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Fundamentals Of Petrol Engines (Automotive Engineering)

Learn about the SI engine! Ideal for Automotive Engineering and Automobile Engineering!
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In Automotive Engineering, studying about Engines are very important. There is a separate branch in mechanical engineering for studying automobiles like Automotive Engineering and Automobile Engineering.
This course will teach you about one of the most amazing inventions of mankind’s – the Internal combustion engine.
You will learn:
•How An Internal Combustion Engine Works
•Classification of Internal Combustion engines
•How Two-Stroke and Four-Stroke Internal Combustion Engines Work
•The Difference Between Petrol/Gasoline and Diesel Engines
•Engine Components of Internal Combustion (Piston Rings, Piston, Valves, etc.)
•Engine Terminology (BDC, TDC, Firing Order, etc.)
•How Internal Combustion Ancillaries Work (Turbocharger, Supercharger, etc.)
•How combustion in SI engine work
•Valve time diagram
•A Lot About Mechanical Engineering!
•A Lot About Automotive Engineering and Automobile Engineering
#######Note that this course focuses more on the Spark Ignition engine type rather than the diesel  engine type, but gives a general good overview concerning the internal combustion (IC) engine#######
This course will take you from zero to hero concerning Internal combustion engine knowledge. Even though you already have some background knowledge, this course will help to revise your knowledge. Whatever your level of understanding, or engineering background (mechanical engineering, automobile engineering, automotive engineering, oil and gas, HVAC, power engineering, chemical engineering, etc.) you can enroll this course and start learning.
In this course, I explained deeply about the concepts with the help of high-quality images and animations.
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You will learn

✓ Identify all common engine components.
✓ Know common engine terminology
✓ Know how four and two stroke engines work
✓ Know major classification of IC engines
✓ 2 stroke and 4 stroke SI engine working
✓ Combustion process in SI engine
✓ Emission from SI engine


• A desire to learn.
• Knowledge of basic physics

This course is for

• This course would benefit anyone who wishes to know how an Spark Ignition engine work
• This course is for automobile enthusiast students
• For Mechanical engineering students
Master in Automotive Engineering
Abhi Ram teaches automobile engineering for one year. He post-graduated on Automotive Engineering with distinction after completing BTech in Mechanical Engineering.
His other fields of interest are electric vehicle technology, optimization of IC engine emissions, autonomous vehicles, internet of things, and renewable energy sources.

Abhi Ram is interested in creating online courses that help out students to achieve their career goals.
His hobbies are
* Reading
* Solving Sudoku and Rubiks cube

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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 11m
Language: English
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