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Get Prize Fighter Fit in 30 Days: HOME Boxing and Training

30 Day-By-Day Pro Blueprint To Get Prize Fighter Fit (Stronger, Fitter, Leaner). Men & Women Plans. No Gym Required
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Get Bad Ass Fit Right at Home with the Ultimate Fitness Blueprint, ” PRIZE FIGHTER FIT IN 30 DAYS”.

This One-of-a-Kind Breakthrough HOME WORKOUT CHALLENGE is going to show you exactly how you can go from ground zero (very unfit) to
turn back the clock and get into your best fighting shape – FAST!

Have you reached 30, 40, 50 plus years old and everyday you wake up you feel like your 70?

Unfit, overweight, weak, tired…

…or even worse, you’ve been working out for months and even years with apps, gym memberships, spinning and the list goes on
with little or no change in how you look or feel?

Well, now you can take back your health, turn back the clock and start feeling ALIVE with strength, muscle, stamina, energy and focus to looking and feeling your best.

We want you to start start hitting your goals, seeing a change, feeling more fit and knowing that you’re not wasting your time and hard efforts.

All you need is a tad of motivation to get the ball rolling and this program paves the way for you to finally turn back the clock and feel vibrant, strong and young again.

No matter if your goal is to drop inches, build muscle, increase stamina, double muscle endurance or simply to start seeing results.

•Drop Dress Size and Melt Pounds
•Increase Strength and Build Sexy Muscle
•Get Tone, Defined and Fit
•Boost Energy, Body Confidence and Stamina
•Feel and Look Sexy
•Learn How To Punch and Have Fun Working out
•Lose Belly Fat
•Increase Testosterone and Stamina
•Build Muscle and Strength
•Feel and Look More Confident
•Burn Belly, Chin and Back Fat
•Learn How To Train Like a Fighter
•Double Muscle Stamina and Strength
Look.  There is no more time to waste.  Time is ticking and you need a fast, guaranteed and high level solution to getting super fit.
“PRIZE FIGHTER FIT IN 30 DAYS” is the answer to giving you amazing results that will make you happy and your friends envious.


This Most Powerful Fitness Plan will give you everything you need to bring your fitness to a higher level. 
•Workouts: Conditioning, Shadow Boxing, Body Transformation and Metabolic Resistance Workouts
•Diet: Sure-Fire Belly Flattening and Body Defining Metabolic Plan to build muscle and rip off fat.
•Blueprint: Expert Designed Step-by-Step, Day-by-Day Blueprint to hand you the Secret Method to Getting Into Bad Ass Shape.

1. Someone who wants to be a body builder and not an athletic warrior.
2. Someone who wants to just do copy cat workouts (burpees, mountain climbers etc..) and get no results.
3. Someone who’s not motivated and won’t follow the blueprints to start dropping weight, build muscle and get stronger
4. Someone who won’t buy some dumbbells and expect results training with water bottles.
5. Someone who won’t consistently workout for 30 days.

These are just some of the reasons this is not for you but I’m sure If you’re reading this right now. You are not this person and wants access to the best program.  Wants to look and feel amazing and wants results!

Start today! Start getting results and be the fittest version of yourself.  This is the blueprint to get you on your way. 

Don’t procrastinate.  Don’t wait to get into the best shape.  Start Now.  Trust me…

Think how awesome it will feel with more energy, muscle and stamina. 

You will love your results – GUARANTEED!

You will learn

✓ How to get into prize fighter shape. Blueprint for both men and women to get into their best shape – FAST!
✓ MEN WILL: Build Muscle, Double Stamina, Boost Testosterone, Increase Strength, Lose Belly Fat and Pounds
✓ WOMEN WILL: Tone and Define Muscle, Drop Inches and Pounds, Feel Stronger, Knock Off Stress, Feel Energized and Productive, Double Stamina


• Motivation and Grit. Heavy bag and boxing gloves recommended but not required.
• Dumbbells and a mat.

This course is for

• Men and Women who want a home program that will change and challenge them for life long results.
• Those looking to lose weight, double stamina, increase strength and feel like an athlete.
• Learn Boxing skills
• Adults 30-55 who want to turn back the clock and look like an athlete they always wanted to be or were.
• Those who want to train and get results.
Top American Trainer
Doug Bennett a former Wrestler, Clemson University and Graduate In Nutritional and Biological Sciences is a Top American Trainer and Pro-Boxing Coach for the last 29 years. 
Doug has been training and coaching pro-athletes, pro-fighters, Olympic wrestlers, iron men, model agencies and 10’S of thousands of men, women and top athletic teens to reach their full potential.
He himself has trained with some of the best World Class Trainers throughout his 29 years of training himself and elite athletes to create his own High Level Training Methods. 
Try any of his workouts against any other in the fitness market and see how much more challenging they are compared to all others and the difference the Bennett Method can do for you.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 10h 9m
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