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Improve productivity with these mental skills

A collection of 4 powerful mental skills that will turn you into a champion at work, on the sports field and in life
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Updated 2021: Improve your productivity at work is an approach to performance at work by targeting 4 major areas that bosses describe as the biggest problem issues facing their businesses today. The material highlights the FREW Model (Focus, Resilience, Engagement, Wellbeing). Students should take this course to develop themselves in these 4 areas to impress not only at work but in their lives generally. Includes a Mental Toughness Assessment Assessment for your information.
There are videos, audios, narratives, introductions and 10 strategies in each area that have been simplified for students but are scientifically underpinned from the research and data and are proven to work. They are simple to implement and none of them cost any money at all, just a little effort and determination.
It is suitable for anyone who is easily distracted from their goals; those who cannot bounce back from failure and adversity; individuals who cannot motivate themselves to become engaged in their work and anybody experiencing poor mental or physical wellbeing. In fact anyone who wishes to improve their productivity while at work.
The terminology and explanations are simplified to match relevancy of all students and can be applied in any field, job, sport or activity.
The course can be started at the beginning and work through Focus, Resilience, Engagement and Wellbeing or students can dip into one of the 4 areas in their own fashion. The strategies can be applied from the first moment and change can be noticed very rapidly. As an extra we have included material in a general section and a specific section that support the material in the 4 areas.
Take this course and you will not only become a champion in the workplace but will save yourself thousands of £’s in practitioner fees and months of consultations.
•Pinpoint Focus
•Resilience, Hardiness & Mental Toughness
•Total Engagement & Motivation
•Psychological & Physical Health & Wellbeing
•Mindfulness & Awareness
•Goal Setting Achievement
•Imagery & Visualisation
•Self Talk & Positive Thought Control
•Performance Routines
•Relaxation of Mind & Body

You will learn

✓ Have razor sharp focus on goals at work and in life.
✓ Develop unstoppable resilience towards adversity and setbacks.
✓ Thrive with total engagement and motivation to everything in life.
✓ Enjoy physical and psychological wellbeing always.
✓ Stop procrastinating and holding yourself back.
✓ Perform under pressure.


• Nothing at all as the four subject areas are introduced at a basic level and all the strategies are simplified for putting into action.
• Great explanations as to how the 4 subjects interact with each other and supported by extra material.

This course is for

• This FREW course is meant for anyone who becomes distracted, fails under pressure, cannot motivate themselves and has unhealthy thoughts, feelings and behaviours.
• Ideal for any employee or manager who is badly affected by stress, anxiety and pressure.
• Paramount if setbacks or failures destroy your confidence and self esteem.
Performance Specialists That Turn Your Dreams into Reality
We Specialise in Performance in terms of achieving goals, dreams and ambitions in all high pressured environments such as sport, business, professions, vocations and personal lives. All our work is underpinned by the latest findings and research within science in terms of  brain, psychology, physical, tactical and technical natures and how all these elements interact to create the optimal performer.

All the complex information is digested and turned into simple to understand and to apply strategies and actions for anyone desiring to make huge changes in their lives today. This process is powerful because it becomes a checklist to follow steering you to the same outcomes and results that some of the world’s greatest performers use everyday.

Geoff Greenwood FCCA MBA MSc has extensive experience in elite sport and high level business consultancy where change and improvement are the pre-requisites to success. He has worked within 18 sports, businesses of all sizes and many high pressure environments.

Elizabeth Greenwood is highly skilled in researching and identifying the very latest success opportunities for clients to introduce rapidly to acquire a competitive advantage. This competitive advantage is the difference between winning & losing, succeeding or failing and between surviving or actually thriving.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 7h 11m
Language: English
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