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Facial Fitness For Facial Paralysis.

Learn The Basic Science Of Bell's Palsy & Get Facial Fitness Using Physio-Therapeutic Exercises At Home.
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Suppose your problem is related to facial paralysis or facial weakness like Bell’s palsy. In that case, this course will help you learn more about facial fitness, therapeutic exercises, facial fitness devices, and improve your facial strength and expression. And Tips For Getting Over-Bell’s Palsy.
This facial fitness program is safe and effective and is a home-based program. And you can also learn about Face Nerve, Damages, Reasons, Symptoms, and Treatment Options.
If your problem with facial muscle weakness causes you concern, finding the right solution will be the first step. The most effective method that we have found for improving my ability to recognize facial fitness is through facial therapeutic exercises. You should try these methods to determine if facial exercises are the right solution for you.
# These online courses are perfect for helping you learn more about facial fitness, therapeutic exercises, facial fitness devices, and improve your facial strength and expression. These courses can be useful for those who have had facial weakness or paralysis problems like Bell’s Palsy.
It will help if you start by learning about the different types of facial therapeutic exercises and facial fitness devices.
# What you will learn.
This course is mainly divided into five sessions; let’s jump into it to know one by one.
In Session 1 – Introduction.
We will discuss facial fitness and it’ importance.
1. Introduction.

In Session 2 – Bell’s Palsy – Guidelines.
It explores the Bell’s palsy clinical guidelines.
1. What is Bell’s palsy?
2. Bell’s Palsy Symptoms – A Comprehensive Guide.
3. What is the patient’s prognosis?
4. What is the treatment for Bell’s Palsy?

In Session 3 – Facial Nerve- Muscles Connections.
It deals with the anatomy of the facial never and muscles.
1. What Are the Facial Nerve Connections?
2. Facial muscles – Five Zones.

In Session 4 – Therapeutic Exercises Guideline: Bell’s Palsy.
It deals with facial physiotherapeutic exercises.
1. What Are Bell’s Palsy Therapeutic Exercises?
2. The Eight figure of exercises.
3. Evidence of Physiotherapy Treatments.
4. Facial Fitness Guidelines.

In Session 5 – Facial Workout Devices
It deals with the top 3 facial fitness devices, Which is available in the market.
1. Which Facial Workout Devices Are Best For You?
2. Facial Fitness PAO device.
3. Tips For Getting Over-Bell’s Palsy.

When you know your problem with facial weakness and know the best method to correct your problem, you will be able to improve your facial muscle strengthening and fitness more quickly.
Once you have learned how to correct your facial muscles, you can then learn about some different techniques from this course, which you can use to improve your facial strength. As you learn about these techniques, you can then practice them in front of a home mirror.
As we knew, Facial expressions are a big part of how we interpret the world around us. Whether it is our thoughts, ideas, or feelings, they are a way of letting people know what’s on our mind and expressing it. However, when we do our reading on someone else’s face, there are so many things we don’t realize about our expressions, which you might not even know.
You may be unable to look in the mirror and see your regular facial expression if you have facial palsy. You may be self-conscious about having a problem with facial expression. You may find that other people notice your situation as well.
Usually, Bell’s palsy is a self-limiting, non-life-threatening condition that resolves spontaneously, usually within six weeks. But we need to focus on facial muscle strengthening to get regular facial expressions.
Come On,  let’s drive into the course.

You will learn

✓ Tools To Build Facial Muscle Strengthening At Home
✓ Learn about Face Nerve, Damages, Reasons, Symptoms, and Treatment Options.
✓ Understand the basics sciences of Bell’s Palsy, and how different factors affect it.
✓ Perform The Physio-therapeutic Exercises With Perfect Form (Exercise Videos Included)
✓ Facial Expression Improvement Tips For Bell’s Palsy


• This Course Is Designed As A Home Therapeutic Exercises, So No Equipment Is Needed.
• It is recommended that you face a mirror and watch yourself while exercising.

This course is for

• This course is Facial muscle fitness for facial muscle weakness or paralysis and healthcare professionals. (e.g., facial palsy or Bell’s palsy individuals, medical students, doctors, physiotherapists, occupational therapist, and other healthcare professionals, etc.)
• Who is looking to build their facial muscle strengthening and improve facial expressions.
Physical Therapist
Pullikanty Dileep Kumar ,BTP, MPT
Physical Therapist.
I’m a registered physical therapist with a Master of Physiotherapy (MTP) at Dr.NTR University of health science, India.
I embrace the concept of evidence-based medicine, and extensive experience as a physical therapist in both Private Practice and Hospital settings, treating facial never palsy.
In the fifth teen years of professional practice, I treated hundreds of physical therapy patients, numerous bell’s palsy patients, including brain injuries, stroke, spinal cord injuries, and rehabilitation. We conducted rehab training programs, education, and exercise prescriptions to achieve facial fitness goals.

My treatment philosophy includes using physiotherapeutic exercises to achieve facial fitness, reconnect the brain with facial muscle, restore facial strength and expression, joint mechanics followed by muscle retraining and motor control strategies to correct movement dysfunction.
And My purpose is to create facial fitness care that spreads the importance of physical fitness knowledge in facial paralysis that empowers people to achieve a facial fit, happy, and healthy face.
I firmly believe that diet and physical exercise habits are the best way to achieve facial health and fitness goals, and we can practice them in a comfortable, safe, and effective way!
Although facial fitness methods I recommend are simple and straightforward, people often need an individualized, specific approach to their health issues. I provide fitness training and develop exercise programs geared toward the level and goals of the patient. If you want a personal consultation, make sure to contact me, and I’ll do my best to assist you.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 2m
Language: English
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