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Guitar Chord Multiplier & Music Maker Create music EZ n fast

Sound musical immediately & begin playing all kinds of new chords, strums, rhythms and embellishments all over the neck
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Do you feel like you’re always playing the same chords, rhythms and strum patterns?  Are you tired of playing in just one position?  
Or perhaps your playing feels limited — do you feel like you’re not moving forward, or that you’ve hit a wall?
Do you feel like you’re not sounding musical enough … or maybe not making any music, period?
If you answered “Yes” to any of the above questions, then this course is for you. We are going to take a sledgehammer to that wall, and throughout this course you will discover:
 -How to expand your chord catalog ten-fold…..and then some
 -How to start sounding musical and being creative with the guitar
 -How to play a ton of different strum patterns, rhythms, and also develop new and exciting rhythmic techniques
 -How to embellish chords and bring new palettes of beautiful sounds to your playing
– How to achieve warm, pretty sounds by manipulating chord voicings.
– How to UNLOCK THE FRET BOARD with your chord playing and begin moving chords effortlessly all over the neck.
– How to practice within a musical context with musical progressions, exercises, and song ideas.
-How to get your playing sounding more musical than ever rather than just flat and mechanical.
-How to practice with musical-sounding exercises that will increase the “fun factor” as well as challenge you in a good way.  We push you to that next level!
This course is perfect for both beginning AND intermediate guitar players.  It is suitable for both acoustic and electric guitars.  This course contains more than four hours of video lessons plus a detailed 39-page eBook containing all kinds of crucial chord diagrams, useful exercises, and additional lesson content.
Since much of this course is chord-based, we start the course with a review of proper chord-changing techniques and mechanics. Learn the best chord changing techniques and exercises that will blast your chord-changing proficiency to the next level.
We teach you not only WHAT to practice, but HOW to practice (which more important than you might realize.)  As we always say, “You cant just practice anything – you have to practice the RIGHT things … within a STRUCTURED plan. And with this course you get just that — all the techniques and structure you need to get your playing sounding more musical than ever.  And our practice tips will speed your progress and keep it fun all the way through.
How do we keep it fun? By having you play everything in a musical context. Throw away all those boring exercises that make practice feel like drudgery! All the exercises and practice progressions we give you are designed to sound musical immediately.  This will empower and motivate you to WANT to pick up that guitar and start playing MUSIC.
You will also receive a good fret hand workout, which is crucial if you want to play for the long term with a minimum amount of struggle. You’ll build your fret hand strength and dexterity with musical-sounding chordal exercises in which we get all your fret fingers involved, stretched out, and moving around on the neck.
If you are familiar with our teaching methods, you know that we take chords and related movements one section at a time.  And we break everything down into smaller sections, explaining every piece as we go along.  We leave no stone unturned so you won’t miss a thing.
You will also learn:
    -All kinds of new chords and chordal techniques.
    -How to master chordal devices to add interest and melody to your playing.
    -Smooth chord changing techniques to get your chord changing proficiency to new levels.
    -New rhythm techniques and tricks that will add interest to your playing.
    -How to play new chord voicings and inversions without having to learn a new chord itself.
    -All about triads and how to quickly create music with them.
    -How to master new strum patterns to explode your repertoire.
    -How to move around on the guitar neck seamlessly and smoothly.
    -How to create your own music and musical sounding progressions.
    -To create musical sounding progressions that can be melded into songs.
    -How to start playing “outside the box” and throw musical “curve balls”                                                                       

Imagine yourself being able to take a single cowboy chord and turn it into a lush-sounding chord without learning anything new.  Or imagine how stoked you’ll be when you’re able to turn one chord into four chords almost instantly … and then four chords into 16 chords!  It’s all possible with the system used in these lessons.
By the way, the techniques and devices taught in this course can then be blasted across ALL of your playing.  They work for ALL genres and playing styles.  So it’s not as if you are learning one or two tips or tricks that can only be used here and there.
Believe it or not, just a single movement with one finger is all that’s necessary in some cases to create an entirely different sound. This is why our students are able to quickly create a whole new palette of sounds. I can’t tell you how excited I was when I first discovered these techniques when I was embarking on my guitar journey.
This course will also help transform your overall rhythm playing. You will learn tons of new strum patterns, rhythmic techniques, and we will help take your rhythm playing to new heights.
For example you’ll learn:
    -How to get different sounds by arpeggiating chords.
    -Rhythmic twists and turns to get a totally different feel.
    -How to manipulate chords for all kinds of cool and different sounds.
    -Lots of new strum patterns, arpeggiation, rhythmic stops and string muting.
    -How to add hammer-ons and pull-offs to your chords to dress up your playing.
    -The importance of variation in your playing with different rhythms and rhythmic techniques.
    -How to add licks into your strumming to get single note notes mixed into strumming patterns.
    -How to combine arpeggiating and strumming together for even more tonal and rhythmic possibilities.
And all chords and devices are demonstrated with up-close shots of the neck.  Unlike other instructional products that blaze much too quickly through everything, I demonstrate every technique, device and pattern slowly and precisely.  So instead of constantly having to hit the “Rewind” button, just sit back and let me show you the material at both regular AND slow speeds.   
We also supply on-screen text, multiple camera angles, picture-in-picture, and high-def close-ups of the fret hand and pick hand to make the learning process even easier. We break each lesson into digestible pieces and teach you how to musically tie it all together.
Bottom line:  These techniques will make your entire playing come alive, and you’ll begin sounding better on guitar than you ever thought possible.

You will learn

✓ Have an increased chord vocabulary
✓ Learn how to turn one chord into four chords
✓ Learn how to embellish chords and add richness to your sound
✓ Learn all kinds of rhythmic devices and new strum patterns so you arent always playing the same things
✓ Learn how to start sounding musical and open the create pathways to create your own music
✓ Learn proper chord changing techniques and how to move around on the fretboard
✓ Learn how to get out of first position and play chords all over the guitar neck


• Abilities to use a PC at a very basic level
• Have some very basic beginner guitar knowledge – know a few basic open chords like Em, Am, D, G, C, etc.

This course is for

• Anyone wanting to learn more about chords and how to start playing and creating music
Guitar and Bass Instructor
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 4h 13m
Language: English
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