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Gmat – Sentence Correction – 180 Practice Questions+3 Tests

Comprehensive GMAT Verbal S.C. course teaching you all of the strategies, gists, and tips to excel in S.C. part of GMAT
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Sentence Correction Part is the most important verbal part of GMAT Verbal section. Because if you know the rules and strategies, Sentence Correction Part is relatively easier than other verbal chapters -Critical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension-, and you need to give as many correct answer choices as you can in short time in order to get high score. Most top scorers give full correct answers at Sentence Correction Part. Therefore, you cannot miss any question at this part if you aim to score high. I teach each question explicitly and bring each time prerequisite knowledge in order you to memorize the critical gist information.
In this course you will find carefully selected 180 questions and their solutions. The best beneficial way of studying this course is that:
1- You try to solve each question on yourself, noting that the duration of solving each question.
2- And, then, watch my solution. Note that if you find any information or logical approach to solve the question fast and comfortably.
3- Compare your solution and my solution.
4- Think on where you can accelerate your solution if your answer is correct.
5- Think on where you did mistake if your answer is wrong.
6- Take notes all the important idioms, sentence structures, and grammer rules, which will help you solve questions correctly.

I solve each question in detail in which I give explicit strategy to approach the question, helping you understand the gist of each question type.
I am pretty sure that you will find this course beneficial since I teach you step-by-step how to overcome the GMAT Sentence Correction Part.

You will learn

✓ In this course you will see 180 different Sentence Correction question types and their solutions.
✓ Once you master the techniques that I teach you in this course, you’ll be able to solve GMAT Sentence Correction questions comfortably and fast.
✓ In this course, you will learn the fundamentals and advanced techniques that a successful test taker must know to solve any GMAT Sentence Correction questions.
✓ You will be equipped with not only the test-taking strategies but also the deep knowledge to dominate the verbal section of GMAT.
✓ I will teach you how to choose your answer smartly, identifying common wrong answer types and eliminating them first.
✓ You will master the subjects and remember the approach to each question to solve fast.
✓ I solve each question with great detail, not only giving its solution but also giving necessary prerequisite knowledge to remind you and help you make connectio
✓ You will know everything covered on the Sentence Correction exam parts of verbal section of the GMAT, and


• This course does not have any prerequisites, but it will be more beneficial if you are familiar with very basic English grammer.

This course is for

• This course is appropriate for all levels of prospective GMAT takers, including high level of verbal students who are aiming to score in the 700’s on the GMAT, as well as lower level of students who really need to focus on improving their skills and knowledge to get as many right answers as possible.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 9h 50m
Language: English
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