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Everything about linear regression

Apply linear regression to real time datasets
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Hi , and welcome to the Everything about linear regression Course
Are you someone who is new to machine learning ?
Are you someone who wants to get started with machine learning ?
Then this course is for you –>
Machine learning which is a buzz word has been in the market for quite some time now , and to start with machine learning the basic algorithm which everyone focuses on is linear regression . In this course we will start with linear regression and all about it , then we will dive straight into the project whose dataset i have taken from kaggle . We will be using the dataset , visualising it and making predictions from it .
Let us look at what you’ll be requiring throught the course –
Materials Required –
•Mac or Windows
•At least 4 gb ram
•Good coding skills
•Python language
•Zeal to learn
In this course you’ll learn –
•What is Linear Regression
•Types of linear regression
•Visualising data
•applying linear regression to real time datasets
•What is gradient descent algorithm ?
•What is cost function ?
•How to calculate R2 Score
I believe in the concept of “Learn by doing ” and this is emphasised in my class , I myself learn by doing things instead of listening to boring lectures !
You’ll be able to use real time datasets after this class and learn all the necessary components required for getting started with machine learning
Will it be challenging ? YES
Will you get difficulty in understanding things ? YES (if you are a beginner)
But that is what my course is for , it will help you make an app in quick time and you will surely learn many things going forward !

Good luck !

You will learn

✓ Linear Regression
✓ Visualising Data
✓ Machine learning libraries


• Python Programming
• Basic understanding of coding

This course is for

• Beginners who want to learn a machine learning algorithm
Hi , My name is rijul and i am an engineer.I have always believed in the habit of making things quickly and also believe in time value . So i will be making courses just for the sole purpose of letting the audience build things quickly , without boring them with uncessary lectures and notes. So if you want to learn and build quickly ?
This is the place to be
Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 22m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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