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Fiverr: Psychology of Fiverr Freelance Business ​Success

Freelance Fiverr Secrets to Turn Your Skills into Freedom, Flexibility and Job Satisfaction for Fiverr Success
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Student comments:
“This teacher is amazing, he has the knowledge I was looking for. Thanks!” -Wasim
“I highly recommend this course! I was interested in the possibility of starting my own online side business but was intimidated. Ron does the most amazing job with this course, breaking all down into very practical steps along with the necessary attitude/thinking process needed to become successful. What felt daunting to me now feels absolutely within my capacity to create, and I feel a whole new world has been opened up to me to create additional income with my business. Thank you, Ron!”   -Bonnie Pfeiffer

” Ron has great, clear information on how to experience greater work satisfaction & greater independence with Fiverr. (Phyllis O.)

 Do You Want to:
•Earn money working from home?
•Replace a crummy job? 
•Start a new business – while keeping your day job?
•Get paid to do what you love? 

This insider’s view of Fiverr gives you an edge! Make money fast and increase your happiness!
Freelance Success depends on attitude. Only this class helps you build a winning attitude designed for Fiverr. 
I discovered that many Fiverrs do earn more money from home, but are still not any happier overall! Plan your work carefully before choosing. Handouts, Questionnaires, & Quizzes make it easy! 
Build a home business–that makes money–and increases your life satisfaction!   

I earned thousands of dollars doing work I loved and I’ll help you do the same. First, identify money-making services you would enjoy delivering. Then, I’ll help you get off to a great start forming a gig at Fiverr!

Start today to earn “job-free” income at Fiverr. Richly illustrated videos help you design work you would enjoy doing! Take Control of Your Finances and Shape the work that shapes your life!  
I’ll show you short-cuts to attracting and retaining customers (the key to growing your income!)

•You can earn money and satisfaction at Fiverr in as little as one day!
•Go step-by-step with downloadable PDF worksheets 
•I guide you visually through each step of setting up your first Gig at Fiverr 
Start earning extra income and personal satisfaction at Fiverr. Freelance work puts you in charge. Traditionally, you must make yourself conform to the demands of the job. With freelance work available from home – with zero startup costs at Fiverr – you can shape your work to suit yourself!

With freelance, you are the boss. You choose the work! Fiver lets you set the hours,  the services, and the standards you offer. 
Fiverr is a bustling marketplace with a huge audience waving credit cards in the air and buying daily.  Fiverr provides the customers. I earned thousands of dollars, part-time, with no advertising of my own and you can too.
Fiverr is big business that makes starting your own small business easier than ever! 
Learn “Job Crafting” and Shape your work to match your desires and skills. Joseph Campbell said that many people climb a ladder only to find it is against the wrong wall! Get the beginning right, then add effort.
Earn money and increase your satisfaction. These lessons apply to other freelance sites as well. 

Fiverr empowers you to start a small business and follow your dreams without having to rent a storefront, hire employees, get business licenses or even have a dollar in the bank.  
In addition to my years of freelancing experience with Fiverr, I am a psychologist and an artist, so you’ll get insights that matter and also artistic images and videos. (Not the ‘single plain slide’ type class!)

This class will pay for itself with your first Fiverr job. Let’s get started improving your income and your life with Fiverr.

Enroll today and benefit from Udemy’s 30 day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee. With nothing to lose, Start your next exciting life step now!
                                        (Not sure? View some Previews; Lesson 8 is highly recommended)

You will learn

✓ Start earning Job-Free Money on Fiverr
✓ Identify skills you want to sell on Fiverr
✓ Create Fiverr Gigs that match your Interests and Values
✓ Use Fiverr Training Resources to Grow your success!


• Internet access and an interest in freelance work with Fiverr

This course is for

• Anyone who wants to work from home to earn extra money
• Anyone considering or beginning work with Fiverr
• Anyone who values Quality of Life and a Positive Attitude
• Not for Getting Rich Quick
Psychologist, Artist, Freelancer
Ron Masa, Ph.D. is a Psychologist, Artist, Freelancer and Teacher.
Dr. Masa retired from his 30-year private practice in Jungian Psychotherapy and Dream-work. He taught graduate courses at UCLA, Michigan, and Naropa University. He also taught hundreds of classes and workshops and wrote many articles and columns on Dream-Work and the use of the I Ching.
His classes are always information-rich, tightly scripted, and visually interesting. (Not your one plain slide class!)  A former TV Director and Producer, Ron adds soul-nourishing production quality to interesting topics that offer real psychological value to you.He was a TV Director for KVOA TV, Tucson, Arizona and Director of the Silverlake Residence of Boys Republic in Los Angeles, before earning a double Ph.D. (IN Psychology and Social Work) from the University of Michigan (1981).   
Dr. Masa has also studied extensively with practicing shamans from North and South America. Artistically, he has sold over 100 stone sculptures and 1,000 small to medium paintings. Throughout his long career, three elements have been central: psychology, art, and teaching.   
Now “Dr Ron” is combining these elements to create artistically-flavored lectures with solid psychological insights and practical solutions. He is the founder of the “University of Yourself” whose mottoes are “Helping You Hear the Guide Inside” and “Find Yourself, Express Yourself.”
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 59m
Language: English
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