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Fat Loss in 4 Weeks: Step by Step Master Course

Learn how to lose weight & shed body fat without counting calories. Receive @Home & Gym Training video training programs
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Step by Step. 

Shed inches of body fat in 4 weeks. 

Our first Fitness Course – Jan 25th 2018! 

We show you scientifically how you can lose inches of body fat in 4 weeks as you begin to tone and build lean muscle in this fresh and engaging course.

We show you the best scientific fitness practices that will help you to lose body fat in 4 weeks. We’ve combined the science with our mentorship programs we have designed for our online personal training clients in this fat loss course at madefitdotonline and through our social channels. 
You are given in this course:

✓ Strategies for how to lose body fat without counting calories or eat bland food
✓ Free very high quality Gym & @Home training programs and nutritional guidelines for an entire month
✓ Exercise videos for EVERY exercise in your workout plan
✓ Research based information presented in a fresh, engaging way
✓ Top Tips to boost your metabolism that you can use TODAY to kick start your fat loss

Why This Course?
We want this course to be as accessible to as many people as possible, so we’ve purposely set the lowest price point for this reason. No money mind games. Our course offers many realistic and brilliant benefits for you:
•SAVE: Hundreds of hours of research and we get straight to the point: the important things you need to know to improve your health & fitness•CONFIDENCE: Look and feel healthier, happier, and more full of vitality as you watch your body transform as you not only learn to get fit but learn to stay fit•LIFESTYLE: This course develops on our lifestyle approach. It’s not just about exercise and nutrition. We also touch base on very important things beyond nutrition and exercise that will help you get fit•TRANSFORM: People expect just a physical transformation in their weight loss. But very soon they realise that there is a mental and emotional transformation as well. In this course, we offer a clear step by step process for you to begin your physical transformation to greater self confidence•SUPPORT: We will support people who take this course as best as we can. We encourage you to send us messages. We want you to succeed•…and much, much more.

We back up this course with the women and men we’ve helped in the U.S., Canada and the U.K.; real, proven, scientific studies that we present in fresh and engaging ways; results driven @Home and Gym exercise programs and strategies that our clients have used; and our professional standing as actual teachers and online and in real life personal trainers. 

Your Next Step:
1. Simply click “Enroll Now” to start your journey today
2. Sit back and watch. 

Regardless of whether you are completely new or have a vast experience in fitness and health, we know that you will be able to take at the very least, one piece of knowledge away with you to empower yourself even more.

See you soon!
Michael & Jade

You will learn

✓ Learn how to lose weight without counting calories
✓ Program your metabolism to burn fat more efficiently – Starting Today
✓ See proof of how others have done it as we share with you our scientific and online personal training strategies
✓ Stuck at a certain weight? Learn how sleep and stress play a vital role so you can break through your plateau
✓ Naturally boost your metabolism
✓ Gym and @Home month long training programs with videos


• Watch The Course & Take Action
• No Equipment Is Needed
• Optional: Gym Membership

This course is for

• Women & Men who want to lose inches and body fat in 4 weeks
• Women & Men who don’t always want to count calories to lose weight
• Women & Men who are feeling helpless and lost because of the massive amounts of information on the internet – and need clarity
• Women and Men who want to break the negative cycle of yo-yo diets and feel confident physically, emotionally and mentally
Online Personal Fitness Coaches & Teachers
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 12m
Language: English
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