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Fully Accredited Chakra Balancing & Healing Made Simple

Easily dissolve stress, fear and anxiety with these simple, safe, effective and powerful Chakra Balancing techniques.
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Chakra balancing is a simple, safe, effective, non-invasive, and super easy healing technique that anyone can learn and practice – anytime, anywhere. 
This course is designed to show you how to start giving simple, yet powerful healing treatments on others and on yourself. 
This course comprises of 14 videos, printable PDF documents and 3 quizzes to help guide you into the effective practice of Chakra Balancing and energy medicine.
At the completion of this course you can choose to become FULLY ACCREDITED which means that that you can become recognised by an industry association body (IICT) and operate as a fully qualified and professional energy medicine practitioner. *Please be aware, to cover the costs of administration and the processing of a fully accredited certificate, there are a number of case studies that need to be completed plus, a $30usd processing fee on application.
In this course, we will: 
              – Delve into the 7 Chakras   
              – Learn practical techniques that focus on harmonizing the Chakras   
              – Learn how to effectively treat yourself and others   
              – Learn how to dissolves major stress triggers in less than 5 minutes   

Chakra Balancing can assist with: 
            – Reducing anxiety and stress 
            – Increasing relaxation 
            – Relieving psychosomatic pain 
            – Overcoming phobias and fears that may be holding you back 
            – Increasing creativity and intuition 
            – Clear and resolve digestive problems 
            – Boosting the immune system 
            – Naturally enhancing your work and presentation skills 
            – Increasing confidence 
            – Remaining calm and clear in the midst of stressful circumstances 
            – and much more… 

You will learn

✓ Work with the Chakras on a practical level to enhance health and wellbeing
✓ Give Chakra balancing treatements to others
✓ Give Chakra balancing treatments to oneself
✓ Use Chakra Balancing to effectively clear past traumas, anxiety, stress, intense emotional reactions and phobias
✓ Add Chakra balancing into any other healing modaility you may be working with to enhance results


• A massage table is desireable and recommended, but not absolutely necessary
• A general interest in the Chakra energy system
• A general interest in the energetics of the human being
• A general interest in energy psychology
• A general interest in Chinese medicine or the concepts of “Qi” or “Prana”
• A general interest in self healing techniques

This course is for

• This course is designed for anybody who is interested in the Chakra energy system or interested energy medicine
• Beginners
• Current nautral medicine practitioners eg. Massage therapists, yoga teachers, acupuncturists, reiki practitioners and so on.
• This course is not about learning any yoga postures
Anxiety & Stress Release Expert
Michael Hetherington (BHlthSci) is a healer, mind-body medicine therapist, Chinese medicine acupuncturist, teacher and Taekwondo yogi.
He helps people experiencing doubt, worry and confusion and moves them into clarity, focus, and confidence.
Michael has spoken on subjects related to energy medicine, energy psychology and Chinese medicine at numerous events and festivals around the world including The Bali Spirit Festival in Indonesia and the Omega Institute in New York alongside Dr. Sue Morter, Dr. David Feinstein and Donna Eden.
He is originally from Brisbane, Australia and can now be found bouncing between workshops and events in Australia, Thailand, Bali and Germany.
Michael holds a Bachelor of Health Science from Charles Sturt University, an Advanced Diploma in Acupuncture from the Australian Institute of Applied Sciences and a yoga teacher certificate from the Byron yoga centre. He has been teaching yoga since 2008 and was a lecturer of Oriental medicine at the Australian Institute of Applied Sciences from 2014-2015.
In his early twenties, he suffered from regular migraine headaches, depression and chronic lower back pain, which he overcame primarily through the practices of yoga, relaxation and meditation.
Michael was always attracted to eastern philosophy and it was this interest that drew him to the teachings and practices of yoga, martial arts and Chinese medicine at a young age. After traveling to China to teach English for a year, he returned to Australia in 2004 to begin studying Chinese medicine, remedial massage and practicing Oki-Do yoga (Japanese Yoga form developed by Dr. Masahiro Oki) under the guidance of Peter Masters.
Inspired by the teachings of many he has learned that a lighthearted and nurturing approach to life serves best.
Michael’s other interests include dancing under the stars, traveling, spending time in nature & drinking cups of tea.

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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 32m
Language: English
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