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Graphic Design Bootcamp: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign

Bestselling Beginner Course! Use Photoshop, Illustrator, & InDesign for logo design, web design, poster design, and more
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UPDATED! Now featuring over 15 hours of on-demand content, including getting your design portfolio up and running online using  Adobe Portfolio and Behance!

Welcome to the Graphic Design Bootcamp! This course has over 6,000 5-star reviews, and has been a Udemy bestseller for more than a year!
Do you like to learn in a project-based environment?
Do you want to learn the basics of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign?
Do you want to tackle BOTH print and web design projects?
You’re in the right place! This course is for anyone who is interested in becoming a graphic designer, and especially geared towards beginners. When you enroll in this course, you will have access to over 15 hours of on-demand content, as well as the opportunity to join a private Facebook group with over 13,000 members.
I move quickly through the content, since many students enjoy a quick learning pace. Prefer a more laid-back pace? Many students find that re-watching lectures or pausing the lectures during key learning points is a helpful way to digest the information.
I also make use of shortcuts – something that all great designers learn how to do to increase their productivity and maximize their workflow – so once you enroll, be sure to download the course shortcut hotsheet: a PDF listing many of the most-used shortcut codes so that you can follow along easily and get ahead quickly.
In this course I’ll also show you how to make some of the most popular projects in the industry, like:
· custom logos
· business cards
· brochures
· flyers
· web graphics
· and more.

What Students Are Saying About This Course:
· “I have used Adobe CC for a few years now, but everything I’ve learned I’ve learned from doing. While some of this has been basic as I’m already familiar with the tools, there are tricks and advice that I would have never known that make life MUCH easier (the “content-aware” fill is a game changer) and I really enjoy the pacing and manner in which he explains the tools, techniques and theory!” – Nikki Tetreault
· “This course is good. The tutor is really nice and clear (US accent is alien to me so I sometimes find it difficult to understand – the tutor here is great, doesn’t speak too fast & is clear, without too many colloquialisms). Enjoying the classes. Feel prepared enough for the purpose I took the course. Would definitely recommend and also do other courses by this tutor” – Alvira Kiss
· “I started this course with little experience and thankfully I have learnt a lot throughout this course. I can’t wait to learn more about this industry and make my mark on the world and its all thanks to this course which has kickstarted my journey!” – Charles Vaughn
· “So far it’s been great. I’m a student that struggles largely in traditional school settings, the ability to pause, take notes, rewind, and move back and forth as I need has been great. The instructor has been clear and precise, and has given plenty to think about as we’re creating files.” – Samantha Finn
· “For a guy whove been working with photoshop for nearly 10 years Im still learning from this course.” – Aryne Neil Cabatan

What to Expect:
We will be using Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator; the industry-standard applications for graphic design. I’ll also review relevant terms and design practices to help you create pixel-perfect projects for print and web, with the goal to get you up and running as soon as possible so you can start your new and exciting career as a graphic designer.
If you aren’t looking to learn design for a job, don’t worry – this is a great course for you too! Many of my students are moms looking to make fun cards or invitations, or students looking to spice up their resumes and social media graphics, and teachers looking to add some creative elements to their homework materials – the list goes on and on. Design is for everyone! And this course is, too!
There is also a private Facebook group with over 13,000 students and counting, which is an awesome resource for you to take advantage of while you go through the course. The group is an excellent place to post projects, get insightful critiques, and network with other like-minded students and working professionals all over the world.
All project files are included as a free download at the beginning of each section, and you are welcome to use the files however you want, or simply to follow along with the projects as you move through the lessons.
As mentioned before, I cover a lot of program shortcuts in this course as well!
For the most part, all of the principles you will learn in this course transcend the tools you actually use – There are students using Adobe versions from CS3 up to CC 2019, and there are even students using apps like Sketch and Pixelmator to make some of the projects in this course.
If you see anything in any of the lectures that no longer apply with the software update, please let me know! I’m doing my best to keep this course up to date and continue to add value for you.

Instructor Qualifications and Background:
Derrick has spent his entire career in the creative arts and marketing sector. Starting back as early as high school where he turned homework into paying gigs, his love for all things art and technology driven has continued to grow. Working with brands such as MTV, Nintendo, and Netflix while employed as an intern for Seven 2 Interactive catapulted his career. His branding work and graphic design has been included in international publications for the design industry and regularly featured on trending websites.
Derrick is the owner of a small design agency, Mitchell’s Garage | Creative Media Chop Shop, located in the heart of downtown Kalispell, Montana. Mitchell’s Garage has been successful in reaching and working with clients all over the world, including Washington D.C., New York, California, Calgary, Austria, Australia, Washington, Colorado, and of course, throughout Montana.

You will learn

✓ Gain a clear understanding of how to work with BOTH print and web projects in Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.
✓ Develop the skills and confidence to create common graphic design projects.
✓ Build a skill set that can set you up to be employable in the creative industry as a graphic designer.
✓ Begin to understand the basics of logo design, including typography and color usage.
✓ Learn how to make and refine selections using Photoshop.
✓ Learn how to make composite images using Photoshop.
✓ Work with typography, shapes, colors, and more in Illustrator.
✓ Learn how to efficiently package and export files.
✓ Learn how to lay out graphics and text while designing an eBook with InDesign.
✓ Discover how to export your finished portfolio projects directly from the Adobe CC into Behance.
✓ Learn how to mask shapes and work with Font Awesome icons.
✓ Learn how to set up a logo mood board and how to present your work to clients.
✓ Work with the type tools in Adobe Illustrator.


• Have access to the Adobe Creative Suite, including Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. I will be using a Mac, but you can just as easily follow along with a Windows machine since the principles will be the same and the apps work on either platform.
• Be proficient with using a computer, although prior knowledge of any of the Adobe apps is not necessary. However, this is not an “A to Z” course for every bell and whistle that each app provides, but rather a roadmap for how to make awesome projects that people are willing to pay for or that employers are looking for you to have skills with creating.
• Some creative skills (drawing, photography, etc.) are helpful and will definitely give you a better chance at becoming successful as a designer, but not required.
• A desire to learn design, whether for a job or for a hobby – design is for everyone!

This course is for

• Employees or Employers that need to gain skills in graphic design so you can produce graphics and print materials for your company.
• Beginners that want to start a career as a graphic designer.
• Entrepreneurs that plan to start their own business or become a freelancer.
• Anyone that wants to learn how to take their creative ideas and put them into a print or digital format.
Creative Director; Online Teacher to over 128,000 students
Derrick is a lifelong learner with a passion for making bland things beautiful.
He has spent his entire career in the creative arts and marketing sector. He had the opportunity to work with brands such as MTV, Nintendo, and Netflix while employed as an intern for Seven 2 Interactive, which definitely set the trajectory for his design career. in 2008, he and his wife opened a small graphic design and marketing agency in Montana – they spent the next decade creating websites, logos, and more for clients all over the world.
Derrick has been the creative director for major international brands and recently made a career pivot to include online teaching. He loves helping students realize their full potential while turning their interests and passions into strong skillsets and careers. From hand-illustrating logos to creating websites for global brands, Derrick knows what it takes to succeed as a graphic designer, a freelancer, and a business owner.
He is passionate about helping others find success doing what they love and he currently teaches over 130,000 students online on several different platforms. From Photoshop to Illustrator to InDesign – if it revolves around graphic design, Derrick is excited about teaching it to others.
Derrick lives in Montana with his wife, his four daughters, his son, and the family’s two dogs. When he has a free moment, he enjoys paddleboarding, mountain biking, and snowboarding. In his spare time, he also enjoys making GoPro videos with his kids and finding ways to continue to evolve his craft as a designer and artist.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 15h 34m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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