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Get clients, results & confidence at networking events!

Step by step proven techniques to network for your business goals at any networking event or Meet-Up!
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Are you ready to learn how to meet and connect, with the right people that can help you – at any networking event, without necessarily having “networking skills”?
>Do you ever wish to get people talking about your business and referring clients to you on a daily basis?
> Can you imagine how it would be to have authentic, trusted friendships with your industry and community movers and shakers?
>Wouldn’t it be awesome to feel confident at any social gathering or networking event, and know exactly how to create meaningful relationships easily with specific people that can help your business grow?

In this course, you will learn how to meet and create business relationships, with the right people that can help you, at any networking event or gathering. You’ll learn how to feel confident and authentic at any event and how to spread the word about your business through those meaningful friendships you form.

Welcome to the “Become an Event’s NetworKING” course!

This is what students say:
I’ve taught this course to hundreds of students face-to-face, and now it’s open for you too. This is what they say:
“This course put the networking session in an order, with a few simple steps and great examples, and making so much sense of it all.” – Zohar Rom
“This course opened my eyes to new ways of networking. It changed how I view networking events and, mainly, my actions. And it works like magic! Important course for any business owner!” – GalI Daniel
“I can say that Lirone Glikman’s teachings and advice have already had a profound effect on my networking” – Matthew Shay

In this course you’ll learn:
How to define your goals and know who can help you achieve them. How to network more effectively where the exact people for you are waiting! You’ll learn how to prepare yourself in a smart way for any event. How to bring out your own authenticity and become a small talk champion! How breaking the ice can be easy and even enjoyable! This course aligns with the online world & apps that can even network for you! How to maintain and nourish relationships for mutually beneficial friendships How to get help and results from your network friends, and more!</strong> I’m talking about your success! your future!

This course’s value for you:
You will know how to “work the room” strategically and get any desired result from any networking event or social gathering.

I will walk you through the before, during, and after of the event with many easily digestible methods and practices.

you will be introduced to new ways of thinking and I will teach you new, simple and proven techniques you can implement right away to network for success at any networking event or situation.

The Problem I solve
When you think about it, nobody officially teaches us how to create business relationships and work the room at any event.

The result is that MANY people don’t really know how to get real results at networking events, don’t get good connections and interactions, waste time talking to many random people, and the business cards they collect don’t really bear fruits for their business.

Some people are filled with natural fears such as the fear of rejection, or fear of exposing themselves, a shyness that rules their actions.
That leads to bad networking event experiences, and even frustrations that stay with them.
Then they decide they’re bad at networking and it’s not for them, and by doing that they are giving up on their ticket to success!!!

It is for you if –
You want to feel confident at networking events You want to network productively and drive results You want to increase your sales and revenue You want to form meaningful relationships with the right people in your industry You want your company to be known You want to influence and help others

Join the course now!
I’m looking forward to sharing my methods with you and providing that edge that nobody formally teaches us.!

I’m excited to help you network better, like you never have before-
Network your way to success!
Lirone Glikman

You will learn

✓ Over 26 lectures and two hours of content!
✓ Network more effectively where your ideal people are waiting!
✓ Prepare yourself in a smart way for any event.
✓ Bring out your own authenticity and become a small talk champion!
✓ Break the ice in an easy and even enjoyable way!
✓ Maintain and nourish relationships for mutually beneficial friendships
✓ Get help and results from your network friends


• Learn how to turn any networking event into your playing ground, connect strategically and enjoy while doing so!

This course is for

• entrepreneurs
• business owners
• marketing & sales people
• career-oriented people
• No one has made it alone! No big accomplishment was achieved by one man only- It’s all about people. If you acknowledge that, this course is exactly for you!
Business Relationships Strategist
It’s All About People….
        Hi, I’m Lirone Glikman, a business relationship strategist, and a global business development expert.
        I combined my passion for people, marketing and travelling to one exciting business where I get to guide business owners, entrepreneurs, start-up founders and career-oriented people around the world to achieve their goals through business development strategies, with strong emphasis on relationship building and improvement of their communication skills. 
    My teaching is based on the my method I have developed, which I was fortunate to spread to thousands of people in over 12 countries to date.
    In my talks, workshops and writings, I provide practical tools and techniques that include – creating relationships face-to-face and online – managing and maintaining relationships- improving interpersonal skills- personal branding- personal brand management – networking strategy, and more…with dedication to your success and a big smile! 
        I share my networking knowledge and philosophy based on 20 years of global experience in marketing, productions, sales and PR for leading bodies in the USA, Australia and Israel. In addition I co-founded a networking group in Tel Aviv, Israel and took active part in different networking communities.     Among my clients are: Microsoft, Google, Cornell University, eBay, Frankfurt Accelerator, Tel Aviv University and am an honorary adviser at an external UN committee on Sustainable Development.  
    I look forward to seeing you “in class” and feel free to drop me a line at any point in time!

Dedicated to your success,
    Lirone  Glikman          [email protected]
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 2h 19m
Language: English
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