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French Grammar in Context. | Level 1 | + DELF Cheat Sheet

French Language Course | Grammar Focused | French for Beginners Grammar | Delf A1 Cheat Sheet included | Learn French A1
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French Grammar in Context is a comprehensive and complete French Language course about the French A1 Grammar, taught by Christophe Ternay, a French Native Teacher, who graduated in “FLE” (French for foreigners) at the French Alliance, The most recognized French Learning School Worldwide.

What the course includes:
•The ONLY French Delf A1 exam Cheat Sheet of the web.
•This French Language Course includes Explainer Slides so your Brain can easily understand the lectures.
•It also includes Pdf Files which will help you complete the French Grammar Exercises.
•French A1 Grammar Quizzes with immediate feedback.
•French for beginners Grammar Guides and Rules.
•French A1 Level vocabulary (French for beginner’s level) to be able to build your own sentences since the first lesson.
•Images, to be able to learn French by building strong mental links.
•French for beginners Example Sentences to learn in context and remember.
•Questions and Answers to be able to have a French conversation.

How can I improve my French and my French Grammar Skills?
What are the good ways to learn French Grammar Quickly and Easily?
Can I have fun while I learn French Grammar?
Do these Questions sound familiar to you?
If yes, read on…

Grammar is an essential skill for Foreign Language Learners, but it has to be enjoyable and fun to be efficient. That’s why we use Gestures in this French Language Course, it makes the course livelier.
The latest studies also show that the learning must be Multimodal. That is why we will use Objects and Pictures.
But to learn French Grammar, you have to build strong links with Emotions and Feelings. So that what you learned remains persistent, and this is why we will learn through a Story.
I will walk you through the different French for beginners grammar rules steps by step.
But it’s not enough to just read and memorize the words in the vocabulary lists or to study grammar.
That’s why you will put what you’ve learned into practice and get immediate feedback on the mistakes that you’re making in the Exercise section.
And when you learn French, it’s always good to have a French teacher who can point out your mistakes so I will be at your side during all the process through the chat.

About the Author:
His name’s Christophe Daniel Ternay and he is a French teacher, but also graduated in Marketing and International Business in France; He has studied and knows 4 languages fluently that are French English German and Spanish.
You may ask yourself how it is possible to know 4 languages fluently and the short answer sounds easy: CONTEXT.
– He did not learn English through the “normal way” he was lucky enough to enter a special “European Class” when he was 14 and learned English through History and Geography told By a Native English Teacher.
– The same for German: When he was 8 he asked his parents to go to a German School instead of a French one and they accepted!
– …And the same for Spanish: he was bored of the French lifestyle and decided in 2015 to move to Peru and his Spanish Level quickly jumped from B2 to C2 Level.
The only thing in common with these language learnings is that he learned IN CONTEXT. That is the key point.
Every day he was learning with all day life events with gestures, objects, picture, emotions, feelings, and had immediate feedback. That is what he reproduced in this French for beginners course.

By the end of this class you will be able to:
•Remember words thanks to Mental Images.
•You will Use Tips, Techniques to Learn French A1 Grammar.
•You will take action by doing Short Easy Exercises (you will Learn French Actively)
•You will learn French Grammar and Vocabulary In Context through a whole Story.
•In this French Language Course Learn More in Less Time, thanks to an efficient French Learning System that includes you in the whole process in some Real-Life Examples.

Who is this course for?
People who want to get the French TEF or the French A1 DELF Exam (French for beginners)
People who want to Study in a French speaking Country (France, Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, Congo…)
Take this French Language Course if you want to live in a French Speaking Paradise (Madagascar, Seychelles, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Réunion, New Caledonia…)
People who want to Climb the Social Ladder by improving their curriculum. French language gives you a much wider pool of opportunity as it is an Official UNO language.
People who want to Go on Holiday in a French speaking country.
People who want to Increase their Income in their current Job. French gives you a much wider pool of opportunity as it is spoken by 300 Million people in the World.
People who want to maintain their Brain in a Healthy state. Learning a foreign language is one of the best ways not to have Alzheimer and other Brain diseases.
People who want to invest time and money in themselves (Self-Development)
Take this French Language Course if you want to see if you can do it! There is something deeply rewarding about learning a new language.
Bilingual partners. Try and learn the other person’s native tongue for the next French Christmas Dinner!
So if you want to stop wasting your time and efforts and don’t know yet how to do it efficiently. Then this French Grammar Course is for you.

Ready to get started?
See you on the inside. (hurry, class is waiting!)


What Students say about my Online Courses:
I am only 1/4 of the way through however, what I like about the instructor is his engaging online presence and his approach (Patricia Russel)
It is really nice and easy to understand. (Melike Elif Gülpınar)‎
‎I enjoyed the course. The instructor is very positive and informative. The material is easily understood. I look forward to the next course available from this instructor. (Patricia Starnes)
This course is really exactly what I needed. The instructor is extremely helpful, responds promptly […] I highly recommend this course and any other course this instructor is teaching. (Sonia Staward)
Very well explained, easy to grasp (Debbie Gabrielle)
This dude is awesome for explaining things and making everything funny. (Jose Vidal)

You will learn

✓ Learn French Grammar in a Quick and Easy way.
✓ Certificate of Completion Included.
✓ Learn French In Context.
✓ Speak French with confidence.
✓ You will break your French Language Barrier.
✓ Use French memory Tips + French grammar and French pronunciation hacks.
✓ Have a Lifetime Unlimited Access to the whole French course and Updates.
✓ Add context to the French Vocabulary and never forget it.


• No prerequisites. This French Course is for Complete Beginners.

This course is for

• Take that course if you want to LEARN FRENCH with a NATIVE SPEAKER.
• Take that course if you want to learn French WITH FUN GRAMMAR EXERCICES.
• Take that course if you want to UNDERSTAND SPOKEN FRENCH in the SHORTEST TIME POSSIBLE.
• Take that course if you want to LEARN FRENCH with a CERTIFIED FRENCH TEACHER.
Graduated French Teacher / Health Coach / Web Entrepreneur
About the Author: (Spanish / French version at the bottom)
He is fluent in French, English, German and Spanish.
Graduated from The French Alliance in Arequipa, Peru in Teaching French for foreigners (2016)
Graduated from AFPA in Marseille, France in Marketing – Accounting and Human Resource Management (2005)
Graduated from Lycée Périer in Marseille, France in International Business. (2009)
Health Coach passioned by Well-being and Nutrition.

He is teaching French since 2015 to students from all over the world thanks to offline and online French Courses in Peru.
That’s why he knows how important it is to know exactly how to pronounce French words.
How important French vocabulary is to be able to make you understand.
And how important it is to quickly understand and decrypt French words in common sentences …

… So he developed this comprehensive approach to learning French A1 level based on his learning of 4 languages, the challenges faced by his Peruvian Students, his Worldwide Online courses (900 + hours) and what he studied informally: Neuroscience.
So don’t wait, Invest in the most valuable thing on Earth : Yourself and Enroll right now.
More about Chris :
I am a native French speaker (born in Verdun, Meuse, France) and I have been teaching French and English in Peru (4 to 17 years old students) and in an Adult Professional Institute for 3 years (900+ students)
Since last year I have successfully been Teaching Online 630+ hours to mainly adults all around the World. (France, Canada, Russia, Brazil, Germany, Switzerland, Argentina, Yemen,…)
I have a university degree in International Business and a degree in FLE (Francais Langue étrangère) of the French International Alliance (equivalent to the CELTA in English : Certificate in Teaching to Speakers of other Languages). 
I have also been working in France with China, India and United States for 2 years, travelled all around Europe and lived in Germany for 8 years.      
I have been a learner before being a teacher ! And now I know fluently (really fluently) 4 languages which are French (mother tongue), German, English and Spanish.   
Now I want to show you how to learn French in a fast and easy way and make your dreams come true, travel, study, work and be more international, and live the life you’ve always dreamed of. 

Sobre el Autor:
Habla con fluidez francés, inglés, alemán y español.
Coach de salud apasionado por el bienestar y la nutrición.
Graduado como docente en “Enseñanza de francés para extranjeros”. (De la Alianza Francesa)
Enseña francés desde el año 2015 a estudiantes de todo el mundo dando cursos de francés en línea y como docente presencial en Perú.
Conoce la importancia de pronunciar correctamente las palabras en francés.
Lo esencial que representa tener un vocabulario amplio para poder hablar francés.
Y lo poderoso que es comprender y descifrar rápidamente las palabras en francés en oraciones comunes.

Así que desarrolló este enfoque integral para aprender el francés, basado en su aprendizaje de 4 idiomas, los desafíos que enfrentan sus estudiantes, y el estudio que hizo sobre la neurociencia.

Qui est l’auteur?
Il parle couramment français, anglais, allemand et espagnol.
Coach santé, passionné par le bien-être et la nutrition
Il est professeur diplômé par l’Alliance Française dans l’enseignement du français pour les étrangers.
Il enseigne depuis 2015 à des étudiants partout dans le monde grâce aux cours en ligne et dans les instituts dans lesquels il a travaillé en tant que professeur au Pérou.
C’est pourquoi il sait exactement à quel point il est important de bien savoir prononcer les mots français.
A quel point le vocabulaire français est important pour pouvoir vous faire comprendre.
Et combien il est primordial de pouvoir rapidement comprendre et déchiffrer les mots français dans une phrase du quotidien…

… Il a donc développé cette approche complète d’apprentissage du français sur la base de son apprentissage de 4 langues, des défis rencontrés par ses étudiants au Pérou, des cours en ligne donnés dans le monde entier (plus de 900 heures) et sur ce qu’il a étudié de manière informelle: La neuroscience.

Platform: Udemy
Video: 5h 53m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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