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Gain Prosperity, Success & Good Fortune by Sanskrit Chanting

Amazing Sanskrit Chants with proper pronunciation, rhythm and meaning leading to prosperity, success & good fortune!
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Do you want to change your life? Do you want more prosperity, success, good fortune and bliss in your life?
We all are seeking happiness, prosperity and success in life. Bliss and prosperity are showered when we are prayerful and grateful. Sanskrit Chants/ prayers have sound vibrations that uplift/ purify individual and collective consciousness and spread happiness.
If you’re online and reading this, then you really have the commitment and determination to be prosperous and successful. Most people don’t take the time out to educate themselves the way you have. That’s why this course is perfect for people like you. It’s specifically for people like you, who want to be prosperous, successful and happy because we have the secret spelled out for you in Lord Ganesha Sanskrit chants.
Sanskrit is one of the most ancient languages in the world. It’s still pure even now. There’s a huge amount of research on the Sanskrit chants, pronunciations, sound vibrations, its frequencies and the effect they have on human body/ mind and overall environment.
There is a great amount of interest in Sanskrit all over the world. It’s taught in several schools/ colleges and universities across the world.
In this course you will learn Sanskrit chants of Ganesha. Lord Ganesha is the Divine/ God of happiness, prosperity and intellect. I am so grateful to Divine for choosing me to spread happiness and prosperity.   
You will learn how to chant with proper rhythm and pronunciation as well as meaning of the chants. I have provided downloadable files for your reference and practice.
So are you ready to learn something new and exciting? Are you willing to sincerely commit yourself on path to happiness and prosperity? Then, let’s join this enriching journey…
What are the requirements?
•Open mind and willingness to learn.
•Discipline and commitment to practice chanting once learnt, on daily basis.
•Dedication and patience 🙂
What am I going to get from this course?
•Over 23 lectures with duration over 56 minutes
•Significance and benefits of Sanskrit chants
•Sanskrit Chants in Devnagari and English scripts
•Pronunciation and rhythm of Chants
•Chant meaning explained in a simple way
•Downloadable files of Chants, which can be referred for practice offline
What is the target audience?
•People who want to be happy and successful
•People who are willing to learn ancient secrets leading to happiness

You will learn

✓ Learn 3 Sanskrit chants: Ganesha Mantra, Ganesha Stotra and Atharvasheersha
✓ Chant the 3 chants with exact pronunciation, sound and meaning
✓ Get Happiness and Prosperity by chanting daily


• Open mind and willingness to learn. Discipline and commitment to practice chanting once learnt, on daily basis. Dedication and patience :-)

This course is for

• Anyone who is seeking Success, Prosperity, Good Fortune and Happiness
• Anyone who is open and willing to learn ancient Sanskrit chants
• Anyone who is committed and disciplined to incorporate chanting as a daily practice in his/ her life

How much does the Gain Prosperity, Success & Good Fortune by Sanskrit Chanting course cost? Is it worth it?

The course costs $14.99. And currently there is a 40% discount on the original price of the course, which was $24.99. So you save $10 if you enroll the course now.
The average price is $31.0 of 15 Sanskrit Language courses. So this course is 52% cheaper than the average Sanskrit Language course on Udemy.

Does the Gain Prosperity, Success & Good Fortune by Sanskrit Chanting course have a money back guarantee or refund policy?

YES, Gain Prosperity, Success & Good Fortune by Sanskrit Chanting has a 30-day money back guarantee. The 30-day refund policy is designed to allow students to study without risk.

Are there any SCHOLARSHIPS for this course?

Currently we could not find a scholarship for the Gain Prosperity, Success & Good Fortune by Sanskrit Chanting course, but there is a $10 discount from the original price ($24.99). So the current price is just $14.99.

Who is the instructor? Is Akanksha (Akanksshaa) Kulkarni a SCAM or a TRUSTED instructor?

Akanksha (Akanksshaa) Kulkarni has created 2 courses that got 174 reviews which are generally positive. Akanksha (Akanksshaa) Kulkarni has taught 5,851 students and received a 4.6 average review out of 174 reviews. Depending on the information available, Akanksha (Akanksshaa) Kulkarni is a TRUSTED instructor.
Mindset & Well-Being Coach
Akanksshaa is a Mindset & Well Being Coach, Positive Intelligence Coach, Rapid Results Coach, Growth Catalyst, Teacher/Mentor and the Founder of MindNBeyond. She’s also Founder & Managing Trustee of NGO-Arnav Kulkarni Memorial Foundation.
Akanksshaa helps people REWIRE MIND & CARVE (Create Abundance, Raise Vibration & Energy) a new version to create abundance in all areas of life and live a full life ! 
She has over 25 years of diverse experience, in coaching/ training/ mentoring/ leading/ management/ strategic planning, creativity & innovation in large corporations as well as on individual level. She has received several awards in the corporate world. She has done MBA from one of the top B schools in India. She has been a spiritual teacher for last 10 years.
Akanksshaa combines neuroscience, positive psychology and spirituality based eclectic and diverse tools, techniques and methods to help individuals strengthen their mindset & enrich their wellbeing so they unleash their inner power and live the life to the fullest. She believes in an intuitive, meaningful, playful yet structured approach. She believes in disruptive reinvention of individual “self”. If a person wants to be his/ her best version, he/ she needs to grow by breaking set patterns and dissolving mental models and blocks that no longer serve the individual.
She follows daily practices such as meditation, pranayama (breathing exercises) and Sanskrit chanting for overall well-being, happiness and prosperity.
Akanksshaa shares her secrets and coaches/mentors people in diverse areas through various offerings. You’re invited to join this exciting journey together.
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