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Evidence Rule Statements for Bar Exam & Law School Exam

Rule statements for Evidence Law, short essay fact patterns, video explanations, free essay grading, and mentoring
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This course is designed to teach you all the major rule statements of Evidence substantive law for essay writing section of the Bar Exam and Law School Exam. I will share two variations of the rule statements and identify elements for each rule statement. I will explain the rule statement in video lectures. I will also share PDF documents with the rule statement variations and elements. 
Furthermore, I will challenge you to write rule statement variations #3 and #4 on your own so that you learn how to make up your own rule statements from the elements. This method has worked very well for me and many other students that I have shared it with because once you practice with this method you will not have to remember rule statements verbose. It will relieve your exam worries and you can use the time to prepare for MBE and Performance Test sections of the Bar Exam.
Hot Pencil Essay Writing Drill Method Pioneered by Kasey Shah:
I have pioneered Hot Pencil Drill Method of short essay writing to help students get started on writing essays early, gain confidence in their essay writing, and receive a good score on their essays. To that end, I have and will be providing short fact patterns for every rule statements in this course to encourage you to write IRAC based short essay responses. You will write two short essays for each of the short fact patterns, Hot Pencil Drill 1 and 2. 
In Hot Pencil Drill 1 you are asked to write a full IRAC for each element not to exceed 5 paragraphs and 10 minutes. In Hot Pencil Drill 2, you are asked to write an accelerated IRAC based short essay response not to exceed 2 paragraphs and under 5 minutes. I am very confident that upon the completion of this course you will lose your fear of essay writing and would be more confident essay writer, which is sure to result in a great essay score in the Bar Exam and/or Law School Exam.
Objectives For This Course:
•Provide students with the rule statements for all major Criminal Law substantive topics.
•Guide students to write their own rule statements and engage in a practice of not memorizing rule statements for this subject.
•Guide students to write short essays based on my innovative method of “Hot Pencil Drills” to relieve anxiety of writing essays, lose fear of writing essays, and receive great score for their essays at the Bar Exam and/or Law School Exam.
List of Rule Statements Covered in Evidence:
Please note that this course is constantly being updated and new rule statements are added and the current rule statements and short fact patterns are updated. For the list of Rule Statements included in this course, please check Curriculum Section for this course.

You will learn

✓ Students will learn about Evidence rule statements, elements, and how to draft their own rule statements
✓ Students will learn how to write short essays on Evidence substantive law
✓ Students will be better prepared for the Bar Exam
✓ Students will be better prepared for the Law School Exam


• Students must have either currently or in the past enrolled in a law school
• Basic understanding of Evidence Law is required

This course is for

• Bar Exam Candidates
• Law School Students from 1L, 2L, 3L
A Life-long Learner & A Passionate Mentor!
I describe myself as a life-long learner and a passionate mentor! Except for the first four years of my life, I have always been enrolled in learning new things! I also believe in sharing my knowledge that I may have gained as a result of my passion for learning.
My life slogan is “Start Somewhere to go Somewhere!” By that I believe that one must start any journey somewhere [not necessarily lower] to go somewhere [higher]. Lower and Higher levels are individual subjective interpretation and they are not necessarily financial or career related. For example, to lose weight, you must start with some small habit changes and that can have profound impact on not just weight loss journey, but rest of your life as well. Now, I am getting a big philosophical, but I hope you get my point!
As a crazy person, I have two distinct personas: A Techie Personal and A Lawyer Persona!
I have Master of Science (MS) in Computer Science from University of Souther California (USC) in Los Angeles. I have Juris Doctor (JD) from Concord Law School. I am admitted to practice law in California. I am also a Patent Attorney admitted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).
In the past, I have held certifications such as: Cisco CCIE (quad), Microsoft MCSE, Novell MCNE, Sun Solaris, Check Point, Planet 3 Wireless, Juniper Networks, and many more. Currently I hold certifications in AWS at Associate & Professional Level, CISSP, and USPTO Patent Attorney License.
I believe that my teaching style is unique and disruptive. I believe that Power Point is a great tool for presentations and not for substantive teaching. My teaching style includes precise identification of exam focus content, explaining the content in crisp & succinct manner, drawing on the screen while explaining the content, providing high quality practice exam questions, answers, and explanations; and provide support to active learners.
Kasey Shah – The Techie Persona
Over my career I have held over 25 IT certifications and taken over 100 certification and licensing exams. I have over 20 years of experience in Information Technology with architecting, designing, deploying, and operating large scale IT infrastructure environments. I have extensive experience in architecting and deploying Cloud services. 
I am a multi-cloud junkie! I routinely work on top three Cloud Provider environments: AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. I am certified at Associate and Professional Levels with AWS. My goal is to achieve all 14 Cloud Certifications available from AWS, Azure, and Google. My current score is 7 of 14! Wish me luck! 
More importantly, I want to use my experiences to help you prepare & pass IT certification exams. Selfishly, I want to vicariously re-live the excitement of passing these difficult exams through your success! Please allow me to be part of your journey! 
Over the last 20 years, I had privilege of teaching several thousand students in face-to-face setting and several tens of thousands of students in online setting. I have published specialized training workbooks and written on hundreds of technology topics.
Kasey Shah – The Lawyer Persona
Living by my life slogan of “Start Somewhere to go Somewhere!” I recently went to the Law School and received my JD with emphasis on Corporate and Intellectual Property Law. Subsequently, I got admitted by California as an attorney and USPTO as a Patent Lawyer.
I have published several courses on Patent Bar and California Bar Exam preparation. I continue to build more courses in these areas of my passion. My Patent Bar preparation course is highest rated here at Udemy. With your support and encouragement, I plan to build many more courses on Patent Bar and General Bar Exam related topics.
I also offer instructor-led Patent Bar training bootcamp. I had a privilege to teach Patent Bar Bootcamp to a Harvard Law School graduate!
Encouraging Quotes from my Learners:
”The approach with the highlighting, explanation, and detailed including additional information are very helpful to learning.”
“This morning, I passed my AWS CCP exam!  Thank you for your course!  If you look at my progress in your course, you’ll note that it LOOKS like I haven’t viewed all the videos; I have actually viewed them all but had reset my progress.
When I arrived at the exam site -with 15 minutes to spare- there were already people taking the exam.  Start time apparently was apparently flexible but, as you know, the test limit of 90 minutes was enforced.  
I’m writing to tell you that, despite being the LAST person to start, I was the FIRST person to finish!  Practice exams prepared me for the format of the test, but the preparation for the CONTENT of the test was from you (and the resources you indicated we should study).  I didn’t attempt to rush the test; I finished quickly because I had a thorough understanding of all the material!  I don’t feel “lucky” I passed; I feel I could take the test with whatever they “throw at me” and pass; whatever scenario they propose in a question, I will have the answer!  I didn’t study for the test; I studied for the material and content.  It felt so good to know and understand the material and be confident in my abilities and knowledge.
Thank you!
Next up!  Solutions Architect Professional!”
“I had experience with some videos from this course from a friend. I was impressed enough that, despite having been able to study with my friend together using his one account, I decided I wanted to support the guy that made the course (Kasey!). I’m doing this because I want MORE from him! I want to go up to professional.”
“Hi Kasey,
I am just now listening to your final wrap-up. I enjoyed your course very much, and will rate you to 5 stars. I am scheduled to take the Exam on July 17. I have 12 years of experience in support of patent litigation as an expert witness and technical analyst as well as four years managing the patent lawyers for a startup in Silicon Valley (i.e. Director of Intellectual Property). Much of my work has been with company engineers to get their ideas inspired, expressed and carried all the way through the patent process.
As you can guess, even with all that experience, it is a big step to take on the MPEP and become a registered patent agent. I have been jumping through hoops for months, and am now down to the final few weeks before the test. If you had another 100 questions (especially hard ones), I would buy them right now.
Thank you for making this available.”
”It is a wonderfully organized course. I have been studying for the exam for a few weeks now and this course has helped me a lot. The course is formatted in a way that it provides you preparing material very precisely, this has saved me a lot of time”
“Mr. Shah immediately reminded me of my graduate professor for Finite Element Methods in that he is a proponent of the students success and fluid understanding of the material.”
“The course was very helpful as the instructor provided in-depth explanation for some important topics”
”I just finished your class and wow.. amazing!! “
”I am absolutely motivated and I am going to pass the exam.”
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 57m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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