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Fusion 360 to Unreal Engine – pipeline

Learn the skills to get you a Job!
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Before working at Gaming Studios like Arkane, Rooster Teeth, and even Interning at Day Break, I was a college student with the hunger for knowledge that would land me a job in the Industry, so I focused on learning multiple programs to develop a more efficient workflow so that I would stand out by not only my Art but speed as well. So in this course I share and teach you how to quickly create a high poly model from concept in Fusion 360,  then convert the CAD geo into a usable mesh for retopology inside of Blender, UV Unwrapping so we can Bake/texture the Low poly inside of Substance Painter, and Finally import those 3D Models into Unreal Engine 4 to build a modular Sci-fi Corridor. This course is for those that want to gain a new skill that can potentially get them a job, and at the very least make them knowledgeable in the pipe-line of video game Development!
The last and most important reason I created this course is because I’m sick of seeing students graduate with a degrees in Game Art and cant find a job, because either they are missing a step in the pipe-line because the school wasn’t teaching them an up-to-date workflow, and because  I see a lot of courses promising results but to later find out the courses have been time-lapsed on the important steps!
All programs I use in this course are Free to use for Students, and hobbyist! 

You will learn

✓ How to use Fusion 360 for Game Design
✓ how to bake maps
✓ How to texture 3d Models
✓ How to use Unreal Engine to create an Environment
✓ How to light a Game Environment
✓ how to make Game Ready assets
✓ Game Art pipe-line


• Access to Fusion 360 (free for students)
• Access to Substance Painter (Free for Students)
• Access to Blender (Free for Everyone)
• Access to Unreal Engine 4 (Free for Everyone)

This course is for

• Beginner to Advanced
• All levels
• No prior-knowledge needed
3D Generalist
Hi guys! I go by Kaj Art. I am currently a freelance 3D Artist with a background in Film/Animation as well as Game Art. I have worked at places like Rooster Teeth and Arkane Studios. I find teaching and mentoring to be one of my favorite things to do because, the more I teach it keeps my knowledge up-to-date and current. If you enjoy this course, search up on YouTube for tons more!
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 5h 43m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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