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Get Golfers as Your Next Fitness Clients

How to Get Golfers in Your Shop as Your New Golf Fitness Clients
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After becoming certified to provide fitness or functional body movement services you’re now better prepared to coach, train or treat golfers. But how do you generate a substantial financial return with these new skills? How do you simply get new clients in the door? This course by our friends at FitGolf answers that fundamental question.
The curriculum outlined in this course lays out a path to effectively communicate with your target demographic of golfers. You will then learn how to establish and implement marketing activities that put you in front of those golfers and the communication skills you will need to CONVERT that target demographic into paying clients.
This 4.5 hour online video course will teach you best practices to help bring in golfers as new clients and provide in-depth access to some of the industry’s best kept secrets, such as:
•What demographics generate the best revenue and how to approach these markets
•How to get people familiar with you and your brand
•How to build Referring Partnerships that send golfers to you
•The best marketing activities that generate new prospects or clients
•How to get new clients in the off-season or a “slow” time
•The characteristics of a Successful Golf Fitness business, compared to an Unsuccessful Golf fitness business
At the end of this course, you will know exactly what to DO, what to SAY, and WHEN to say it, while connecting with the two most important people groups you will come in contact with: The “Golfers,” who are the people you are selling your services to with the goal of making them your clients, and the “Partners”, or “Referring Partners”, who are the people or businesses that will give you access to golfers.
The techniques and strategies taught in this course have been time-tested and proven to work at some of the most successful Golf Fitness facilities in the world. The concepts build upon each other chapter by chapter and downloadable worksheets are given to allow you the time to reflect upon the material and apply it to your unique situation. The intuitive layout of the course makes it easy to go back again and again ensuring the detail of each chapter or associated worksheet is mastered.

What People Are Saying

“All the golf-specific skills in the world don’t mean much if you can’t get new clients in the door. Most of us struggle with that simple task.
Fortunately, the experts at FitGolf have a proven system that they use in clinics all over the country. And now they are willing to share this knowledge with everyone. If you are serious about your business and want to take it to the next level, then do yourself a favor and take this course.”
Dr. Greg Rose, Co-founder of the Titleist Performance Institute

“Course does what it says! You get proven ideas and plans that will get golfers in the door! I would recommend this course to anyone who wants more golf fitness clients.”      George H., Pittsburgh, PA

“I am so impressed with this course “How to get clients in the door” because it literally helps you achieve what states in the title.
If you are already involved in the golf fitness industry or just starting out, this course is for you, it takes you step by step through the process of not just getting more clients in the door but helps you keep them training with you as well.
One important note, follow the scripts outlined in this course, I’m sure a lot of effort and time has gone into perfecting these for you, following them will bring in more clients and put more $$$ in your pocket.”
Dave Marcer – Fitness 4 Golfers   – Australia

I am a TPI Golf Fitness Specialist who knows my work very well but would freeze when it came to marketing to golf prospects. Nothing gets more frustrating but to have all this knowledge and not know how to get people to listen to me! After taking this FitGolf Golf Fitness Business Building course I felt the weight of the world fall off my shoulders. It’s so simple, yet so powerful. You will not regret it – worth every dime!
Rita Danelian – Encino, CA

“I would like to provide you with some positive feedback about the client-generation techniques I learned in FitGolf’s “Getting Clients in The Door” course.

Last weekend I provided 5-minute stretches to a local public golf course prior to the start of one of their annual member tournaments. Due to logistics, I was able to provide stretching for only 45 minutes. However, the event was a great success for me. In fact, I hadn’t even secured my company banner on the tent when a member saw it and said “Oh, you’re a lifesaver! My back is so stiff!”

The idea of the stretch tent alone is a simple, yet brilliant marketing idea…especially if the clinician sticks to the script. I made sure to follow the script for each interaction. The greatest difficulty I had was keeping a straight face. As I asked questions, people responded exactly how you said they would. Sticking to the script made it easy and painless for me and allowed me to relax and enjoy myself.

I provided stretches to 8 players, 3 of whom have become clients! If each of those clients comes in for 6 of more visits, that will generate at least $2500 in revenue…which is many times more than the cost of the course. That is the most direct and clear return on investment I have received from any course, ever. Thanks!

P.S. – the Pro invited me to play in the tournament as his guest after I was done with the tent!”
Michael G., PT – Rockland, ME

“Thank you so much for this fantastic informative and inspiring course “Get clients in the door”. I think the model you and your team have put together will help all attendees improve their golf fitness business and help us all make more money.”
Andy G. – Director of Golf Performance  Sant Cugat Del Valles, Barcelona

“What a fantastic hands-on approach to making marketing easy. Definitely, all the tools anyone would need to build a business. Very adaptable to different situations and circumstances. I feel like I can go home and immediately put to use the knowledge and advice that has been given to me. Highly recommend this course for any golf fitness instructor.”
Kristen Shollack
“The use of the “buddy system” has been very beneficial to our center and implementing the system is extremely easy. Clients that walk through your doors have confided in you and a warm rapport should be established from day one. Asking “help” from these clients is not forced and oftentimes clients are jazzed to help bring friends or family in to experience the program. The system when put into place creates a massive marketing web since your clients are your marketing team! This system has proved to be an invaluable part of our center here in Honolulu.”                    Bryce A., Honolulu, HI

“This course helped me to get over some of my fear of the sales and marketing aspect of my business. Great information on how to get out there to promote in a comfortable way. Thank You.”               Melissa R., Akron, OH
“This course taught me wonderful marketing and sales techniques that will help my business grow. The information I obtained will help me feel more comfortable and confident when promoting my business through marketing calls and events.”
Libby D., Peoria, IL

You will learn

✓ How to get Golfers as Your New Fitness Clients


• Functional Body Movement Certifications such as fitness, physical therapy or any other biological sciences.

This course is for

• Fitness Professionals, Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Biomechanists, Exercise Scientists, Kinesiologists and any other Functional Body Movement Specialists or Entrepreneurs that have an interest in learning how to get golfers to become your new fitness clients.
Sr. V.P. of Business Development, FitGolf Franchise, LLC
Fran joined FitGolf Franchises, LLC in 2004 as a consultant commissioned to standardize and create the company’s sales, marketing, and training programs. In 2005, Fran became an employee as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing before he became Sr. Vice President of Business Development

Before FitGolf, Fran spent over two decades in positions ranging from Sales Manager to Director of Business Development by creating ways for companies to be more efficient for maximum effectiveness.
Since starting with FitGolf in 2004, Fran has created a predictable, revenue-generating Golf Fitness business process that has been standardized throughout all of the company’s locations. Fran is also the creator of the FitGolf Golf Fitness Selling Sequence (C.I.R.P.), which is the guide for what to say in any situation, at all times, to direct golfers to come into our shops.

Over the last 25 years, Fran has also consulted with numerous small business owners about how to increase revenue. These consultations have included a wide variety of businesses, such as Physical Therapists, Fitness Professionals, Golf Fitness coaches, plumbing and heating contractors, photographers, Mortgage Lending and Real Estate professionals, and more.

For the last 12 years, Fran has been most excited to be able to work closely with several PGA Sections throughout the country to develop Golf Fitness educational programs and other tools to help their Golf Teaching members develop stronger relationships with the golfers they are instructing. The relationships he has developed with these teaching instructors has enabled FitGolf to educate and communicate with tens of thousands of golfers about the importance of Golf Fitness to improve their game. This has become his contribution to growing the Golf Fitness marketplace for all Fitness Professionals.

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Platform: Udemy
Video: 4h 32m
Language: English
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