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Get Good At Slides – Powerpoint for Speakers Masterclass

Learn to make + use slides like a pro. Learn from a Professional Motivational Speaker with 25 years experience on stage
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Don’t do death by powerpoint ever again!!
Learn how to engage an audience for maximum impact – don’t just use Powerpoint / Keynote, use it to make you shine! 
World Class Powerpoint! Learn how to make TED quality slides by Lee Jackson is a series of over 35 short (and often funny) videos (plus loads and loads of extras) from Lee Jackson one of the world’s experts on creating presentation slides that help, not hinder, your talks. Lee takes the research and content of his Amazon best-selling book ‘Powerpoint Surgery’ (hence the surgeons outfit!) and has turned it into an online masterclass for anyone who wants to make their slides more effective and their talks more engaging. 

Any presentation software is relevant here, not just Powerpoint! 
If you or your workplace is addicted to bullet points and talks sometime lack impact or engagement then this course is for you and your colleagues. Simple, effective advice on simplifying your slides to help you look more like an accomplished professional TED speaker not a grey business person delivering a financial proposal of 567 bullet points to an audience wanting it to end!

There are lots of great videos with some screen shares too showing you how to make your Microsoft Powerpoint, Apple Keynote ,Prezi, or Haiku Deck slides more impactful to create a much better presentation.

PLUS the free extras include 100 free photos, articles, links and downloads! 
Lee is full-time professional speaker with over 20 years experience speaking to some of the worlds toughest audiences, he has also delivered a TEDx talk. So, learn from a Pro not a trainer who’s read a manual – Lee’s experience and expertise here makes all the difference. Practical, down-to-earth and sometimes even funny is the style of this course.

‘Death-by-powerpoint’ would become a thing of the past if every presenter took this course. Guaranteed. 
Enjoy, learn and succeed. 
Extras include over three hours of audio, articles, links and downloads including the whole course on MP3! 
Don’t forget – any presentation software is relevant here, not just Powerpoint!

Learn how to engage an audience for maximum impact – don’t just use Powerpoint, use it to make you shine! 

You will learn

✓ Enjoy presenting more and get better feedback
✓ Make great presentation slides to help their talks become more engaging and powerful no matter what software you use
✓ Engage an audience better as they will have planned and prepared better and not just read from a script or bullet point


• To get the best out of this course students will need access to Presentation Slide software like Microsoft Powerpoint, Apple Keynote, Haiku Deck, Slideshark, Microsoft Sway, Google Slides or any open source slide software
• As long as you are prepared to learn and be challenged this is the Presentation Skills course for you

This course is for

• This course is for anyone who speaks up front and uses presentation slides especially those who have traditionally used lots of bullet points but now want to stand out from the crowd.
• Professional speakers, novice speakers and anyone who speaks as part of their job, including trainers and coaches.
• This course is not for people who just want to learn how to make their slides more “wizzy” or “spinney” or “zoomy-inni”! Seriously who wants that? Engagement is key.
Award-Winning Speaker + Executive Presentation Coach
Lee Jackson is an award-winning Motivational Speaker and Presentation Coach. He was also the Past President of the Professional Speaking Association in the UK and Ireland. He is the author of 12 books too. Having worked in the voluntary, public and private sectors over the years he now works in businesses and education helping people to Get Good and enjoy and succeed in challenging times.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 2h 44m
Language: English
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