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Find Your Rhythm, drumming, sound healing, personal growth

Discovering drumming and the sound healing powers of the drum. Tune into your intuition and meditate with drumming
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Looking for a new way to express yourself, beat the stress of day to day life and learn new skills in the process, then this course is definitely for you!
This course forms the basis of understanding how to use drums in a therapeutic setting, at this stage we focus on personal growth, nurturing intuition and how to approach the playing of the drums for yourself and family and friends. We look at the different types of drums and how they differ from each other. The course has a strong experience component, during which you will be given the chance to explore the impact of drums on yourself through high quality drum meditations.
Our exploration will take us from Shamanic drumming (ancestral drumming) to the newer types of drums such as tongue drums and Rav Vasts.
You do not need to own a drum to begin with and may even want to wait until you have gone through the course once to see what you would like to work with, what type of drum resonates with you best at this time.

You will learn

✓ In this course you will learn the value and different uses for the ancestral instrument that is the drum. We will go on a journey through drumming with sacred drums as well as modern drums, for personal growth and wellbeing.
✓ Shamanic drumming, connecting to the drum
✓ Aspects of Ancestral/Shamanic drumming
✓ Using Ocean drum/wave drums
✓ The benefits of tongue drums (simple and more complex) and how to approach your play
✓ Playing with scales
✓ Sound healing qualities of the drums
✓ Meditations to give you direct experiences of the different drums
✓ Playing the tongue drums
✓ Playing the Rav vast


• No prerequisite or requirements, just an interest in drums and sound healing
• Optional:you may want to have a drum handy
• Good headphones will help, especially to give you the best audio for the meditations!

This course is for

• People who are curious about drums
• You are interest in tuning into your own rhythms
• you have an interest in sound healing
• You are looking for stress busting solution
• You have an interest in shamanic drumming
• You have an interest in meditation
• Practitioners looking to expand their holistic work practice
• If you are looking for positive self expression
• Looking to learn new skills
Holistic practitioner and Teacher
Originally a trained teacher, Helene moved away from that career  in 2008 to embrace a much bigger kind of work, having practised Meditation and Qigong for a number of years and broadened her understanding of energy and holistic practices to include Reiki and Sound Healing through a multitude of courses, meetings and life experiences. She is now pro actively teaching courses and workshops in her community in Scotland as well as offering Sound baths, Reiki shares, Tai Chi and Qigong classes and offering one to one therapies in her studio.
Sound and its applications have fascinated Helene for a great number of years. She had been learning the guitar from the age of 6 and had always been aware of the impact sound has on our bodies. Training first to use bells, singing bowls and mantras, Helene quickly started introducing drums as well as many other instruments into her sessions.
Helene believes in learning being engaging, informative but most of all experiential, so that you can get the most out of your learning.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 2h 59m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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