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Fully Accredited: How to Unblock and Balance the 7 Chakras

Healing Your Mind, Body and Spirit at Midlife and Beyond for Beginners
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This course is fully accredited by CTAA (Complementary Therapists Accredited Association) and provides a very user-friendly introduction to how your Chakras affect your physical and emotional wellbeing, and what you can do about it – especially in midlife!  With the natural progression of age, we accumulate more and more issues that cause our chakras (our body’s energy centers) to become unbalanced and blocked, playing havoc with our quality of life. This course delivers a clear understanding of the signs and symptoms of functioning and malfunctioning chakras, as well as the potential health and emotional issues that ensue. The course clearly reveals in what areas we need the most help, and provides easy-to-implement healing and balancing techniques, including: affirmations, yogic poses, crystals, essential oils and nutrition. Upon completion of this course, the student will receive a Personalized Certificate, and have all the basic tools to balance, unblock and heal with the 7 major chakras to enjoy a revitalized lease on life.

You will learn

✓ In this course you will learn practical, immediate, and easy to implement techniques to balance and heal your 7 major chakras.
✓ You’ll gain a basic understanding of the 7 major chakras, where they originated, and why they are so important for living our life to the fullest, especially as we age!
✓ You will learn the name and healing color of each chakra; the relationship between the chakras and the endocrine system; the location in the body of each chakra, and the organs and glands associated with each chakra.
✓ You will learn to recognize the signs and symptoms of well functioning and malfunctioning chakras, as well as the emotional aspects each chakra brings into play.
✓ You’ll also learn about the potential health issues associated with each of the 7 major chakras if they are not functioning properly.
✓ We’ll also teach you specific healing, balancing, and strengthening techniques for each chakra to include: mantras and affirmations, yogic poses, crystals that activate or calm the chakras, essential oils used to rebalance each chakra, how to use color to balance your chakras, and important nutrition and foods to help strengthen and support each chakra. You will learn how the color of the chakras link and match the color of the foods.
✓ And finally, as a bonus lecture, we’ll provide a Kundalini posture that will balance and open up the whole chakra system.


• There are no requirements or prerequisites. All that is needed is the desire to heal your body, mind and spirit, and live life to the fullest, especially after midlife!
• A yoga mat and a few comfortable pillows may come in handy, but are not necessary.

This course is for

• The ideal student for this course is in search of answers and practical solutions for alternative means of healing and strengthening the body, mind, and spirit. In order for our bodies to function optimally, especially as we age, all of our 7 chakras need to be balanced and allow our energy to flow smoothly through our bodies.
• While this course is relevant for all age groups, it provides special emphasis for people at midlife and beyond.
Executive Producer & Founder, 2nd Act TV
Silke is an award-winning producer and the creator of 2ndAct.TV, a digital channel focused on living your life to the fullest after 50.  As Executive Producer and Host, Silke teamed with Paige Valdiserri, M.Ed. LPC, NCC, BCETS, RMT, an internationally recognized Traumatic Stress & Integrative Healing Consultant to produce inspirational programming and on-line courses that empower women and men to take charge of their physical, emotional, sexual, and spiritual health. Today, Silke is living her motto: “It’s never too late to be the person you always wanted to be.”
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 3h 5m
Language: English
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