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Foundations of Customer Experience

Learn the foundations of CX, a key skill needed in your customer relationship skills.
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Updated February 2022 with updated lectures and information.  Additionnal downloads available!

Customer Experience is the new battle ground of sales and retention. Small businesses need a leg up in this arena to keep their market share. This workshop is designed to give you the foundations needed to begin understanding CX easily!!!
If you have customers, want customers OR work with people you need to get the foundation of CX under your belt. CX has replaced “customer service” and is a more comprehensive technique. Don’t delay, get up to date with CX today!
Perception is reality. Customers perceive that going to a dealership doesn’t have enough added value to justify the perceived increased cost.
Changing that perception is going to change the % of your market share, create customer loyalty and increased long term growth.
How do you keep your market share?
A comprehensive coaching program – aimed at bringing a more holistic approach to your sales which will in turn increase customer retention and overall growth.
In order to understand customer experience we need to quickly review other terms and how they connect to the full customer experience.
You will learn:
•The basic terms involved
•The difference between the terms
•How these things can connect and combine as a part of a customer’s experience

This is not one interaction as in sales or customer service. This is the experience your customer has with you over the length of your business relationship. This includes all of the touchpoints in your customer relationship.

CX or Customer experience is more nuanced, it is a company culture and holistic creation than customer service or sales being silos in themselves. It’s a homogeneous way the people of the company work with the customers and the experience customers have because of it.

You will learn

✓ Customer Experience, or CX is the a more modern approach to what used to be customer service.
✓ Students will learn how customer retention IS a growth plan.
✓ You will learn to create lasting customer relationships.
✓ You will gain insights to mindsets of customers as well as yourself in your working relationships.


• No
• Being willing to be open to your clients needs.

This course is for

• Anyone who has customers.
• Everyone who’s looking to grow or retain your business in these challenging times.
Owner, Mohr Coaching & Development
Coach Melissa Mohr, Mohr Coaching & Development
Melissa is a certified professional life coach with a background that includes a career in training, business building and sales. As a professionally trained and experienced life coach, she has the tools and understanding to help you to create the life you imagine. By utilizing a variety of techniques, together with Melissa you will build your confidence and momentum.
Melissa is a qualified course creator using her background in corporate training. Her professional experience in sales, training, process improvement and business building gives her a unique perspective on business.
Melissa believes you are not “just” who you were born, but that you can create and become anyone you choose.
Melissa’s ability to encourage and inspire with her unending practical positivity gives her the ability to follow her dream of helping others achieve and create a life they love.
When you commit to changing your mindset a life coach can help you remove challenges that have stalled you in the past. My commitment is to provide you with accountability, understanding and support.

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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 6m
Language: English
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