experiencias y aprendizaje, junto con Adrian Costa decide formar Los Reyes del KO, que pronto se convirtió en una de las grandes referencias del blues en España y en Europa, ganando todo tipo de premios y reconocimientos y llegando incluso a aparecer en los libros de música de educación secundaria de Galicia. Con dicha banda comparten escenario por todo el mundo con grandes de la música como Buddy Guy, Chuck Berry, John Mayall, Johnny Winter, Solomon Burke, The Animals o los Fabulous Thunderbirds.
Como músico de sesión a grabado con multitud de artistas como Siniestro Total, etc. así como también música para televisión o cine mudo. Sin ser un extenso compositor, algunas de sus canciones se pueden escuchar en programas de televisión y radio o en películas como el gran éxito en taquilla en México “Suave Patria”. También ha trabajado en España como profesor en diferentes escuelas de música, así como haciendo master classes y workshops por todo el mundo, en español, inglés o alemán.
Como endorser e imagen publicitaria de la conocida marca de instrumentos Hohner a actuado, impartido masterclass y ha sido parte del jurado en el más prestigioso festival de armónica del mundo el World Harmonica Festival 2009 y 2013 en Trossingen.
Hoy en día a parte de tocar como Marcos Coll Blues Jarana, con Rico MClarrin, Chris Rannenberg, o Guitar Crusher, su proyecto principal es la banda de música latina Los Mighty Calacas, con los que actualmente gira por todo el mundo presentando su álbum de debut con artistas invitados como Charlie Musselwhite etc.
Aparte de su discografia con los Reyes del Ko, Los Mighty Calacas y muchas colaboraciones, cabe destacar su álbum doble Marcos Coll “Under the wings”un álbum totalmente ecléctico donde se juntan el blues más arcaico con el funk, la música latina o el hip hop y donde repasa una trayectoria de 20 años y que incluye colaboraciones de músicos con los que trabajó en ese tiempo como Buddy Miles, Mick Taylor, Aron Burton y un largo etc……
Actualmente a parte de trabajar con los Mighty Calacas, presenta también ese disco por países de Europa, América o Africa……..
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Video: 2h 11m
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