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Excel Efficiency Class: Keyboard Shortcuts & More in 40 Minutes!

Learn Microsoft Excelefficiency tips and best practicesinjust 40 minutes! Excel isa powerful piece of software that makes data analysis and visualisation qui...
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Learn Microsoft Excel efficiency tips and best practices in just 40 minutes!

Excel is a powerful piece of software that makes data analysis and visualisation quick to do, but by learning how to use Excel in a faster, more efficient way, you can further increase your productivity when working with data. This Excel class will help you do just that.

What will I know at the end of this class?

At the end of this class, you’ll know a range of keyboard shortcuts that allow you to:

  • Format cells
  • Select cells
  • Navigate worksheets
  • Edit cells
  • And more…

You’ll also know how to use a range of other Excel efficiency tips and best practices including:

  • Transposing data
  • Filling formatting
  • Splitting up data with text to columns
  • Removing blank cells quickly
  • And more…

Why should you learn keyboard shortcuts and other efficiency tips in Excel?

There’s a range of reasons why you should learn to be more efficient when using Microsoft Excel:

  • Save time (more than you might think!)
  • Make using Excel less tiresome and more enjoyable!
  • Impress your co-workers and further your career!

Who’s teaching the class?

I’m Julian, a digital marketing consultant with 10+ years of experience in using and teaching Microsoft Excel. Although Excel can seem like a daunting piece of software, I believe it can be taught in a simple and straightforward way, and that’s what I aim to do in all my classes

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You will learn

Class Project Part 1

Download the ‘Excel Efficiency Class’ file and go to the first tab named ‘Practice Data’. Using only keyboard shortcuts, complete the following tasks with the ‘Practice Data – Part 1’ data:

  1. Make the column titles (‘Sales Rep’ and ‘2019 Sales Value’) bold
  2. Select all the cells in the range (including the column titles), and cut the data
  3. Paste the cut data so the Sales Rep column starts in cell D3 of the spreadsheet
  4. Create a filter on the data range in its new location
  5. Navigate back to cell A1

Class Project Part 2

Head to the ‘Practice Data – Part 2’ data. Using Text to Columns, split the first names and surnames up so the first names are between cell B14:B19, and the surnames are between cell C14:C19.

Class Project Part 3

Have a think about which keyboard shortcuts (e.g. the top 20) that you didn’t know about before the class that are going to be most useful to you. Create a new tab in the spreadsheet and name it ‘Top Keyboard Shortcuts’. Copy the keyboard shortcuts you’ve picked from the other tabs into this tab and practice using them.

If you have any questions about any of the steps above, just let me know!


There is no prerequisite, anyone can begin this course.. This course is also great for beginners without any Keyboard Shortcuts knowledge.

This course is for

This course is suitable for beginners.
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Excel teacher
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Platform: Skillshare
Video: 43m
Language: English
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