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Grounding for Spiritual Connection

Staying grounded, balanced & present in your physical & spiritual world through chakra meditations, activities & food
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This course was created to give you additional support in your spiritual practices. The Masters, Guides and Being of Light channeled through us important information, practices, meditations, exercises, etc that can help you stay balanced and grounded. 

In this course we go into a lot of detail about why grounding is so important for you and your spiritual path. Some things we talk about in the course:

* The 7 chakra and which chakras are connected to grounding
* What it means to be grounded
* Positive affects of being grounded in your physical and spiritual life
* What it means to not be grounded
* Negative affects of not being grounded and how this affects you physically and spiritually
* Introduction to grounding exercises/meditations
* Grounding exercises/meditations that you can use to ground (downloadable)
* Mantras and activities for grounding yourself
* Foods that will assist you in grounding

The Masters also share with us how not being grounded can affect your manifestations and your health. In essence this is lack of abundance, lack of your needs being met. In order to live a fulfilled life we need to be grounded, centred and balanced in order to attract health, abundance and spiritual clarity.

With the help of channeling through our own Akashic Records, the Masters, Guided and Being of Light were able to share with us special exercises/meditations that will help you identify and cope with different types of grounding issues. You will learn why these meditations work and what additional actives and exercises you can add to your day to day to enhance your quality of life, your spiritual awakening and to keep your channel flowing with no energy blocks.

Having over 20 years of Akashic Record channeling experience between the two of us, we have found grounding to be one of the most important tools to stay aligned and prepared to channel information clearly and openly. Through our own experience with lack of grounding the Masters, Guides and Being of Light were able to teach us the importance of grounding and to avoid similar situation for ourselves and our students. We personally feel very passionately about grounding, and have been personally affected with this issue and we were called to share this information so that you can avoid being affected physically and spiritually.

You may find that your material needs are not being met when you are not grounded which can result in mental and emotional issues in this physical realm. You will learn about these struggles, how they come into play and how to heal it and realign your life and soul path. Grounding is the key to aligning to our soul guided path and to receive the intuitive messages we need with more clarity and confidence.

x love and light x
The Soul Tribe Academy

You will learn

✓ What does it mean to be grounded and what does it mean to not be grounded physically and spiritually
✓ You will learn how important grounding is for your personal life and spiritual connection
✓ You will understand and identify the symptoms and signs of not being grounded
✓ Activities, exercises and foods that will help you stay grounded on all levels
✓ Basic information about your chakras and which chakras are associated with grounding
✓ How being grounded will positively affect you and how not being grounded will negatively affect you
✓ What can create a lack of grounding in your body and spirit and symptoms you may experience
✓ We share grounding meditations to assist you with several grounding issues


• No previous knowledge required

This course is for

• Anyone working in the spiritual realm (psychics, mediums, readers, intuitives, etc…)
• Individuals looking to balance their chakras in order to ground and live more presently
• Anyone curious about grounding and how this plays a role in your physical and spiritual life
• Those who are spiritually awakening and would like tools and information to stay balanced
Soul Tribe Academy
The Soul Tribe Academy was created by Lorena & Lucia also known as the podcast hosts of The Soul Tribe Podcast.
We are both Akashic Records Reader, between the 2 of us we have over 20 years of Akashic experience. We have created The Soul Tribe Academy to teach individuals how to connect with their Akashic Records, Higher-Self, Masters, Guides and Being of Light.
Our mission is to help connect and enlighten ourselves and those around us.
Lucia & Lorena
Hosts of The Soul Tribe Podcast
“Working for the evolution of the subconscious unity”
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 2h 45m
Language: English
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