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Four-part Harmony

Learn the fundamentals of writing in four-parts
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Students from my other courses (Music Composition 1, Music Composition 2, Music Theory and Orchestration) have been requesting that I create a course on writing four-part harmony. This course is an answer to that request.
The course is divided into 8 sections. Each lecture within a section covers a different topic or concept. Study all lectures in the section before taking the quiz for the section. After you have passed the quiz, complete the assignment(s).
All of the assignments can be downloaded. You can print them and complete them with pencil, or if you prefer, some of the assignments can be done using notation software. If you do not have notation software, you can download musescore for free at the musescore web site.
Please complete the lessons in order, as earlier concepts taught are needed to complete the later lessons.
Important: This is not a music theory course or a music composition course. These subjects have been covered by the author in Music Theory, Music Composition 1, and Music Composition 2. This course covers only the fundamentals of four-part writing. In order to get the most out of this course you should already possess a basic understanding of music theory and music composition.

You will learn

✓ You will learn the basic guidelines and techniques of four-part writing.
✓ By the end of the course you will be writing assignments for four parts.


• A basic knowledge of music theory and music composition. If you do not already have a rudimentary understanding of music theory and music composition, it is recommended that you take a theory and composition course before beginning this course. (See “Music Theory”, “Music Composition 1” and “Music Composition 2” by the same author.)
• Paper and pencil or some type of music notation software (such as the free musescore notation software)
• A printer if you wish to print the assignments.
• Although not a necessity, it is very beneficial to have some ability to play the piano (or other instrument) .

This course is for

• Anyone wanting to learn how to write for four-parts.
• Every student of music!
• Beginning Composers/Songwriters
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 31m
Language: English
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